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The business broadband specialists at Focus Group are at your service and will analyse your connecitivty needs to find the best business broadband deals to suite you. We’ll take the time to get to know your business, your operations, your existing connectivity services and your ultimate goals. And we’ll make it our business to take the researching the best business broadband providers off your hands. As one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of data solutions, our industry knowledge and technical capabilities are second to none – allowing us to select, architect and implement the right business broadband solution to accelerate your digital future. We will keep your business connected at all times and provide you with a solutions that grows with your business, all while finding your the best business broadband deals to suite your budget.

What are the different types of business broadband?

ADSL business broadband

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It’s a popular choice for business broadband as it provides affordable, high-quality and reliable connectivity It’s also easy to provision and has extensive UK coverage with the business broadband connection provided over traditional copper-based telephone lines. It’s worth noting however that as a result, ADSL can be unreliable in terms of speed and its speed can depend on your distance from your telephone exchange.

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Adsl Business Broadband
Business Fibre Broadband

Business broadband fibre

Fibre is the future. All traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) lines across the UK are being replaced with full-fibre. This upgrade is transforming the business broadband landscape and delivering a whole new world of high-speed digital business broadband services and moving telecommunications from analogue to digital in the form of VoIP. Business broadband fibre enables fast, reliable and cost-effective connectivity plus ensures your business is ready for an all-digital future! We offer a range of fibre business broadband speeds and partner with the UK's leading suppliers to ensure you stay connected at all times.

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Wireless business broadband

With speed, flexibility and agile working more important than ever before, you need quick access to the information you want. Wherever and whenever you need it. Our superfast 4G and 5G mobile business broadband solutions allows you to connect your devices on the move. The perfect solutions for operating a more remote workforce. You can support your hybrid workers with fast and reliable wireless business broadband, ensuring your staff are fully connected and able to access key resources at any time, from any location.

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Wireless Business Broadband
Business Leased Line

Business broadband leased lines

Do you need superfast dedicated connectivity with high capacity and rock-solid performance? Our business broadband leased lines deliver the ultimate connection boasting upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps. Our business broadband leased lines are fully dedicated to your business premises with no usage limits, allowing for a fully dedicated and secure connection that your business can fully rely on at all times.

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Benefits of broadband for business

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Speed is of the essence when it comes to business broadband – the faster the connection, the more you’ll be able to get done. If your business uploads or downloads files, streams content, manages data online, runs a website or holds video conferences; upload and download speeds matter. Focus Group will deliver the broadband power you need to keep your business running at full speed!

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If your business is reliant on intent and phone line access, any downtime can be extremely detrimental. Focus Group provide fully managed support and business broadband solutions including remote and on-site technical support; hardware maintenance and installation, and ongoing monitoring to ensure your data infrastructure is delivering peak performance. Plus, should the need arise, our team will work to resolve issues. Rapidly.

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The right business broadband solution will come armed with online security software to protect your data and your business from cybercrime. Phishing and malware protection should come as standard, meaning a higher level of security and ultimately peace of mind.

Business broadband pricing

ADSL broadband


£9.99 Per month

  • ✔  Download speed up to 20Mb
  • ✔  Low cost copper based service
  • ✔  Over 99% UK coverage

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Superfast fibre broadband


£19.95 Per month

  • ✔  Download speed up to 80Mb
  • ✔  Fibre to the cabinet
  • ✔  95% UK coverage

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Ultrafast fibre broadband


£24.95 Per month

  • ✔  Download speed up to 1Gb
  • ✔  Dedicated fibre to the premises
  • ✔  Fastest broadband available

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Frequently asked questions

Business broadband is a dedicated broadband connection that’s set up in an office or workspace. Typically, business broadband offers a more comprehensive package so delivers faster speeds, more reliable connections and more security.

When selecting your connectivity solution, you’re looking for the optimum balance between speed, connectivity, security and cost. The business-grade broadband solutions available with Focus Group all come with security built in as standard and are designed to offer you a fast, reliable WiFi connectivity, whether you are a small emerging business or network enterprise organisation connecting nationwide sites. And we’ll deliver to your budget.

Whilst personal broadband is usually lower in cost, business broadband is arguably better value become of the benefits it brings with it. These benefits include greater speeds, dedicated connections, security and service level agreements from your supplier that will get you back up and running at speed should an outage occur.

There are a wide range of benefits to business broadband, especially in comparison to using a residential broadband service. Dedicated business broadband offers a wider range of speeds and gaurentees enhanced connectivity services suitable for a more users over a larger premises.

Benefits of business broadband include:

  • Business broadband traffic is prioritised over residential
  • Broadband for business has a higher level of security when tranfering data
  • Access to a wider range of speeds that arent available to residential customers
  • Businesses benefit from the ability to use static IP addresses that offer specific features crutial to day-to-day operations
  • Routers designed for business use to connect more devices

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