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One of the biggest challenges facing the recruiting industry is creating an efficient onboarding process, which is fast, enables easy evaluation of candidates, with all systems integrated to make sure the right information is available at the touch of a button – we have exactly that!

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How can you effectively manage a team of recruiters with clients in multiple stages of a funnel?

To do this, recruitment consultants need to have the best communication tools for the job so they can be agile in posting new roles, creating databases, undertaking online tests and assessment, and even conducting video conferencing interviews – something that’s been vital during the global pandemic.

None of this can be achieved without the very best recruitment technology; from phone systems to handsets and devices and superfast connectivity, we can provide a wraparound service that’s competitive, seamlessly integrated into recruitment firms of all sizes, leaving you to get on with the job of sourcing top talent.

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Telecoms for recruitment professionals

The telephone is quite literally a recruiter’s best friend and technological advancements mean that, like most things, the telephone has moved online. VoIP hosted phone systems offer a flexible and affordable option, which can be scaled to grow as your firm grows.

Cloud hosted phone systems mean recruitment consultants stay connected anytime, anywhere, benefitting from a whole host of call management features that enable them to work faster and with all the tools at their fingertips.

Focus Group offers the Horizon VoIP, which offers instant savings on your call charges, it also gives you the options to add multiple virtual phone lines, create your own numbers and call groups, as well as being expert in dealing with your voicemails! With working from home being a trend set to continue, your office could be anywhere because all you need is in the cloud! Revolutionise your recruitment phone system and you’ll be on the path to total workplace collaboration.


The benefits of Focus Group’s recruitment telecoms solutions:

  • Easy to control features
  • No hidden costs
  • Enables flexible working
  • A business continuity solution

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Want to learn more about our VoIP business phone system and see the amazing features?

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Cyber security for recruiting

Cyber attacks can have a devastating impact on firms working in the recruitment sector, damaging not only relationships with clients due to the possibility of confidential data being lost, but it can also have a negative impact on bringing in future clients.

Cyber attackers will have a field day with employment agreements and sensitive documents, such as passport scans, etc, so data protection in recruitment should always be a top priority.

Focus Group offers all you need to keep your data under wraps; we offer flexible, competitive packages to suit your exact needs, making sure you always stay aware and vigilant. Our security awareness training is ideal for firms wanting to educate dedicated members of staff with the knowledge and skills to spot attacks before they occur.

Our CyberSight service also lets you check whether your business’s credentials have been compromised, while our GDPR Awareness training will keep your business compliant.

Cyber Security

The benefits of Focus Group’s recruitment Cyber solutions:

  • Maintain connectivity at all times
  • Proactive security, protecting your reputation
  • Cost effective and tailored solutions

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Want to learn more about our Cyber Security services for recruiters? Learn how you can get better protected.

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IT technologies for recruiters

Maintaining the IT infrastructure can prove costly and time consuming. Outsourcing this to a recruitment technology specialist like Focus Group ensures your firm will be operating at its optimum at all times, leaving you to get on with the business of recruiting!

Our IT support and maintenance can be tailored to the levels you need and completely removes the headache involved with infrastructure failures and service disruptions – all of which could prove disastrous in recruitment.

We are also specialists in cloud computing in the recruitment sector, helping several thousand businesses migrate to the cloud to boost performance, increase reliability and strengthen IT security. From backup and disaster recovery to Office 365 and remote employee monitoring, we have the skills set and reputation to maintain operational efficiency.

Recruitment It

The benefits of Focus Group’s recruitment solutions:

  • Saves valuable time and money
  • Flexible, bespoke packages that grow as you do
  • Outsourced IT services and maintenance
  • Experienced in healthcare providers of all sizes and scales

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Mobile phones for recruiters

It is essential for today’s recruitment firms to have a full mobile strategy in place, which enables you to be proactive at all times. With the right recruitment tools in place, consultants can post jobs, check browsing habits, react to social media, send texts/SMS, etc, all while on the move.

Being able to react quickly will deliver a great advantage and having system that is fully optimised for use on all mobile devices will save you valuable time and money.

From business mobile phones to mobile broadband and data, we have the latest technology that will facilitate better business. We offer competitive, scalable handset and device plans, together with flexible SIM only plans should that suit your workforce better. Or maybe your employees need to take their office wherever they go? Our mobile broadband will enable them to work efficiently and securely wherever they are. The benefits of mobiles in recruiting are endless!

Recruitment Mobile

The benefits of Focus Group’s recruiter Mobile solutions:

  • Tailored, bespoke packages for your business needs
  • Access to the very latest business phone technology
  • Competitive, flexible tariffs
  • Safe and secure, always

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WGet the latest mobile phones for recruiters or learn more about the benefits of mobile recruiting.

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Energy supplier for recruitment

In good times, trimming operational costs is an ongoing goal. In tough times, it’s a necessity but not always one recruitment firms have time to address. Energy costs are a huge bug bear for most business owners, taking up oodles of valuable time trying to nail the cheapest, most workable packages.

Banish the hunt for competitive tariffs and packages with Focus Group’s Rocket Energy cost comparison service, we are the preferred energy supplier for recruitment! Once we’ve ascertained your needs, we will provide a lightspeed business gas and electricity quote to impress. Not only will we secure the cheapest tariffs and fixed prices, but we will also continually monitor the market to ensure you’re always paying the best prices! Deal?

Recruitment Energy

The benefits of Focus Group’s recruitment solutions:

  • transform the way a business manages its energy
  • On-going tariff and cost comparison analysis
  • The cheapest deals to suit your budget
  • No hassle! We do all the hard work!

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Find a better energy supplier for recruitment professionals like you and find out how you can save by using our energy cost comparison.

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Broadband for recruitment

Connectivity in recruitment is key, without a resilient, robust ethernet provision business is severely hindered. Focus Group can deliver upload and download speeds like no other, all at competitive prices and backed with our unrivalled support.

Exceeding modern day demands, our connectivity packages will be bespoke for your specific business needs, delivering the required coverage, data rates, network capacity and roaming capability needed to take your recruitment to another level!

Recruitment Connectivitiy

The benefits of Focus Group’s recruiter Connectivity solutions:

  • Secure, reliable network
  • Vast experience in recruitment WiFi
  • Make significant cost savings
  • If you make the switch, we’ll manage the transition process!

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Find superfast and reliable internet connectivity for recruitment institutions like yours.

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