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Research suggests 50% of UK charities don’t have a digital strategy as a result of limited resources, training, time and know-how, which ultimately puts charitable organisations at risk of missing out on huge donations from digital audiences and online fundraising. Focus Group mobilises your charity’s digital transition, providing the right tools to support improvements in productivity and efficiency, so you can focus on making a difference.

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Giving charities the time, and money to spend on what matters

Digital technology has driven rapid developments in customer engagement for many businesses across the UK and charitable organisations shouldn’t be an exception.

Digital accessibility can drive huge growth in the awareness of charitable organisations, ultimately stepping up fundraising opportunities and research abilities so you can carry on supporting people throughout the community. Digital transformation in the charity industry has seen the development of mobile apps, updated telephony systems and strengthened network security measures to step up internal efficiencies, improving every aspect of business operations.

Embracing a digital-based landscape means can increase trust and transparency among audiences and further improve marketing, communications and support. For a sector that relies on great collaboration between people, volunteers, supporters and beneficiaries, there’s no time like the present to optimise your infrastructure and prepare for the future.

We work with a variety of charities to help choose the best services and the right business technology investments. Regardless of how small or large an organisation is, we have the tools to help your employees and volunteers speed up, simplify and better support their day-to-day tasks. We’re here to take care of your business, so you have the time to take care of those who need you most.

Hassle-free IT for charities

With years of experience supporting non-profit charities, we understand the challenges that organisations face with regard to funding access to IT systems, technological support and the service needed to keep operations running on all cylinders.

Focus Group take care of everything for you - leaving you with the time, money and technology you need to prioritise the cause you serve. Our IT support services are carefully designed to deliver a worry-free and proactive service, equipping you with peace of mind 24/7.

Downtime in the charity sector can be particularly disastrous, incurring a potential loss of donations and opportunities. If disaster does strike, our cloud backup services will ensure the swift recovery of your entire business environment for business continuity, with limited operational impact. In short, we’ll keep you online at all times with guaranteed security.

As with all businesses, data security is the highest priority when it comes to GDPR and protecting private information. The highly sensitive nature of the data that charities possess make moving to cloud computing an obvious choice, with unrivalled security, policies, technologies and controls that strengthen your infrastructure, performance and reliability.

We also offer Microsoft 365 business packages to help evolve your collaboration, productivity and efficiency levels, opening up a world of possibility.

Charity IT solutions:

It Charity2

Lightning fast broadband for charities

The reliability, speed and security of your connectivity are imperative elements that ensure the smooth running of your organisation. Focus Group works to deliver services that optimise your opportunities and remove poor data connectivity to minimise downtime and ensure your organisation remains fully operational at all times.

While minimising risks is a huge benefit of reliable internet connectivity, the charity sector also relies heavily on strong engagement with donors and recipients for continued commitment to causes they support. Internet connection is a simple starting point for the maintenance of trust and relationships among donors, improving user experience and reinforcing your market position and purpose.

With Focus Group, you’re in safe hands. We deliver secure, reliable network connectivity that will not let you or your cause down. We’ll work in partnership with you to source the most appropriate business broadband packages and remain committed to delivering the highest speeds for optimum performance, always. A competitively priced service that’s laser-focused on protecting your bottom line.

Charity connectivity solutions:

Connectivity Charity

Next generation phone systems for charities

Cloud telephony solutions are proving to have monumental impacts on charities, making huge cost-savings for businesses and organisations across the UK with a futureproof communication solution. Moving your phone system to the cloud will save you money and because it’s scalable, you only ever pay for what you need without hefty upfront costs on installation, maintenance and upgrades.

Focus Group offer a multitude of cloud telephony solutions for charities which have been widely approved and implemented across hundreds of organisations in the sector.

The Horizon business phone system and Microsoft Teams phone system both provide opportunities for seamless communication internally and externally, improving customer journeys, call management functions and unified communications for increased productivity organisation-wide.

Both options are cost-effective, reliable and scalable solutions, which will grow as your organisation expands, making sure you have the time to focus on what really matters.

Charity telecoms solutions:

Telecoms Charity2

Resilient cyber security for charities

Non-profit organisations make a huge difference to causes of all kinds across the globe, but this leaves them open to potential cyber-attacks and scams, particularly as a result of the high volume of personal data held about employees, participants, donors and vulnerable people, which makes it vital to ensure guaranteed protection – after all, non-profits rely on trust and cooperation; get this wrong and you’re at risk of losing vital support.

Over 90% of security incidents are inadvertently caused by employees. The solution – our comprehensive cyber security awareness training – designed to help your workforce understand business vulnerabilities and spot scams.

Focus Group also deliver a number of other security tools such as managed SOC (cloud monitoring), Mimecast email security, phishing prevention, dark web monitoring and GDPR awareness training, to keep employees ahead of the game when it comes to the latest legislation – Focus Group is here to equip you with the best business cyber security essentials in the charity sector.

Charity cyber solutions:

Cyber Charity2

Latest mobile technology for charities

8 out of 10 of us admit to spending at least two hours on our smartphones each day. Our reliance on mobile technology has rocketed in recent years, with our mobile phones becoming arguably the most favoured and powerful device, but this isn’t without reason.

Businesses across the globe have benefitted from the advances of modern technology, particularly when it comes to mobilisation and increased communication among staff in various locations. In the charity sector, adopting mobile technology opens a whole host of opportunities to ensure services, communications and fundraising are mobile-friendly, easily managed and engaging.

Your employees will need the latest technology to achieve success – this is where we come in. Quality doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag. Pricing plans and connectivity with data capabilities like no other are sourced, integrated and maintained by Focus Group.

As an independent provider of business mobile solutions, we have a vast menu of mobile phones and contracts for those operating in the charity sector. We’ll ensure your workforce is equipped with the very latest technology that will not only boost productivity and efficiency but give a real boost to engagement between colleagues and donors alike.

Charity mobile solutions:

Mobile Charity2

Cost saving energy for charities

The cost of living crisis is undoubtedly increasing the demand, cost and awareness of energy consumption among all businesses and organisations in the UK.

Focus Group’s energy price comparison service compares, switches and saves for you. It’s quick, easy and hassle-free – designed to enable you to focus on your cause, while we research the market and trawl through the small print, so you can rest assured you are on the best possible tariff with costs that won’t overrule your contributions.

Our smart metering service is another highly recommended solution – positioning you with the power to monitor exactly how much energy your organisation is consuming and enabling you to make decisions about strides for sustainability.

Charity energy solutions:

Energy Charity2

Customer stories

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Age UK

Age UK Surrey appointed Focus Group to review its business mobile services and implement a cost-effective and integrated solution.

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Unite the Union

Focus Group transitioned the union’s mobile service to smart phone technology to empower a mobile workforce and cut costs.

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WaterAid UK

Focus Group worked hand in hand with WaterAid UK to integrate Microsoft Teams and Clarify compliance call recording.

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