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In this new, remote world where flexible working is fast becoming the norm, technical problems can occur at any time. That means that for businesses operating outside of the 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. day, they need technical support that can be called upon at any time. Here at Focus Group we provide 24/7 IT support, with a live help desk and a state-of-the-art query management system. This means that no matter the hour, weekday, holiday or weekend, our staffed service is ready to talk with you. No downtime. No long waits. Just more time to focus on growing the important parts of your business.

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24/7 business IT support service

As opposed to other ‘Managed Service Providers’ who only operate a reactive service for ‘on-call’ engineers, our team of engineers run on two separate shift patterns, providing 24/7 IT support services to ensure that users have access to assistance at any time of the day or night. This means you’ll always be able to speak to a professional, no matter the hour. Equally, during the quieter times, our UK-based team will also be able to work on other outstanding cases opened by our clients.

Overall, this leads to faster case resolution times for everyone and improved SLA performance. From hardware maintenance and network support to software issues and printers that just won’t connect, we’re here to support you year-round (even during national holidays) by phone or via our service portal.

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Benefits of 24/7 IT support

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Productivity & efficiency

With the future of business relying more and more on digital information and cloud technology, workforce productivity and a business’s overall efficiency depends greatly on the maintenance and smooth running of IT equipment. At Focus Group, our aim is to make your business more efficient and cost-effective by taking care of all your IT needs so that you can focus on what is important.

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Always on

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we handle the ‘boring’ technical stuff, from regular hardware maintenance and network updates to general software bugs and protection against advanced cyber attacks or data breaches. For efficient business growth in a changing world, our round-the-clock IT experts are a cost-effective and flexible way to expand your business.

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Our UK-based IT support service is proud to be leading the way in helping businesses deal with time-consuming challenges. A trusted provider to organisations of all sizes (across many different sectors), our modern and easy-access 24-hour IT support services allow you to focus on developing and growing your customers, products and services.

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Overnight system monitoring

Our 24/7 IT support ensures uninterrupted operations with overnight system monitoring. You can rest easy knowing our team is safeguarding your systems, swiftly addressing any issues that arise. With round-the-clock surveillance, we maintain peak performance for your business, day or night.

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Geographic flexibility

We can cater to your needs anytime, anywhere. Whether you operate globally or remotely, our team is readily available to address your IT concerns. With access and support across locations, enjoy uninterrupted productivity and peace of mind, wherever your work takes you.

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Out of hours system updates

Our 24/7 IT support ensures smooth operations with out-of-hours system updates. Minimise disruption to your business during peak times by entrusting us to handle updates during off-peak hours. With proactive maintenance, we optimise performance while allowing your team to focus on key objectives.

What’s included in our IT support services?

Our 24/7 IT helpdesk provides round the clock services to all our IT customers. Below is a list of the typical IT support and helpdesk services we offer to our customers, ranging from small enterprises and start-ups to international businesses with a global client-base.

Cloud services: computing, servers and data backups

We provide on-demand availability of computer system resources and regular backups via our cloud servers. All of our cloud services are aimed at reducing your business’s IT support costs by using a secure and agile cloud computing solution.

Our comprehensive cloud services and data backup solutions help businesses securely store and access their data. Our 24/7 IT support teams will support users by maintaining the systems used to store data remotely, enabling easy access from any device, from any location.

Additionally, our cloud backup solutions ensure that users' information is regularly and securely uploaded to cloud environments and backup servers, in order to prevent data loss in the event of hardware failure or other unforeseen circumstances. Our IT 24/7 helpdesk will ensure the continuity of your IT systems and cloud environments, ensuring you can rest assured that their data is safe, accessible, and protected at all times.

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24/7 network support and maintenance

Focus Group specialises in providing the latest network and infrastructure technologies to meet the evolving needs of businesses and ensure they have the competitive edge. Our team of experts is dedicated to designing, implementing, and managing robust network solutions that optimise performance with 100% availability.

From setting up secure and efficient networks to managing complex infrastructure projects, Focus Group’s 24/7 IT support team will ensure that businesses have the technology infrastructure they need to succeed, alongside the support to maintain, scale and optimise those systems without any of the hassle. With a focus on scalability, security, and efficiency, our network and infrastructure services are tailored to each client's unique requirements, helping them stay ahead in today's competitive business landscape.

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Tech Support: software updates and disaster recovery

Our team of IT experts will monitor your systems to implement important patches and updates on a regular patch assessment cycle. Our IT engineers are always available to speak with you and we can offer on-site support from our national team of specialists. We’ll even help you to create and implement a dedicated disaster recovery strategy should the worst happen.

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Virtual desktops, file servers and data sharing

We ensure that your employees are able to share data efficiently and safely through our dedicated file servers. We also offer virtual desktop installation and configuration, so your business is able to keep running, no matter the time or where your teams are based.

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Cyber security

One of the most important parts of any IT service, we offer a cutting-edge cyber security service to handle any manner of cyber attack. We can provide you with a Security Operations Centre, equipped with a team of cyber security experts, to monitor your cloud environment, devices, logs, and networks for threats and breaches.

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Hardware provisioning

Ready to support any size enterprise, we’ll efficiently manage your business’s equipment distribution and pre-configuration. From digital resource access to user authentication and account syncing, our IT experts will ensure you’ve got everything you need to get your systems up and running, ready for new recruits and hardware upgrades.

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