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Ready to move your business to the cloud? Or perhaps you’ve already started the migration process. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, the cloud migration specialists at Focus Group will help you get there faster. We’ll get to know your business; your ambitions and we’ll find design the perfect approach to cloud communications for you. Let’s get started.

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What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the process of transferring databases, applications, communications and IT processes to a cloud-based platform, or from one cloud to another. It can also illustrate the move from traditional on-premises or legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud. Successfully moving systems to the cloud, involves the secure transition of business critical data and your operational systems, in a co-ordinated way, in order to ensure minimal disruption to your business, your employees and your customers. Cloud migration should be designed for the unique nature of your business, with consideration for complex infrastructure, planning, timing, security and your day-to-day operations. Our finely tuned approach is designed to deliver effortless cloud migration so your business can reap the benefits of the cloud. We’re here to make cloud migration effortless.

Defining your cloud migration strategy

Choosing the right cloud technology

Our cloud migration specialists are on hand to help you find the right cloud technology to suit your business, your people and your applications. Whether it’s providing a secure, compliant and high performance private cloud, delivering an effective public cloud solution and cloud connectivity on its own or as part of a multi-cloud solution, we’re here to provide you with expert support.

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Choosing The Right Cloud Technology

Post-migration and cloud management

Cloud migration is just the beginning. Our managed services make sure your cloud is in capable hands. We’ll take away the hassle of managing your cloud services and computing solutions, together with providing the tools and on-going support needed to keep your cloud delivering for your business.

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Post Migration And Cloud Management

Benefits of cloud migration services

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A move to the cloud puts your company in a supremely agile position, with the ability to scale up to support business growth or support operations across multiple locations. Accelerating business growth is a prime reason to go migrate to the cloud; delivering the ability to access your data in real time without having to wait long periods of time for hardware repairs or installs, means your company can run fluently and to its potential.

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The major benefit is the reduction of IT operational and maintenance costs. The IT team can create the correct size infrastructure in the cloud needed for the company, meaning its unique to the business and cuts wasteful spending.

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You can also improve your security by using cloud migration services, the modernisation of the IT infrastructure protects the risk of malicious hacking attempts with built-in security features and specialised cloud security tools to help ensure that your organisation’s resources are protected.

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Frequently asked questions

Cloud migration is needed to reduce the cost of ownership – removing the expensive and unnecessary operational and maintenance costs of legacy infrastructure. The ability to have a service without upgrades and licences will allow money to be channelled into other projects.

Cloud-based services are also incredibly agile, providing businesses with the ability to quickly scale up the size of data centres or applications in line with business growth.

The future of office working has changed over the last few years so the ability to work efficiently and collaboratively from the office or remotely is now vital for many companies. Cloud migration underpins digital transformation and facilitates anywhere working.

Above all, the cloud provides a secure centre for the data to be stored, reducing the threat of cyber-attacks within the company, which can lead to both financial and reputational penalties.

The different types of cloud migration are commonly known as the 6Rs of cloud migration. These are the following: rehosting, re-platforming, repurchasing, refactoring, retaining, retiring. Commonly, the retain (or hybrid model) is the most versatile. This is when an organisation wants to keep some workloads of databases due to security concerns, GDPR complience or other issues. You create a hybrid infrastructure where some data and workloads are stored in the cloud and some are retained on-premise in an onsite data centre.

Another type of cloud migration is repurchased (or drop-and-shop). This is simply when you drop or cancel your existing licence agreement in place and opt for a new platform service. This way you adopt this approach will be based on your companies’ requirements i.e. if you need to think about disaster recovery, security systems or the capabilities of the current platform you are on.

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