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Connectivity and engaging with shoppers are a real priority in the retail industry. Creating the ultimate customer experience whether in-store or online is an expectation of today’s consumers, so having cost effective, scalable communication systems in place will put you in the best possible position to reach out to consumers across all platforms – Let's help you with that!

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From street market to market-leader 

Shoppers don’t want to wait; they want instant access to the latest prices, availability, and alternatives – do this well and you will boost brand engagement and customer loyalty. But you need the very best tools and technology to achieve this and that’s where Focus Group comes in.

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Telecom retail industry

To be successful in the telecom retail industry, retailers must make the whole shopping experience more personal yet quick and easy to find out the information required. From placing an order to making a reservation, customers want a seamless, no-hassle route – get this wrong and repeat business and attitudes towards your brand may suffer.

Focus Group to the rescue! We offer the latest, high-performance telecoms for the retail industry, which means you can expect only the very best business phone systems, serving you 24/7. We provide everything from cost-effective cloud-based phone systems to more traditional line rental and calls packages, so whatever size or scale your business is, we will tailor a solution to suit your needs and budget.

Our VoIP Focus Horizon phone system puts you in the driving seat! It can quickly and easily be configured to match your requirements. It’s packed full of call management features ranging from video conferencing capabilities to small call queuing, call recording and voicemail-to-email functionality. All of this will empower retailers to connect and collaborate more effectively.

Our Microsoft Teams phone system is also a popular choice for retailers, enabling users to call people outside of your Microsoft 365 domain – it provides flexibility, features, failover and fraud protection in a single simple telephony solution. Chat, share files, data and conduct meetings – a must for greater connection with customers, suppliers and delivery firms!


The benefits of Focus Group’s retail telecoms solutions:

  • Easy to control features
  • No hidden costs
  • Enables flexible working
  • A business continuity solution

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Cyber attacks in retail industry

With more people making purchases or reservations from home, it is imperative that retailers address cyber security to protect their business. Cyber attacks in retail industry scenarios are on the rise so there is a duty to customers, suppliers and employees to keep their data under lock and key.

Time and budget constraints can mean that cyber security can be overlooked, so why not hand it over to the experts! Focus Group are hot on security, we can work with you to identify your vulnerabilities and plan of attack to keep the dark side of the internet at bay.

Our CyberProtect Services & Solutions can be scaled for businesses of all sizes or perhaps you want to undertake security awareness training & testing? No problem. We educate your employees with the correct knowledge and skills to spot and stop phishing attacks and more. We can also check to see whether your business’s credentials have been compromised and run full training courses on GDPR Awareness.

Retail Cyber Security

The benefits of Focus Group’s retail Cyber solutions:

  • Maintain connectivity at all times
  • Proactive security, protecting your reputation
  • Cost effective and tailored solutions

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Retail store IT support

Retail IT systems need to be fully always functioning. If something goes wrong, it means lost revenue and unhappy customers. Retail outlets of all sizes need IT support they know they can rely on. That’s us! At Focus Group, we keep firms firing on all cylinders, all the time.

From cloud storage to IT support and services and backup and disaster recovery, we will work with you to find out what your exact requirements are and offer a competitive package to fit. We offer total peace of mind that should issues arise, we’ll have them sorted before you are even aware!

Retail It

The benefits of Focus Group’s retail IT solutions:

  • Saves valuable time and money
  • Flexible, bespoke packages that grow as you do
  • Outsourced IT services and maintenance
  • Experienced in healthcare providers of all sizes and scales

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Mobile solutions for retail

The UK is one of the biggest users of mobile devices in retail in Europe, as retailers of all sizes strive to deliver the best customer transactional experience. Staff can better serve customers using mobile handsets and devices, for example, to make payments while on the move, consult store plans to direct customers to what they need and view availability of products in-store and on-line through apps, etc. All these benefits lead to faster, smarter shopping involving less queues and waiting times – and therefore satisfied customers.

Mobile devices in retail need to cope with the pressure and fast pace, so having the technology to deliver an excellent level of service could prove make or break! Good news! Focus Group can equip you with the most appropriate mobile devices and business mobile to make sure your staff are always working quickly and efficiently.

From handset and device plans to flexible SIM only plans and mobile broadband, we can help boost your team with the mobile technology that works seamlessly and securely.

Retail Mobile

The benefits of Focus Group’s retail Mobile solutions:

  • The very latest in mobile technology
  • Increased efficiency and operational response time
  • Empowering care workers with technology and connectivity
  • Unrivalled support from our UK-based team

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Energy saving retail

The cost for energy in retail is huge, with heating and lighting being the biggest drivers of consumptions. While implementing energy saving measures will certainly go some way to combatting expensive bills, what if it’s your pricing plan that’s the problem? Could you be paying well over the odds or perhaps you think you’re already with the cheapest energy retailer?

Focus Group offers Rocket Energy, an energy cost comparison service guaranteed to secure the most competitive tariffs and packages for business energy solutions. Not only do our energy experts scan the market for the best deals, we make the switch for you, so you can sit back and start enjoying lower prices with no stress on your part!

Retail Energy

The benefits of Focus Group’s retail Energy solutions:

  • We transform the way a business manages its energy
  • On-going tariff and cost comparison analysis
  • The cheapest deals to suit your budget
  • No hassle! We do all the hard work!

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Want to reduce the cost of energy in retail? Speak to our retail energy broker and we will source you the cheapest energy retailer in UK today.

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Broadband for retail premises

Shoppers spend more with retailers that offer a more personalised experience over those that don’t – fact. However, the connectivity challenge retailers have is securing retail connections that are super speedy, capable of maintaining an accurate 360 degree view of the business and therefore deliver the timely, accurate and consistent vision that customers need to make purchases or transactions.

Retail demands fast, reliable and secure connectivity – something we can certainly help with! Focus Group provides unrivalled broadband for retail premises for businesses of all sizes and sectors, we can help you do more and achieve more, with speeds up to five times faster than other internet services!

We offer tailormade packages so you only pay for what you need – and what’s more connectivity will not be compromised; our services are safe and always protected.

Retail Connectivity

The benefits of Focus Group’s retail Connectivity solutions:

  • Secure, reliable network
  • Vast experience in retail WiFi
  • Make significant cost savings
  • If you make the switch, we’ll manage the transition process!

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Find the best retail fibre broadband deals and keep your retail connection secure and reliable.

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