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Stay better connected: whether you're looking for a cloud-based or on-premise solution, Focus Group can deliver revolutionary communication systems to transform your business. Using the latest affordable technology, our UK business phone system solutions facilitate a more efficient and cost-effective working environment that's flexible and grows with your business.

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Cloud based phone systems

Get more and spend less with cloud based control! A business phone system hosted in the cloud offers more flexibility on call management and less outlay on hardware and maintenance.

Cloud Phone System

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On-premise phone systems

Staying connected with on-premise phone systems delivers complete control and flexibility over your network, as well as lower ongoing operational costs and expandability when needed.


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Cooke & Mason Case Study

Cooke & Mason keeps Lines of Communication open

Hyper Recruitment Case Study

Focus Group provide an affordable, robust telephony platform for a growing recruitment agency.

Veterinary Practice Case Study
Veterinary Practice

Call Analytics help Veterinary Practice work smarter

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