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Welcome to the Cloud Frontier! Whether you're gearing up to take your first steps into the cloud or you're halfway there and looking for a boost, you've come to the right place. At Focus Group, our cloud migration experts are more than just experts—they're your guides on this exciting journey. We dive deep to understand your business, your dreams, and how we can tailor a cloud strategy just for you. Ready to soar higher with your tech? Let's make it happen together!

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What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is all about lifting your databases, applications, communications, and IT processes from the ground and setting them free in the cloud. It could mean shifting from an older cloud setup to a modern one, or waving goodbye to outdated on-premises tech and embracing cloud innovation.

Doing this right means ensuring the secure and smooth transfer of your critical business data and operational systems. It's like coordinating a grand, complex dance where every step—from timing and security to infrastructure and day-to-day operations—is choreographed uniquely for your business. At Focus Group, we're here to lead you through this dance with precision and grace. Our bespoke approach guarantees a seamless transition, minimising disruptions for your business, your teams, and your customers.

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Cloud migration hub

Not sure where to start with your cloud migration? Take a look through our resources below and discover the processes Focus Group uses to ensure a seamless transition.

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Cloud migration strategy

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Cloud migration benefits

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Our cloud migration solutions

Choosing the right technology

Our cloud migration specialists are on hand to help you find the right cloud technology to suit your business, your people and your applications. Whether it’s providing a secure, compliant and high performance private cloud, delivering an effective public cloud solution and cloud connectivity on its own or as part of a multi-cloud solution, we’re here to provide you with expert support.

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Post-migration and cloud management

Cloud migration is just the beginning. Our managed services make sure your cloud is in capable hands. We’ll take away the hassle of managing your cloud services and computing solutions, together with providing the tools and on-going support needed to keep your cloud delivering for your business.

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Why choose Focus Group

Focus Group isn't just about moving to the cloud; we're your partners in seamlessly integrating all aspects of your business technology. Think of cloud migration as a pivotal piece of a much bigger puzzle. By modernising your tech, we're setting you free to expand your business without any baggage to weigh you down.

Our team is professional, committed, and expansive, ensuring that no matter what your business requires or where you're located, we're right there with you. At Focus Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect every dot and align every piece, empowering you to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Let us handle the tech, so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business!

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Frequently asked questions

Cloud migration is needed to reduce the cost of ownership – removing the expensive and unnecessary operational and maintenance costs of legacy infrastructure. The ability to have a service without upgrades and licences will allow money to be channelled into other projects.

Cloud-based services are also incredibly agile, providing businesses with the ability to quickly scale up the size of data centres or applications in line with business growth.

The future of office working has changed over the last few years so the ability to work efficiently and collaboratively from the office or remotely is now vital for many companies. Cloud migration underpins digital transformation and facilitates anywhere working.

Above all, the cloud provides a secure centre for the data to be stored, reducing the threat of cyber-attacks within the company, which can lead to both financial and reputational penalties.

The different types of cloud migration are commonly known as the 6Rs of cloud migration. These are the following: rehosting, re-platforming, repurchasing, refactoring, retaining, retiring. Commonly, the retain (or hybrid model) is the most versatile. This is when an organisation wants to keep some workloads of databases due to security concerns, GDPR compliance or other issues. You create a hybrid infrastructure where some data and workloads are stored in the cloud and some are retained on-premise in an onsite data centre.

Another type of cloud migration is repurchased (or drop-and-shop). This is simply when you drop or cancel your existing licence agreement in place and opt for a new platform service. This way you adopt this approach will be based on your companies’ requirements i.e. if you need to think about disaster recovery, security systems or the capabilities of the current platform you are on.

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Customer stories

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A4G partnered with Focus Group to get them connected on a secure and reliable network which delivered powerful results.

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Brewers, with over 150 retail locations, streamlined its network services in order to provide an enhanced customer experience.

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Unite the Union

Focus Group transitioned the union’s mobile service to smart phone technology to empower a mobile workforce and cut costs.

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