How do I get a business phone number?

Determine how much you want your customers to pay to contact you with options to share call costs, provide freephone numbers or opt for a revenue generating number. Focus Group are on call to create your perfect business phone number with millions of numbers available, at the touch of a button! Whether you’re looking to enhance customer service by offering a freephone number, make it easy for customers to get in touch with a memorable or local number or looking to generate revenue, there are plenty of business numbers available.

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Up and running in no time

Get your business up and running in no time! Setting up a business phone number is a quick and straightforward process with modern business phone systems. Gone are the days of complex installations and lengthy waiting times. With cloud-based phone systems, you can set up a new phone number in a matter of minutes that is tailored to your business type.

With the help of our specialists you can select a phone number from a range of available options, we will then configure the desired features and settings, and activating the number to get you up and running in a matter of minutes. Our specialists will establish a professional communication channel promptly, enabling you to start connecting with customers and clients without delay.

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Why is a business phone number important?

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Location, location, location…

A business phone number is designed to be flexible, meaning it will go wherever your business goes. So, no matter where you are, if your business moves or you have multiple locations, your customers will always be able to reach you on your advertised number.

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Great value

There are phone number options to suit every business, whatever your size, shape or sector. Whether your require non-geographical, rebate or freephone, you can choose the type of number that’s right for you, your customers and your bottom line.

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Enhance your sales experience, support and customer service levels with a business phone number – a fixed line number but with the flexibility to answer calls wherever you are. Meaning you’ll never miss an important call again.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Significantly enhance customer satisfaction by providing a distinct contact point for customers to reach out to. Having a business phone number will establish a professional and reliable image with a dedicated phone number, which gives customers the convenience of having an easy to reach single point of contacts.

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Set aside business hours

Having a dedicated business telephone number allows you to determine and maintain clear operational hours. By designating specific opening hours, you can effectively manage customer expectations and provide a professional experience, ensuring that you can focus on your business during designated hours.

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Multiple phones, one number

Need multiple people to be able answer incoming calls? With a dedicated number you no longer need to give out different mobile numbers for customers to contact you. With a business number you can configure the business number to connect to different phones concurrently and only be received by permitted persons.

How do I choose a business phone number?

Business freephone numbers 0800/0808

Increase new and existing customer enquiries to your business by up to 300% with a UK freephone 0800 number, and take advantage of no call charges from phone lines and mobiles across the UK. 0800 business phone numbers are not region specific, meaning your business can entice calls from any town, city or region across the UK.

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Freephone business phone numbers
Virtual business phone numbers

Virtual business phone numbers 01/02

Stand out from the competition and go local with virtual phone numbers for business. A virtual business number will help you create a virtual presence in any of the 520 towns and cities across the UK, whilst your business remains in one location. With 01/02 business phone numbers you can choose your perfect local area number without the need to install a new landline or choose multiple ‘local’ numbers to promote your products/services in specific locations.

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0333/03 Business phone numbers

Encourage your customers to call with the low call rates available with an 03 or 0333 number. Choose from over 10,000 memorable 03 numbers available for UK businesses, all of which are charged at a local rate from UK landlines – the same as calling a local 01 or 02 number. Calls from a UK mobile are included in mobile minute bundles.

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0330 business phone numbers
High rebate business phone numbers

High-rebate business numbers 0870/0871

Generate revenue with a high-rebate business phone number. A rebate of up to 8p per minute is paid on calls to your 087 number, making it the perfect choice for information and technical support hotlines. Calls can be routed to a single target number, hunt groups with multiple staff or a call queue, before reaching the right support agent.

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Rebate business phone numbers 0845/0844/0843

Cover the costs of customer calls with an 084 number. A rebate number will generate revenue of up to 4p per minute on every call. The 084 number range is a great business phone number option for those looking to offset part of the cost of manning resource dependent lines such as customer service or technical support departments. If you are providing a professional service with access to expert advice on the phone, then 084 are also a great option.

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Rebate business phone numbers
International business numbers

International business numbers

Break down borders with an international number. If your customers can call you on a number that’s local to them, it means a lower cost and a happy customer. An extensive range of international numbers is available with Focus Group, with ‘local’ numbers for more than 8000 international locations from Beijing to New York, and Stockholm to Singapore.

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Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking for your customers to be able to reach you with ease, a business phone number will mean you can promote your contact details far and wide. Your number will stay with you wherever you go and as your business grows, your advertised number will remain the same.

A virtual phone number for business allows you to create a virtual presence in an area without having to install a physical landline. As the number exists in the cloud it doesn't need to be connected to a fixed telephone line, inbound calls to a virtual business phone number can be diverted to multiple devices including IP enabled handsets, mobile phone and tablets with the right applications installed.

The telecoms specialists at Focus Group will set you up with a virtual landline number in any of the 520 towns and cities across the UK, whilst your business remains in one location. You can choose your perfect local area number without the need to install a new landline or choose multiple ‘local’ numbers to promote your products/services in specific locations.

Yes, 0800 freephone business numbers are readily available to businesses looking to create a positive customer experience from the outset. Using a free 0800 number encourages customers to call as they have no concerns about the cost to contact you.

You can get a business phone number from a phone service provider. Focus Group provide business numbers for any service you require, providing the ability to have the incoming calls forwarded to your personal cell phone, recieve calls from your computer or desk phone or make outbound calls to customers and potential prospects.

0800 numbers are considered "freephone numbers" and come with no cost for customers to call from both landlines and mobiles, making them an excellent option for businesses looking to boost customer engagement and satisfaction. You would typically choose this number for any customer service or sales enquiries as it is a cost-free method for your customers to reach you.

On the other hand, 0300 numbers are "non-geographic numbers" and cost the same to call as a standard landline number, even from a mobile phone. These numbers are a good fit for organisations wanting a national presence without being tied to a specific location, including not-for-profits, charities, and some businesses. While not free, calls to 0300 numbers are often included in callers' free minutes, making them a cost-effective choice for your business and your customers.

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