Why is Mobile Device Management important?

Mobile device management allows you to remotely lock, locate or even clear your company devices – ultimately protecting your business data. It’s easy to track handsets, manage device settings, push content out and control app accessibility too. You can determine which apps to allow or block, keep an eye on app usage and ultimately ensure your employees are adhering to your mobile policy, even when using a device of their own. With the ever-changing working landscape, it’s more important than ever to make sure your business is keeping up with the protection and management of mobile devices.

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Benefits of mobile device management for business

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Security guaranteed

Our Mobile Device Management system facilitates live and constantly updated inventory on all users, gives the ability to track devices in real-time and full control to wipe hacked, lost or stolen devices remotely should you need to.

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Total control

Using an intuitive web-based control portal, you can manage and track devices, implement app settings and push out content across your entire mobile estate.

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Easy mobile management

Using MDM, you can deploy, manage and support mobile devices across your workforce. The solution also allows you to ensure each device is supplied with the applications needed for productivity, security, data protection and data back-up.

How does mobile device management work?

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile device management ensures all of your business mobile phones, tablets and any other remote devices are secure, trackable and safe from data breaches. Nowadays, most business mobile phones and tablets provide remote access to customer and business data, making security even more essential. If any of your business devices are lost or stolen, your data is at risk. Mobile device management with Focus Group makes it easy to manage and secure multiple mobile devices, through an intuitive, easy-to-use online portal.

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What Is Secure Device Management

What is secure device management?

A mobile device management solution provides your employees with a dedicated work device that allows role-based access to company data and emails, a secure VPN, multi-factor identification, GPS tracking and password protected applications. All of which guarantees maximum security, even for those who aren’t on the premises.

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What is an MDM dashboard?

The MDM dashboard displays the measurements to various audiences so that you can optimize your Mobile device management program and get more business value from it. From here you can monitor all of your companies’ mobile devices to facilitate a live and constantly updated inventory on all users, giving you the ability to track handsets in real-time and gives full control to push content to specific devices. You can also wipe lost or stolen devices remotely making it ideal for security.

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What Is An Mdm Dashboard
How Do I Set Up Mobile Device Management

How do I set up mobile device management?

We partner with the UK's leading mobile networks to provide the most reliable and secure mobile device management services from Vodafone business, EE business and O2 business. At Focus Group, we can add mobile device management to your company easily and efficiently, providing an over-arching view of a business. This not only helps make operations more uniform by managing the whole estate centrally, but it gives you the opportunity to drive up productivity, provide an insight into where to cut costs - all without compromising on security.

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Mobile partners

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Frequently asked questions

Mobile device management software is used as the administration tool for managing mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers and laptops. MDM is usually implemented through the use of third-party software that has management features for particular vendors of mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management software runs either on-premise or in the cloud. Through the mobile device management console, administrators can remotely configure and manage mobile devices across a business. IT admins can also use the management console to push configurations and applications to mobile devices all at once.

MDM software allows you to manage mobile devices wherever you are, guaranteeing security, high performance and flexibility.

If you’re happy to keep your existing business mobile phones beyond the end of your contract term, you can opt to move across to a SIM-only plan which is often a more cost-effective solution.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables MDM dashboard admins to securely monitor and manage the mobile devices that are connected to the businesses network. The Mobile device management software stores stores essential information about mobile devices, enhances security by deciding which apps can be present on the devices, locating devices, and securing devices if lost or stolen.

Most importantly, it can give you peace of mind, knowing that your company and customer data is secure, however it can also help you back up, track and monitor mobile devices.

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