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The experience a guest has within a hospitality industry setting can be make or break for repeat business and hospitality technology solutions now play an increasingly large role in creating great reviews, happy guests, and better revenue – let's help you make it!

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How will hospitality industry technology adapt to future needs? 

Guest expectations are no longer centred around simply finding somewhere to lay your head for the night; it’s about elevating the experience with innovative hospitality technology solutions – making a real connection.

From hospitality technology solutions such as touchless check-ins to enhanced in-room communication, guests have become more demanding, expecting the highest WiFi and download speeds, the latest mobile devices and contactless technology – something that become increasingly popular due to the COVID pandemic.

At Focus Group we have extensive experience in the hospitality industry and the IT challenges it can face. We also have our finger on the pulse when it comes to new and emerging technologies, so whatever your requirement, we’re primed and ready to help you attract more guests, drive up customer loyalty and increase your profits!

Which hospitality solution interests you?

Phone systems for hospitality

Any phone systems for hospitality must be on-point; guests want their queries answered quickly and efficiently and diverted without any fuss or delay. In the same vein, hospitality staff demand a business phone system that’s easy to use and has the features to enable them to perform their day-to-day roles to the best of their ability.

With the hospitality industry fast realising the benefits of VoIP phone systems, you’ll be looking be looking for a provider to boost productivity and deliver value for money – that’s us! Our Focus Horizon product also offers businesses of any scale the ability to work smarter and faster, with a very comprehensive list of call management features and no hassle or burden of maintenance or upgrades.

However, if VoIP phone systems are not for you, we also work with leading industry partners to deliver Mitel hospitality phone systems and Avaya hospitality solutions are tailored specifically to handle the pressures and fast-pace of the sector, promoting unified communications for businesses of all sizes.


The benefits of Focus Group’s hospitality cyber solutions:

  • Maintain connectivity at all times
  • Proactive, security, protecting your reputation
  • Cost effective and tailored solutions

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Get started with keeping customer information secure today and sign up to a cyber security awareness training hosted online.

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Cyber security in hospitality

Effective cyber security in hospitality should be at the top of its game given the footfall hotels, bars, restaurants, and foot outlets incur. All sorts of data is stored, ranging from guest information, staff credentials and supplier payment details – things could do very wrong!

We deliver unique cyber security that will help your business stay proactive rather than reactive should a cyber-attack present itself. Not only do we have the technology to protect you, but we also offer cyber security awareness training enabling you to educate dedicated members of staff to stay alert and flag up any infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Keeping customer information secure is absolutely key; failure to do so could leave you exposed and threaten the reputation of your business. We provide a wide range of Cyber Protect Services & Solutions that keep the darker side of the internet from costing you valuable time and money.

Cyber Security

The benefits of Focus Group’s healthcare Cyber solutions:

  • Maintain connectivity at all times
  • Proactive security, protecting your reputation
  • Cost effective and tailored solutions

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Want to learn more about our Cyber Security services for healthcare? Learn how you can get better protected.

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Hospitality IT solutions

Hospitality technology solutions are integral in providing a seamless, guest experience and top notch service, so keeping everyone connected on whatever is the preferred smart device means having robust and reliable digital hospitality solutions that won’t let you down!

As a leading hospitality technology provider, we ensure your guests are connected anytime, anywhere, keeping them totally engaged during their visit. Whether it’s ubiquitous WiFi signal, coverage or performance or WiFi extenders, we will facilitate better guest and staff collaboration – and should something go wrong, we’ve got that covered, too.

Our hospitality IT solutions include comprehensive support and maintenance to keep you operating at peak performance. Any issues will be identified quickly and resolved by our UK-based team of experts ASAP. We can implement backup and disaster recovery strategies to give you peace of mind and move everything to the Cloud should you be looking for an infrastructure with enhanced reliability and strengthen IT security.

Hospitality It

The benefits of Focus Group’s hospitality IT solutions:

  • Saves valuable time and money
  • Flexible, bespoke packages that grow as you do
  • Outsourced IT services and maintenance
  • Experienced in healthcare providers of all sizes and scales

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Want to learn more about our IT solutions for hospitality and see the amazing features?

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Mobile technology in hospitality industry

Mobile technology in the hospitality industry, and the presence of apps, is game-changing development with regards to better consumer service and engagement. The hospitality sector can enjoy the marketing potential; branding, guest loyalty, advertising and cross-selling, while guests benefit from a superior service that’s seamless, connected and inclusive thanks to chat bots, virtual assistants and IoT smart rooms that can deliver total comfort and convenience.

But in order to support this next level of guest experience, hospitality firms need the very latest mobile technology in terms of handsets and devices, business mobiles and mobile contracts that give them the power to work quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re looking for cutting edge mobile technology or mobile broadband, we can equip your workforce and guests alike, providing you with flexible packages that work exactly the way you need them too!

Hospitality Mobile

The benefits of Focus Group’s hospitality mobile solutions:

  • The very latest in mobile technology
  • Increased efficiency and operational response time
  • Empowering care workers with technology and connectivity
  • Unrivalled support from our UK-based team

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Want to learn more about the devices that drive 5G mobile technology in hospitality?

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Energy efficiency in hospitality

Energy management is a big deal in the hospitality industry, with some 20,910 GWh consumed every year – that’s enough to power 1.2 million homes! Striking the balance between the comfort of guests and keeping a lid on business energy costs can be a challenge for management.

Time is a problem too; no business wants to waste valuable time on searching endless energy cost comparison sites in search of the best and most cost effective package. Our team of specialists in the Focus Rocket Energy division can do that for you! Let us handle the hassle of finding the most appropriate tariff, whether that’s fixed or flexible – and what’s more, we’ll continually review your accounts to make sure you’re ALWAYS paying the best prices!

We have vast experience helping enterprise-sized businesses find the right energy solution for them, as well as providing a consulting service to help organisations make greener and cleaner energy decisions.

Hospitality Energy

The benefits of Focus Group’s hospitality Energy solutions:

  • We transform the way a business manages its energy
  • On-going tariff and cost comparison analysis
  • The best deals to suit your budget
  • No hassle! We do all the hard work!

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Want to learn more about our energy solutions for hospitality and see the amazing features?

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Internet in hospitality industry

Connectivity is crucial in the hospitality industry. If hotel guests can’t maintain a strong, consistent wireless connection- for all their devices and everywhere on a property – they might not be coming back!

We can help keep you firing on all cylinders with secure, reliable network connectivity for both guests and staff. We will deliver only the highest speeds to your door, guaranteeing optimum business performance, efficiency and low costs.

From online check in to conference room connectivity, today’s guests will enjoy total coverage and personalised experiences from a network that keeps your business operations secure and your staff safe. And as your business grows and evolves, our solutions will adapt with you, giving you peace of mind that you have a truly future-proof solution.

Hospitality IT

The benefits of Focus Group’s hospitality Connectivity solutions:

  • Secure, reliable network
  • Vast experience in hospitality WiFi
  • Make significant cost savings
  • If you make the switch, we’ll manage the transition process!

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We can’t emphasise the importance of internet in the hospitality industry any further. To see what hospitality wifi router perfectly fits your business needs, see our business broadband page here.

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