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Did you know, 90% of callers hang up in less than 40 seconds if greeted by silence? In today’s digital age, keeping customers engaged is an essential part of exceptional customer service. Messaging on hold is the answer!

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Introducing Focus Sound

Focus Sound is a caller experience solution, which will allow you to create professional, AI-generated welcome greetings, hold music, messaging on hold, auto-attendant, interactive voice response (IVR) and call menu recordings, and mix them with licence-free hold music ready to play to queuing and holding callers.

Simply enter your website address into Focus Sound’s powerful AI assistant, which uses information on your website to script bespoke recordings and pair them with tailored AI voices and phone call hold music recommendations.

Messaging on hold and hold music

More than just on hold messages for business!

Focus Sound provides comprehensive collection of caller experience tools - including music on hold and on hold messages for business - designed to elevate communication between businesses and customers.

Focus Sound messaging on hold also includes:

  • Unlimited bespoke recordings from the very latest AI characters
  • Fully integrated AI scripting tool to speed up scripting, voice and music selection
  • 10,000+ professionally scripted and pre-recorded messages to simply use or tailor to your exact requirements
  • 50+ languages and dialects from 350+ professional voice artists
  • Vast library of licence free music

Benefits of messaging on hold

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Establish brand personality

Establishing a brand personality with messaging and music on hold is a great way to ensure your company values are communicated to your audience. Customers calling your business will be able to understand the tone of your business quickly and easily, remaining engaged while your agents work to resolve an issue, answer a question or simply transfer a call.

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Reduce perceived wait times

By utilising what would be silent time while you customers are waiting, to instead promote your business products and services with messaging on hold and hold music, you’ll keep your audience engaged while you support other customers or are waiting for you to deal with their query. This reassures the customer that they are important to you and reduces perceived wait times.

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Upsell products

Using on hold messages for business, you’ll be able to actively promote additional products and services to an already qualified customer. By optimising your sales and marketing material to fill time in a call while your agents are handling queries and requests, you can upsell additional products and services, reducing churn and increasing engagement.

Our suite of hold messaging for businesses

Sales & marketing hold messaging

Focus Sound on hold music and on hold messages for businesses is a great way to promote products and services. Providing the unique opportunity to highlight the features and benefits of your business solutions, as well as upselling and educating already qualified customers, increasing engagement and interest in potential purchase options.

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Auto attendant

Interactive voice response systems provide an automated greeting to callers and routes them to the appropriate department or extension, auto attendants are commonly used by businesses of all sizes to improve customer service, reduce call wait times and increase business efficiency. Some of the benefits of using an auto attendant for business include elevating the customer experience, creating cost savings and providing flexibility to agents.

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Business voicemail messaging

Business voicemail messaging is an essential tool for any business. By providing a personalised, professional and efficient way for customers and colleagues to leave messages when they are unable to reach a person directly, you will demonstrate that your business cares about the customer experience, supporting the idea that their custom is a priority to you.

As a tool that serves to support your business communications 24/7, Focus Sound messaging on hold and voicemails can be also customised for special events and allows you to manage and keep track of your priorities and responses with efficiency.

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On hold music for business

Customer retention, elevated customer experience and strengthened brand identity are all benefits of custom hold music for business. Focus Sound, with its vast library of licence free music will allow your business to improve brand sentiment and keep audiences engaged by aligning royalty-free music with your brand as a cloud IVR system.

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Frequently asked questions

Music on hold is a feature commonly used by business phone systems that plays music or pre-recorded messages to callers who are placed on hold or waiting in a queue. The feature is designed to keep customers engaged while they wait for a representative, be it sales, customer service or other, to assist them.

Utilising hold music can help reduce the frustration of callers and improve the overall customer experience by providing a more pleasant waiting environment. Additionally, businesses can use music on hold to convey important information, promotions, or updates to customers and prospects while they are on hold.

Focus Group’s music on hold solutions are royalty free.

Messaging on hold and music on hold serves as an important marketing tool, filling what would be blank space with promotional materials, special offers and service information.

A well-crafted message has the power to keep customers informed and interested in the company's offerings, as well as create an opportunity to inform customers about the company's mission, values and achievements, building trust and loyalty with them.

Another important element of music on hold is that it can reflect a business’s brand identity. For example, a corporate business might play classical music to convey a sense of professionalism and sophistication, while a more creative-based business might play upbeat pop music to energise customers.

Messaging on hold is a great way to fill silent space in a telephone call. This helps relieve pressure on agents while they seek an answer to a customer’s question, even a simple transfer to another department or colleague.

On-hold messages should be short, engaging, concise and clearly signpost the customer to a place on your website where they can find more information. A simple run-through of the product or service name, as well as benefits and associated special discounts will be enough to confirm to the customer if they want to find out more.

On-hold messages will usually be played on a loop, however, it is important to use this time to communicate engaging information that either promotes the customer’s investment in your business or encourages them to seek more information about a relevant product or service.

Focus Group’s messaging and music on hold services start from just £29.99 per month. We are proud to offer competitively priced, high-quality services.

An on hold message can include anything from product and service promotions to company information and brand building details.

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Focus Group scored top marks with the delivery of a brand new, futureproof telephony system to replace an ageing network.

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