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Guest expectations are rapidly growing and no longer centre around a simple booking – instead, hospitality managers are prioritising the elevation of guest experience with innovative hospitality technology solutions. From one-touch reservations and check-ins to enhanced in-room communication, guests expect high-quality connections from the latest hospitality technology solutions.

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Bespoke smart hospitality solutions for better business operations

The latest in smart hospitality solutions allow for seamless third-party integrations, reliable collaboration tools and calendar management systems are changing the game in hospitality, with over 48% of hospitality managers prioritising the acceleration of hospitality digital transformation.

According to reports, these priorities are in the right place with a huge 65% of UK hospitality guests confirming they would pay more for available and easy-to-use technology.

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Hospitality technology that runs without a hitch

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Guarantee exceptional guest experience

With easy-to-deploy digital transformation at your fingertips, you’ll promote productivity, encourage internal collaboration and create a guest-centric experience to ensure you are providing the best in house hospitality to your customers.

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Cloud management systems you can count on

Protect your data and streamline processes in an instant. Guest relations information, payment history and business data will all be held securely in one centralised location for easy access among staff and business-wide improved productivity.

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Simplify risk management

Integrate essential risk management tools that identifying, assess and mitigate potential risks and uncertainties to minimise the negative impacts on your business objectives and enhance decision-making for improved business resilience.

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Uncompromised connection

Ultra-fast business broadband solutions that keep you firing on all cylinders. From calendar management and collaboration solutions to integration support, you’ll have access to data connectivity services you can count on.

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Seamless third-party integrations

Third-party integrations that truly work to promote employee productivity, encourage collaboration and drive efficiencies in your hospitality business. The ultimate guest experience is created when exceptional service is consistent.

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Facilitate efficient communication

Focus Group are committed to providing tools that improve essential business function – this includes improved coordination among team members, streamlining internal conversations and ultimately improving the guest experience.

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Fully managed hospitality digital transformation solutions

We have our finger on the pulse of new and emerging technologies and our Digital Workplace solution always delivers. From integrating feature-rich VoIP telephony solutions with cloud-based property management systems to providing the latest mobile devices and contactless technology, our essential business technology solutions are creating seamless guest experiences that boost brand loyalty and revenue.

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Bespoke hospitality solutions tailored to your customer experience

IT solutions for hospitality industry

In a competitive market, it is essential that your business leverages innovative cloud technologies and modern IT solutions such as Microsoft 365 to support your calendar management, collaboration tools and data security.

Reports suggest that over 69% of UK-based hospitality leaders are prioritising the streamlining of internal operations for improved efficiency.

Our experienced IT support and integration specialists are on-hand to support you with cost-effective solutions that include cloud storage, software setups, data backup, and disaster recovery to enhance your guest interactions and minimise overhead expenses.

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Hospitality cyber security

Building a successful hospitality business is reliant on guest-centricity. However, it is essential to acknowledge that the benefits of customer insights make the hospitality industry a firm target when it comes to cyber-attacks.

According to reports, over 45% of UK-based businesses are investing in cyber security solutions, with 39% of hospitality leaders reportedly prioritising digital upskilling and resolving cyber security limitations.

From personal information and data preferences to payment details and performance data, Focus Group provide several low-cost cyber security tools that prevent the exploitation of business network vulnerabilities and keep your employees trained in cyber security awareness.

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Hospitality Cyber

Connectivity and hospitality broadband

Enhancing guest experiences and operational efficiency, an ultra-fast connection is a crucial element of hospitality functionality. Reliable hospitality broadband and Wi-Fi enables seamless communication, entertainment and access to all important online services.

Reports suggest that 48% of UK hospitality leaders are prioritising the acceleration of digital transformation.

Enabling efficient check-ins, personalised services and real-time feedback, strong connectivity supports staff coordination, improves productivity, and enables data-driven decision-making, ultimately leading to guest satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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Hospitality Connectivity

Connectivity and hospitality broadband

Leveraging the power of feature-rich telephony solutions will create a foundation for seamless communication between staff members and guests, ensuring efficient service and quick response times.

From reservation enquiries to room service requests, telecom systems enhance guest satisfaction and foster effective collaboration among teams, enhancing operational efficiency and overall guest experience. Plus there are a plethora of enhancements that can be added to your phone system, from call recording, to hold music, there are plenty of solutions that can improve your customer experience.

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Mobile devices and communication

Mobile solutions play a pivotal role in the hospitality industry, mobilising teams, streamlining operations, enabling staff to manage bookings, communicate efficiently, and deliver prompt services, ultimately improving overall guest satisfaction.

According to reports, over 43% of UK hospitality leaders agree unified communication provides deeper insight into the customer experience, with 60% of hospitality leaders also prioritising the adaptation of consumer behaviours. Can you afford to miss out on these insights?

With mobile apps, guests can easily make reservations, check-in, access digital room keys and request services, enhancing convenience, saving time, and enabling hospitality leaders to assess data and personalise guest interactions.

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Hospitality Mobile

IoT for the hospitality industry

From enhancing guest experiences to improving operational efficiency and enabling personalise services, IoT solutions are making a significant impact in the hospitality sector.

IoT solutions such as smart room management, energy management and enhanced guest safety and security are reducing the pressures placed on hospitality staff to anticipate guest’s next more, and vastly improving opportunities to stay a step ahead of the game, utilising big data, productivity and communication tools to create an environment that is not only compliant with regulations, but enjoyable for guests and cost-effective for management.

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