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The digital age has accelerated investment in customer experience (CX) and the UK retail sector is no exception with over 80% of the UK population making e-commerce purchases now is the time to invest in the future of retail industry solutions.

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The future of retail technology

To meet the rapidly changing needs of customers both in-store and online, retail businesses must ensure their customer-facing retail technology is exceeding customer expectations while remaining scalable and affordable to implement and maintain. With over 20 years of experience working with retail brands of every size, the experts at Focus Group know what your business needs to keep you firing on all cylinders. Talk to one of our retail specialists today about our bespoke retail solutions.

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Telecoms Solutions For The Retail Industry

Retail rewards with Focus Group

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Connectivity that doesn’t compromise

Reduce challenges facing collaboration across your retail stores with future proof broadband and connectivity solutions. The retail sector demands fast, reliable, secure connectivity and our ultrafast broadband solutions are up to 5x faster than other business broadband providers.

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Round-the-clock customer support

Your business doesn’t close when the clock strikes 5 – and neither do we. Our team of experts are geared up to support you with you retail solutions, so you can continue delivering the best in business to your customers, without compromising on quality.

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Keep customer data secure

With cyber threats to the retail industry becoming increasingly sophisticated, you have a duty to keep customer, supplier and employee data secure, our cyber security solutions can be scaled to suit your business, supporting you with feature-rich cyber tools that improve your security posture.

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Zero hassle call-routing

26% of customers are lost to businesses from lack of availability. Remain available with retail VoIP phone systems that put you in control of your customer communications. Focus Group’s call management features offer efficiency, collaboration and improved productivity.

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IT support that stands the test of time

Make downtime from faulty systems a thing of the past with the latest future-proof retail technology. Focus Group’s dedicated retail IT support team and fully automated retail technology solutions keep you firing on all cylinders, at all times with no downtime.

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Smarter, faster shopping experiences

Speedy systems, ultrafast connection and optimised communication channels for an effective customer-centric experience that makes a real impact on your consumers. So you’re known for the quality of your products and services, and respected for the effort you put in to making it easy.

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Everything you need in one place – Digital Workplace

Your business deserves the best, and so do your customers. Focus Group are here to build modern retail solutions that take care of all your IT, telecoms, mobile, cyber security and connectivity services - leaving you free to focus your energy on the important stuff.

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Transform your business with retail asset solutions that deliver true retail therapy

IT retail solutions

Leveraging innovative technology to maximise the value of your customer interactions and building advanced retail asset solutions is essential to your business’s success. In-store, online and brick-to-click functionalities all require the support of reliable IT retail technology - from cloud retail and hardware set-ups to software back-up and disaster recovery, the IT experts at Focus Group prioritise your productivity for a fraction of the cost.

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Retail cyber security solutions

77% of UK consumers reportedly believe that the data privacy policies of their favourite brand are significantly important when it comes to brand loyalty. The reality of the fast-moving retail industry is that while digital shopping opportunities grow businesses, the associated cyber threats grow increasingly sophisticated, posing a risk to customer data and business functionality. Focus Group’s retail security systems include firewalls, encryption, vulnerability assessments, employee awareness training and secure payment gateways that enable you to safeguard business data, prevent breaches and maintain the trust of your customers.

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Retail connectivity solutions

Keeping your POS retail system live is vital for the smooth running of day-to-day business and ATS tracking. High-speed internet access from Focus Group enables efficient POS transactions, real-time inventory management, seamless e-commerce integration and reliable customer communications that ensure your business has the technology it needs to support sales targets, engage customers and build a unified commerce platform, all while removing the risk of cost-inducing downtime.

Want to leverage connectivity over multiple retail sites? We recently enabled a major retailer to roll out SD-WAN to 640 sites in just over 5 hours. In total, enabling over 3,000 wireless access points across a whole retail chain with zero downtime.

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Telecoms & omnichannel for retail

Unified communication solutions from Focus Group enable you to facilitate seamless conversations between employees, departments and customers for faster response times, efficient collaboration, and improved customer experience. With feature-rich VoIP and omnichannel for retail, your business will remain accessible to your customers at all times, mobilising them to make purchases round-the-clock through secure, reliable and convenient customer communication channels. Whether it’s call centres, chatbots or simple voicemail to email systems, you’ll never need to miss a lead again.

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Retail mobile technologies

Mobile solutions have revolutionised the retail industry, empowering businesses to enhance CX, mobilise staff and drive up ASV rates with advanced checkout systems that improve the ease of retail experiences. By leveraging mobile communication and payment systems to streamline transactions and reduce wait times, businesses can unlock opportunities for seamless integration between online and physical stores, creating a unified and immersive shopping experience that supports real-time inventory updates and optimised operational efficiency.

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Retail IoT solutions

By leveraging IoT technologies, retailers can improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance the customer experience, and gain valuable insights that will drive business growth.

From customer behaviour analytics and supply chain optimisation to inventory management and CCTV solutions, retail IoT solutions offer businesses improved operational efficiency, productivity and automation.

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Customer stories

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Focus Group strategically migrated Fat Face away from a legacy infrastructure to an improved cloud-based solution.

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Molton Brown

Focus Group planned and deployed a new WAN to enable the migration of a global retail commerce platform to the public cloud.

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Brewers, with over 150 retail locations, streamlined its network services in order to provide an enhanced customer experience.

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