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Do you need to monitor, manage and secure your employee's mobile devices? Focus Group provide Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions designed to give you complete control and peace of mind, as you manage applications, settings and security features all from a central hub.

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Focus Group's MDM system facilitates a live and constantly updated inventory on all users, gives you the ability to track handsets in real-time and gives full control to push content to specific devices. You can also wipe lost or stolen devices remotely making it ideal for security.

Vodafone Business | O2 Business | EE Business

This over-arching view of a business not only helps make operations more uniform by managing the whole estate centrally, but it gives you the opportunity to drive up productivity, provide an insight into where to cut costs - all without compromising on security. We partner with the UK's leading mobile networks to provide the most reliable and secure services from Vodafone business, EE business and O2 business.

Why Choose Focus Group for Managed Data Services?

  • Tracking - GPS tracking can be deployed as required
  • Security - our platform allows you to enforce stringent policies to fortify enterprise security
  • Total control - mange devices, apps, emails and content across the estate
  • Data protection - our MDM allows you to separate corporate and personal information to avoid compromising data integrity
  • Our MDM consultants will guide you through our solution and how it can be tailored to your needs

Managed mobile data services | Focus group

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