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Get an expert business IT support team backing your business no matter its size. So you can focus on what’s really important - growing your business. Take advantage of our industry leading 24/7 IT support and services.

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UK business IT support services

Managing your business IT support and services is challenging and can be time consuming. Working with small business IT support and service companies is risky and outsourcing it to an enterprise IT support and service company is expensive.

We understand this, which is why we designed a dynamic and proactive IT support service for businesses just like yours. Our professional IT teams are industry experts and will give your business the attention it deserves, within your budget.

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Fully managed IT services

Benefits of business IT support

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Outsourced IT services

Reduce your wage cost by outsourcing your IT service and gain the insight of a committed and experienced IT team. Our business IT support will give your business the service it deserves with dedicated experts reviewing your systems on a regular basis.

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Fully managed IT services

We have built a full house and well-rounded team of IT experts who continuously deliver a class leading service. From sourcing the right equipment to building a reliable and secure framework for your entire team, we ensure your business IT service is proactively delivered.

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System maintenance

Keep your business operational with our 24/7 IT support and maintenance service. No matter your business size or location, our team of experts are ready to support you and ensure data security, reliable server activity and updated disaster recovery.

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Scalable services

Our IT support and services offer a tailored experience, answering the exact needs of your business. Through flexible and adaptable solutions, we'll ensure that the technology you're using fits perfectly with your operations. For businesses of all sizes, our scalable services guarantee efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustained growth for your business.

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Enhanced IT security

We take security seriously. Our IT support and services put robust security measures in place to safeguard your business against cyber threats and breaches. Through proactive monitoring, we ensure your sensitive information is comprehensively protected, so you can relish in today's digital landscape without worry.

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Regulatory compliance

Our IT support and services ensure regulatory compliance through thorough adherence to industry standards and regulations. Through rigorous auditing and proactive measures, we guarantee that your business meets current and future legal requirements, mitigating risks and maintaining high integrity in your operations.

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Outsourced IT support

Our IT support and services team recognise your network infrastructure is an essential component of keeping your company firing on all cylinders. Our UK based business IT support specialists have the knowledge and the experience to keep your business framework optimised, efficient and future proof.

By outsourcing IT services to our team of experts will provide your business with a competitive edge, keeping your technology up to date and scaling it as your business grows. Additionally, letting our specialist manage your IT will provide cost savings, 24/7 access to specialised expertise, the latest technology and increased flexibility, leaving your to focus on the important stuff.

Outsourced IT support
Outsourced It Support
It Infrastructure Services

IT infrastructure services

Take away the stress of managing and maintaining your businesses hardware, software, networking components, and data centres by outsourcing it to our dedicated management teams. Our experts will handle everything, migrating and managing cloud environments, server management, data storage, virtualisation, and disaster recovery planning. Benefit from reduced operational costs, improved scalability, enhanced security measures, and access to advanced technologies and resources.

Our team will take care of everything, allowing you to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of our specialists to optimise their IT operations and drive business growth.

Switching to our reliable IT infrastructure services is easy. We take care of everything, from migrating an IT infrastructure to communicating with existing IT services providers. Our business IT support experts operate 24/7 all year round to ensure our clients stay online and secure. At all times.

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IT service management

Let our teams oversee and coordinate your business IT services. Take full advantage of our experts with 24/7 service desk support, on-site technical support, incident management and response, change management, and IT asset management.

Benefit from streamlined operations, improved service delivery, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased efficiency. Our specialists will work closely with your internal teams to help align their IT services with overall business objectives, implement best practices, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

With Focus Group’s fully managed, cost-effective business IT support and services, UK businesses can benefit from our numerous offices local to your location with unrivalled services levels. Our team will work to resolve issues rapidly where necessary, giving you total peace of mind.

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It Service Management
24 7 It Helpdesk

24/7 IT helpdesk

Thousands of customers choose our UK-based 24/7 business IT support service to keep their business secure and online. We have developed an industry-leading team of IT experts who work around the clock for your business, so you can rest assured your business IT is in safe hands.

24/7 IT support
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Frequently asked questions

We take care of all your business IT support requirements, from managing networks and data clouds, to ensuring backups are done regularly and your network remains secure. You can log individual IT support ticket requests to our IT management team who will quickly assist you.

IT service involves an IT expert team leveraging their expertise to enable organisations to create secure, stable, and optimised IT systems. Our IT expert team help thousands of customers every day to keep systems running perfectly and ensure every system and solution is future proof.

10 common types of IT services typically offered:

We offer all these and more in a full-service IT service for businesses.

Here are ten examples of IT services provided by Focus Group:

Want to choose your own solution? Build outsourced IT service with Focus Shield.

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Customer stories

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Focus Group strategical migrated FatFace away from a legacy infrastructure to an improved cloud-based solution.

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Brighton & Hove Albion

Focus Group is a long-time partner and supporter of Brighton & Hove Albion, helping the team both win off and on the pitch.

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Somerset House

Focus Group guided Somerset House through the adoption of a cloud-first strategy to enable a future-proof digital transformation.

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