Ambassador Theatre Group

Live entertainment gets digital transformation! The Ambassador Theatre Group needed a converged, automated compute and storage infrastructure that was fit for future growth. Focus Group delivered a solution that was integral to the ongoing success of the business.

Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG)

Founded in the UK in 1992, Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) now employs in excess of 3,500 staff and has become a world leader in live entertainment. They operate venues, run major ticketing platforms and produce award-winning shows.

Theater Group

The Challenge

Integral to the success of the business was making the digital transformation to a converged, automated compute and storage infrastructure that could match the organisation’s needs now and in future. For ATG this meant sourcing and installing a solution that was scalable, agile and resilient.

Ambassador Theatre Group The Challenge

The Solution

Ambassador Theatre Group The Solution

Focus Group specified Cisco Hyperflex, a solution that combines compute, storage and networking resources into an easy-to-use platform. The benefits for ATG were that Cisco Hyperflex offers agility, scalability and all the pay-as-you-grow of a cloud-based solution, with the added benefits of an on-premise infrastructure.

The Results

ATG’s digital transformation will support the organisation into the future by delivering on five key elements any business would covet:

  • Simplicity: Storage and compute infrastructures have been simplified and now operated from a single view of the IT environment.
  • Availability: Cisco Hyperflex is resilient, configurable and withstand critical failures – total peace of mind.
  • Flexibility: It was paramount that the infrastructure could adapt to a variety of different workloads.

Ambassador Theatre Group The Results

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