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Focus Group helps a global expert in electrical power overcome a major telephony challenge.Mersen needed to get a new system up-and-running in a matter of days.

Mersen Electrical Power

The Challenge

Mersen UK employs 150 staff operating across three sites, Portslade, Holytown and Teeside. They also have a number of field based staff who require access to the telephone system for communications and to support remote working. The existing telecoms infrastructure was affecting Mersen's operations and a cost-effective solution to operate more smoothly and efficiently was required.

Historically, Mersen UK had been using multiple Telecoms providers across all sites and so Focus Group demonstrated the benefits of using one provider.

Mersen had Focus Horizon installed with Polycom IP VVX410 Handsets, BT IP67 DECT Handsets and multiple conference phones.

Mersen The Challenge

The Solution

Mersen The Challenge

Following Focus' recommendation, Mersen had Focus Horizon installed with Polycom IP VVX410 Handsets, BT IP67 DECT Handsets and multiple conference phones.

This solution enabled the business to build an enhanced disaster recovery plan. A review of its inbound calls to multiple sites enabled staff to be managed more efficiently, bringing all sites and users onto the same platform. The implementation of DECT handsets was introduced at the Holytown site to allow engineers to move freely around the site.

The Results

Focus delivered a unified communications platform which resulted in improved staff communication. Enhanced inbound call management has led to improving customer experiences and ensuring calls are routed to the correct person/department. The enhanced disaster recovery solution ensures that all sites can remain operational in the event of a power failure or network outage.

"The move to consolidate our telecoms solution from one provider and to a cloud hosted system was imperative for us to achieve cost efficiencies and a seamless process for when things do go wrong."

Mersen The Results

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