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Several shake-ups in the UK economy have forced recruiters to reassess their operations and streamline decision-making processes when it comes to adopting new technologies. Modern recruitment industry solutions support your digital transition to recruitment automation and improved candidate experience (CX) is our priority.

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Beat the talent shortage with recruiting technology that stands the test of time

According to reports, in 2023 a huge 77% of companies globally reported talent shortages – the highest in seventeen years. To keep hiring demand under control, it is essential for recruiters to optimise third-party integrations and collaboration tools that simplify and streamline the resume parsing process. Now more that ever it’s important to leverage the best in recruiting technology to search for potential candidates, utilising the latest in recruitment agency software and solutions to find the right candidates for the job.

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Recruitment technology solutions that drive retention

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Easy-to-deploy recruitment digital transformation

Reports suggest that over 51% of talent leaders are concerned they’re not keeping up with recruitment digital transformation and industry trends - a figure that is only trending upwards. The experts at Focus Group are here to make sure you, and your business, don't get left behind.

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Collaborative hiring tools that boost productivity

Solutions that enable you to facilitate efficient communication and coordination among internal team members, candidates and employers alike. With collaborative hiring tools you’ll have the ability to streamline candidate evaluation, share feedback and lead the decision-making process with efficiency.

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Recruitment IT support you can rely on

Investing in outsourced specialist recruitment IT support doesn’t have to be difficult. Trust the experts at Focus Group to take the reigns of responsibility when it comes to managing your recruitment technology. Our team will integrate hardware, software and cloud-data set-ups, all while providing ongoing maintenance and support.

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Seamless integrations that enhances recruiting processes

Third-party integrations that truly work with each other to promote productivity, encourage collaboration and efficiencies in recruiting processes. The ultimate candidate experience is created when communication is consistent.

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Connection when it counts

Ultra-fast, reliable and scalable business broadband solutions that keep you firing on all cylinders and your recruitment technology connected. From resume parsing and application tracking to collaboration integration support, you’ll have access to data connectivity services you can count on.

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Data security that doesn’t compromise

Protecting your candidate, employer and personal data is a priority. Our cyber security awareness and SaaS recruitment industry solutions create a robust line of defences against cyber-attacks, ensuring your emails, browsing, cloud-networks and employees are equipped with the best business.

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DWP and modern workplace

Despite improvements in the economy, there remains a competitive climate. Reports suggest that 51% of talent leaders agree digital transformation is moving too fast and they can’t keep up with the shifts. Focus Group’s Digital Workplace solution will amp up collaboration and innovation, boosting candidate experience and reducing the pressures of the applicant tracking process to ensure your business has the technology that drives connection, engagement, growth and creativity.

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Recruitment IT solutions

Recruitment IT solutions

Maximising the value of your candidate experience is crucial to the successful placement-filling process. By harnessing innovative recruitment it solutions to support your automated recruitment system, data security and wider talent strategy, you’ll benefit from being one step ahead of the competition.

According to reports, over 45% of UK-based businesses are investing in IT architecture and support software.

Our team of IT experts prioritise your productivity by providing cost-effective solutions including Microsoft 365 business, cloud storage, software setups, data backup, and disaster recovery to enhance your customer interactions and minimise overhead expenses.

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Cyber security for recruiters

Positive candidate experience relies on an individual being able to trust their chosen recruitment professionals will responsibly and ethically handle their personal information appropriately – taking measures to reduce cyber threats and increase compliant defences.

Over 45% of UK businesses reportedly invested in cyber security solutions in 2023.

From outdated legacy software and malicious attacks to phishing attempts and even human error, Focus Group provide several low-cost cyber security tools that prevent the exploitation of business network vulnerabilities and keep your employees ‘in the know’ when it comes to security threats.

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Cyber Security Recruitment

Connectivity for recruitment

In an already competitive market, the challenge of attracting, retaining and parsing qualified candidates to employers is a high-stakes process. Everything from the applicant tracking system you use and the collaboration platforms you depend on, to the reliability of your internet connection can be critical to business success.

Connectivity is an essential employment resource for many of today’s job seekers, so it is essential for recruiters to have a reliable, scalable and secure online presence.

Focus Group’s ultrafast broadband and MiFi solutions keep you connected, so you can access cloud data, actively track applicant processing and make the most of your collaboration tools without the risk of downtime.

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Connectivity Recruitment

Recruiting firm phone system

Reports suggest that 43% of consumers appreciate candidate service features such as 24/7 service, personalised engagements and opportunities to interact with human agents.

Feature-rich VoIP telephony technology is changing the way recruiters connect with employers and candidates with 26% of businesses reportedly losing customers from a lack of telephone availability.

Benefit from enhanced efficiency, automation and access to several additional functionalities with seamless third-party integrations that elevate your offerings past the traditional telephone interview.

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Recruitment mobile solutions

Whether it’s scheduling interviews, providing internal feedback, communicating with candidates or application tracking, recruiter mobile solutions have opened the door for process management to work from anywhere.

Reports suggest a huge 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search, a number that increases to 86% among younger candidates.

Long gone are the days of anchoring tasks to the office, instead hiring teams can engage with candidates remotely through their mobile devices. Leveraging mobile career pages, applications and social media, recruiters can reach qualified candidates remotely, immediately expanding the pool of prospects.

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IoT recruitment solutions

By introducing innovative IoT recruitment technologies, recruitment business can enhance numerous elements of the recruitment process. From candidate sourcing and tracking to remote onboarding and workplace analytics, IoT solutions can analyse performance metrics to gain insights into behaviour, patterns and productivity for a more informed decision-making process.

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Recruitment Iot

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