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In the world of connectivity, speed is key and a dedicated leased line will provide an ultra-fast, reliable connection and symmetrical bandwidth, exclusively for your business. The connectivity specialists at Focus Group will install, deliver and maintain the ultimate leased line solution for your business, with upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps. Rock solid performance, at all times.

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What is a leased line and how does it work?

A leased line is private communications circuit that connects two or more geographically separate business sites. It’s a dedicated line, meaning it’s an exclusive connection for your business, so you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else. This guarantees internet speed and stability, even during peak times. A leased line utilises the same technology as fibre broadband but Focus Group ‘lease’ the connection to your business alone and the connection goes directly to your premises. Ultimately, a leased line delivers complete peace of mind when it comes to unrivalled reliability and uncompromised speed.

Features of a business leased line

Dedicated internet access

A business leased line is a private internet connection which goes directly from the ISP’s data centre to your offices or workspaces. And since it isn’t shared with other businesses, you can rely on consistent speeds and reliable connectivity, even at peak times.

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Dedicated business leased line
High speed business leased lines

Symmetrical speeds up to 10Gbps

Whether you’re processing huge volumes of data, operating multi-site VoIP phone systems, downloading hefty files, or making the most of cloud-based applications, you can rely on equally fast upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps, at any time of the day. No matter the task.

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No usage limits

Unlike broadband, there are no usage caps on the volume of data you can transfer. So even when your business is at its busiest, you won’t face additional charges or unexpected bills for exceeding your data allowance.

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Unlimited business leased line

Benefits of a business leased line

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A private business leased line connection means there is less chance of sensitive or personal data being intercepted in transit, than if you are relying upon a shared network. You’ll still need to use data protection methods such as encryption to maximise protection but a leased line certainly strengthens security levels.

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Exceptional performance

Enjoy equally fast upload and download speeds, plus uninterrupted connectivity, at all times. Whether you’re transferring hefty data files, hosting servers, using a VoIP phone system, connecting your teams with video conferencing or tapping into the world of cloud-based applications, you can rely on a leased line to keep you connected.

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Unrivalled speed

The key benefits to investing in a business leased line connection is simple – speed. The symmetrical upload and download speed of up to 10Gbps will transform the way you do business – faster, stronger and future-proof. Not to mention the fact that the leased line is completely dedicated to service your business, meaning external factors wont impage your services.

Business leased line pricing

Ethernet over FTTC


£95 Per month

  • ✔  Up to 20Mb dedicated bandwidth
  • ✔  Burstable up to 80Mb
  • ✔  Industry leading SLA

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Fibre lease line


£195 Per month

  • ✔  Up to 10Gb dedicated bandwidth
  • ✔  24/7 proactive monitoring
  • ✔  Symmetrical speeds

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Frequently asked questions

A leased line is private communications circuit that connects multiple sites. It’s a dedicated line, meaning it’s an exclusive connection for your business, so you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else. This guarantees internet speed and stability, even during peak times.

A dedicated leased line will deliver symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps, so you can enjoy equally fast upload and download speeds at any time of day. Meaning your business can perform at pace!

1.Ethernet Leased Line

Guaranteed bandwidth delivered on a dedicated fibre circuits with scalable internet speeds up to 10Gbps up and down. Services are backed up by an industry-leading SLAs with 99.9% target availability, pro-active monitoring, and guaranteed repair times. Ideal for organisations who require stable, guaranteed connectivity with dedicated bandwidth for business-critical applications.

2.Fibreflex 200

Guaranteed 200 Mbps with burstable capabilities of up to 1Gbps in both directions. A fully featured ethernet grade service with fibre from the exchange shared across a limited number of end users. Ideal for businesses looking to maintain an exceptionally fast connection and accommodate the occasional need for more bandwidth at no extra cost. There’s no compromise on reliability as the service is backed by the same service level guarantee as our ethernet leased lines.

3.Ethernet over FTTC

A cost-effective hybrid product offering uncontended internet speeds of up to 20Mbps. Ideal for businesses who require consistent, reliable bandwidth at an affordable price with the best business SLAs available. EoFTTC delivers Ethernet-style service capabilities via superfast broadband technology. Speeds are guaranteed and the service is supported 24/7/365 with pro-active monitoring.

A business leased line may seem more expensive at first glance but there are a number of benefits by having a dedicated business line for your business broadband. A business leased line offers dedicated speeds suited to your requirements and you'll benefit from increased line security and guaranteed performance.

Business broadband case studies


Focus IT appointed to provide full stadium wireless coverage for all visitors and fans at Sussex Cricket Club.

Blacksheep Coffee

Fast growing coffee chain require a scalable and fully managed business broadband from Focus Group.

Honda Uk

Honda gets connected with Focus Group to create Europe's largest mesh wireless business broadband infrastructure.

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