Outsourced IT support

Whether you need to extend the capacity of your existing IT department or have all your systems managed and maintained externally, outsourced IT support by Focus Group provides a cost-effective and efficient solution. Leaving you free to focus all your energy on the important stuff. Like growing your business.

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Outsourced IT support solutions

By outsourcing IT support to a reliable third-party UK provider, businesses of any size can benefit from a fully tailored service with lower operating costs and greater overall flexibility. From routers, keyboards and monitors to cyber security and software issues, outsourced IT services can save you time and effort so you can get back to the parts of the business you know best.

As a trusted provider of IT services, we offer a range of fully managed support for clients across a number of different sectors. Using state-of-the-art case management systems, we allow clients to log cases and track progress via our InFocus customer portal.

Outsourced IT support services

Benefits of outsourcing your IT support

There are a number of significant advantages to outsourcing your IT support.

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For businesses of any size, outsourcing can be a more cost-effective way of providing IT services. Depending on the situation, it can be less costly to outsource for temporary IT support solutions on a single project, for ongoing projects with a single client or to delay the high investment needed to build IT infrastructure.

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Your business will gain access to a wide variety of knowledgeable people (with specialised skills and training), many of whom would have been more costly to employ directly. Each an extension of your internal teams, happy to help with any queries and able to advise on cyber security best practices.

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Time saving

Your business can benefit from remote and on-site technical support, including maintenance and installation, which will speed up resolution times overall (further saving your business from the cost of extensive setbacks) and maximise your ROI by improving the up time of your critical and collaborative systems.

Our outsourced IT support services

Data management

Management of all your company’s data, including regular backups and booked engineer visits for preventative maintenance.

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Technical support

Cloud services and general technical support, from a malfunctioning monitor to specialist help with cloud-native applications. Remote IT system monitoring and support, with onsite engineers available for critical infrastructure failures.

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Cyber Security

Network and cyber security provided by a team of experienced professionals, using the latest technology and security measures to protect your business’s digital infrastructure.

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IT consulting

We can offer consultancy support by our strategic specialists who can help you with anything from plans for expansion in the department to up-coming support on a new project.

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation and enterprise networking, allowing you to plan, deploy, integrate and expand your digital network and Cisco technology across your entire business. All of our UK-based business IT support specialists are trained and ready to help your enterprise prepare for its digital future.

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Outsourcing IT support

Factors to consider when outsourcing IT support services

The decision to outsource your IT services or develop your own in-house team is an important one. The key to answering this is enterprises need to consider the level of IT support that is most cost-effective for their current business and their overall goals.

Smaller companies are likely to benefit the most from (fully) outsourcing their IT support because of the cost of having IT specialists on the payroll, the investment in the infrastructure needed to operate a reasonable IT service and the cost of constant upgrading as a business expands. Medium to large companies may want to consider the potential savings of partially outsourcing IT services in order to support on a large project or with a particular on-going client. It might be more efficient in the long run to distribute different duties between a small internal IT team and a trusted external team.

When searching for a provider, it is important to consider the pros and cons, and the scope of the external service. Find out if they provide account management and consulting services for their projects. Both of these will make communication and implementation much smoother, especially on long-term projects. Equally, you should consider the geographical location of the service, as physical and cultural barriers (such as language) can incur significant delays and, therefore, costs. Finally, always ask if it is possible to have a 24/7 service included. In a world where flexible working is fast becoming the norm, problems can arise at any time.

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Frequently asked questions

Outsourced IT support is a trusted third-party provider who manages and implements IT solutions on behalf of a company or enterprise.

In many cases, outsourcing IT support can be highly cost-effective; it can save a business the cost of investing in IT infrastructure and the cost of expanding or building an internal IT team in order to handle current (or potential) business opportunities.

Businesses looking at outsourcing their IT support can choose between a fully managed IT service, a partially managed IT service (where tasks are distributed amongst an internal and external team), cyber security and compliance assessments, and (short-term or long-term) consulting on individual projects.

The cost of outsourcing IT support can vary, as many providers offer tailored services based on the individual business’s needs and goals.

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