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Despite tight timelines, our tailored telecom strategy ensured seamless operations during Pitchkins & Curran's renovations. Now equipped with a robust leased line, the pharmacy thrives with fast, resilient connectivity.

About Pitchkins & Currans

Located in Maida Vale, London, Pitchkins & Currans is a community pharmacy that's been operating in the area for 20 years, providing patients with dedicated care, as well as dispensing both NHS and private prescriptions.

Pitchkins & Currans are one of the highest dispensing pharmacies in London serving both community and care service clientele. And so, the continuity of uninterrupted supply was of paramount importance.

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The challenge

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After searching for some time, owner Ajay Walia finally found a suitable premise for Pitchkins & Currans to set up a brand-new pharmacy. Considering proximity and that the new site had to be significantly larger than the current location, Ajay revitalised a large pub across the road.

Once rebuilt from the inside out, Ajay needed to implement a resilient, fast, and robust connectivity and telephony solution that would future-proof the pharmacy for an increased number of customers. This needed to be achieved while working within a specific budget and strict time frame. However, connectivity infrastructure was not available at all in the new location and was also a black spot for 4g.

That's when Focus Group picked up the phone.

The solution

The key challenge for Focus Group was maintaining the hard work carried out in a large working pharmacy throughout the move alongside the weeks and months following.

To achieve this, our team of experts created a tailored-made strategy for Pitchkins & Currans, ensuring business could continue swiftly whilst renovations and removal work were carried out.

Our telecoms team deployed a phased implementation for Pitchkins & Currans, starting with a Horizon phone system and a new ADSL broadband line. This allowed the dispensary software to remain up and running, with enough phones to ensure business continuity until the leased line was deployed along with the remaining phones in the second and third phases.

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The results

“With Pitchkins and Currans being one of the highest dispensing chemists in London, serving both community and care service clientele, having uninterrupted supply chains throughout the move was of paramount importance.

The specific implementation measures Focus Group put in place and deployed enabled us to achieve this.”

Ajay Walia

Owner, Pitchkins & Currans

Though it only just moved to the brand-new location, through Focus Group, Pitchkins & Currans successfully opened in accordance with NHS standards, providing prompt services to its customers.

The leased line was successfully deployed, enabling fast and robust connectivity and ensuring the space could handle dispensary software, multiple PCs, the telephone system, CCTV, and alarms.

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