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Focus Group has been a trusted partner of Yeo Valley for over 15 years, helping to drive the business forward with the best Cisco solutions and technologies.

About About Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley is the UK’s largest organic family run farm located in Somerset, making natural yoghurt, milk, butter, cheese, ice cream and compote. Alongside its range of products, the farm is also open to the public and features a renowned café, organic garden and plays host to many a wedding.

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The Challenge

With annual visitors circa 2,000, the challenge for Focus Group was to implement an IT infrastructure that could support its multiple sites, linking all operations seamlessly and efficiently, including remote working users. Cyber security was key as was minimising the management complexity.

Yeo Valley The Challege

The Solution

Yeo Valley The Solution

Yeo Valley HQ now boasts a Cisco IT infrastructure, which incorporates SD-WAN, Data Centre and Access Switching from Catalyst 3k to 9k, WLAN (made up of 160 Access Points across the estate), Threat Defence Firewalling, Telephony solutions, Cisco Identity Service Engine and Umbrella, and IoT within the manufacturing environments.

The Results

Yeo Valley can now be confident that their IT infrastructure is at the top of its game, having achieved digital transformation through Cisco End-to-End network that is future-proof. The business is fully supported with a secure, scalable platform which, importantly, is simple to manage. Focus Group also provides 24/7 managed services.

"Throughout the years, Focus has become an extension of our internal IT team, helping us with strategic decisions, educating us on technology, helping us turn our visions into reality and supporting us through their managed services."

"Focus rapidly became a partner we could reply upon and trust as our business grew and invested more in complex technology."

Yeo Valley The Results

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