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What is an on-premise phone system?

Looking for scalability and cost-efficiency from your business phone system? An on-premise PBX phone system, as its name suggests, is located in your office or on your business premises. It’s a private telephone network so you’re in control and any user of the PBX phone system can communicate internally and externally. Each member of the team can have their own direct dial number, handset and voicemail. Powerful call management features such as call routing, call transfers, call recording, call queuing, comfort messages, on hold music and voice menus are all part of an on-premise phone system. Plus, as your business grows – an on-premise phone system will grow with you! Focus Group deliver the very latest in powerful on premise PBX phone system solutions, in partnership with all the leading providers of telecoms technology. Whatever your requirements, we have the solution to take your business communications to the next level.

What is the best office phone system for my business?

Mitel phone systems

Simple, yet comprehensive. Mitel offer on-premise business phone systems that are flexible, dynamic and suitable for any business in the market for a solution that delivers unified communications.

Mitel on-premise phone system >

Mitel On Premise Phone System Uk
Lg Ericsson Ipecs On Premise Phone System Uk

Ericsson-LG phone systems

Ericsson-LG is an industry leader with research and technical innovation at the heart of the brand. Ericcson LG presents reliable, resilient and feature-packed communications platforms for both SME and Enterprise businesses.

LG on-premise phone system >

Samsung phone systems

Unleash the power of your business with the multi-tasking OfficeServ 7000 series. Delivering advanced voice, data and wireless communications in a unified IP business phone system, this powerful platform will accelerate employee performance and take your customer experience to the next level.

Samsung on-premise phone system >

Samsung On Premise Phone System Uk
Avaya On Premise Phone System Uk

Avaya phone systems

Avaya IP Office is a scalable phone system that will grow together with your business. Affordable, flexible and powerful – you select the call management features that are right for your business and add new capabilities as your business evolves. An Avaya phone system will enhance both connectivity, productivity and customer service levels, and in turn deliver meaningful results.

Avaya on-premise phone system >

Advantages of on-premise phone systems?

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Budget friendly

A comprehensive on-premise phone system enables a business to invest in a solution that will deliver one network to cover all its communication needs. And it’s a long-term solution for unified communications given its call management capabilities and scalability. In a nutshell, it’ll grow, support and evolve in line with your business.

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The power of an on premise phone systems lies in its ability to support the communication requirements of businesses that range in size from a handful of employees to thousands. A PBX solution will also support remote working with call routing to mobile devices and dynamic extensions.

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Customer focused

An on premise PBX phone system comes hand-in-hand with a wealth of powerful call management features which enable inbound calls to be dealt with efficiently and professionally. Automatic call distribution and pre-recorded messaging will ensure customers are directed towards the right department to deal with their call, whilst comfort messages, call recording and voicemail will manage caller expectations.

Frequently asked questions

An on premise PBX phone system provides businesses with the functionality and call management features required to manage multiple inbound and outbound calls simultaneously. Which isn’t of course possible if using a residential landline or business mobile phone. Call routing, individual extension numbers, auto attendant and so on are all common call management features available with an on premise phone system.

An on-premise phone system can be analogue, digital or cloud-hosted. The traditional analogue phone system uses PSTN (public switched telephone network) lines, whilst a digital solution uses an internet connection. A cloud phone system uses internet based software which is based and maintained in the cloud, rather than using a server.

The main difference between a hosted cloud phone system and an on-premise phone system is who owns and manages the phone system hardware and software. With on-premise PBX, you will own, manage and maintain the system. With a hosted solution, it is owned and managed by the provider and it will be managed in the cloud and connected to your team entirely over the internet.

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