Whether you’re an SME or global enterprise business; in the public sector, private sector or a charity… whatever your size, shape or service, we’ll take the time to get to know your business and provide the technology to fit the bill. Every time.

Tailored solutions to suit your industry

From global investment companies to premiership football clubs, leading hotel chains to local veterinary practices and from construction firms to nationwide charities, we’re ready to deliver the technology you need to take your business into the future.


Carefully curated technology for the healthcare sector is leading the way to a brighter future. The healthcare specialists at Focus Group are here to help you deliver better care to your patients with technology solutions that transform communication, protect sensitive data and keep you connected.

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Is your technology is paving the way for your students, teachers and support team to achieve their full potential? Discover how lightning-fast connection, a unified approach to communication and a revolutionary IT network set-up will ensure your educational setting is best in class.

Education >


Rapid advances in innovative technology within hospitality are revolutionising service delivery and transforming guest experience. Check out our extensive range of solutions for seamless business communication, ultrafast connectivity, enhanced collaboration and efficient service.

Hospitality >


We know the key to successful recruitment is communication. With the right technology in place you’ll be able to stay connected anytime and anywhere, working collaboratively with all the tools you need at your fingertips. Ultimately keeping your recruitment business one step ahead of the competition.

Recruitment >


In the modern world consumers now demand seamless shopping experiences, outstanding service, 24-7 convenience and the ability to check out at the touch of a button. By embracing innovative technology businesses can deliver true retail therapy and transform the customer experience.

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The automotive industry is rapidly advancing with the help of new, innovative technology that changes the way we travel. Supported by cutting-edge operational systems, digital communications and IT technology - the automotive industry is speeding ahead and Focus Group have everything you need to keep firing on all cylinders.

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Public Sector

Focus Group has decades of experience delivering industry-leading technology solutions to the public sector. Technology that can help streamline processes, create efficiencies, and, most importantly, make cost savings. This all allows the people in your organisation to remain laser-focused on what matters.

Public Sector >

Estate Agents

We give estate agents the tools to deliver a hassle-free experience between buyers and sellers. Don't let calls go unanswered - utilise Focus Group's next-generation telephony systems, super-fast broadband speeds and cyber awareness training so you can focus on growing your business.

Estate Agents >


The legal and professional sector has turned to cloud-based technology to digitise processes, enhance customer experience, enable seamless access to vital documents and guarantee data protection. Focus Group is here to help your firm raise the bar by delivering industry leading technology solutions.

Legal >


The financial industry is undoubtedly the target of cyber criminals trying to exploit sensitive and valuable data. Essential infrastructure must be water-tight from security threats and training your employees is imperative. Focus Group offers the latest cyber security awareness training and robust cloud backups in case of disaster.

Finance >


Persistent time constraints and the risk of breaches mean a resilient communications solution is critical to keep all the cogs turning in the manufacturing industry. Focus Group provide lightning-speed connectivity, unified communication and 24/7 technical support from the experts to keep you online at all times.

Manufacturing >

Sports and Leisure

Focus Group has all the technology to keep your business running, from reliable connectivity that can simultaneously serve 1000s, to simply remaining a highly dependable contact solution, all of which will keep your members happy. Whether you're a small club or a large stadium you can count on us to exceed your expectations.

Sports and Leisure >


The smallest issue can critically impact operations and cause delays in your supply chain. Guaranteeing you have the latest and most capable technology solutions is vital to ensure your logistics company's success. Focus Group has a plethora of technology solutions that can help streamline your logistics process and keep your customers happy.

Logistics >


Charities regularly fall victim to cyber-attacks, so having a capable solution in place is vital to prevent downtime and any impact on potential donations. Focus Group can take care of your charity's needs with our 24/7 technical support, cyber awareness training, and cloud-based disaster recovery solutions.

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