Mobile broadband business packages

In a nutshell, business mobile broadband will quite literally enable you to take your business on the move. Your office is in the palm of your hand when you can access files, share data and connect with colleagues from your mobile devices, wherever you are. Our business connectivity services enable you and your team to work seamlessly, anywhere and across business mobile phones, tablets and laptops. We’ll deliver reliable, robust, secure and futureproof internet connections across your business network to ensure you stay connected and the productivity of your team remains uninterrupted.

Features of mobile business broadband

Business MiFi deals

To support homeworkers without broadband, or who have poor quality broadband, our connectivity business MiFi deals can have them up and running in no time. Equipped with a Business 4G MiFi unit, users can connect to any device, quickly and efficiently. With advancement in 4G technology, it now offers a much more stable network – the perfect mobile broadband and disaster recovery situation.

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Business Mifi Deals
Business Data Only Sims

Business data only SIM's

If it’s simply unrivalled data your homeworkers need, we can sort that too. With our data only SIMs, you simply pop you business mobile broadband SIM into your tablet, dongle or business MiFi device and you’re off! We have the business 4G and business 5G speeds and payment plans to suit all businesses and requirements.

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Business 4G broadband

Business 4G broadband connectivity has reinvented the mobile workforce and has become an essential tool to meet the changing expectations of your customers and staff. With a fast and reliable connection, Focus Group offer a range of 4G broadband business packages that can help you do more by putting the latest mobile technology at the heart and in the hands of your business.

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Business 4g Broadband
5g For Business

5G for business

5G (fifth generation) business mobile broadband is the latest in mobile networking technology. By using shorter, higher-frequency bands of the radio spectrum, 5G promises lower latency, faster speeds, and greater load capacity than 4G its predecessor on newer devices.

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What are the benefits of business mobile broadband plans?

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Internet access on the move

If you’re working on the move, you can stay connected, wherever you are with business mobile broadband. If where there’s no WiFi access, you can connect your laptops or tablets via a dongle, embedded SIM or MiFi device wherever there is network coverage.

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Efficient, secure remote working

Mobile business broadband enables homeworkers without broadband or with poor quality broadband, the ability to connect any device quickly and efficiently. It also offers a much more stable and secure network connection.

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5G for business

5G (fifth generation) business mobile broadband is the latest in mobile networking technology and available with business mobile broadband plans. 5G promises lower latency, faster speeds and greater load capacity than 4G on newer devices.

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Frequently asked questions

Mobile broadband is internet technology which can be accessed on the move, via mobile networks. It allows you to connect to the internet, use email and access files without the need for a fixed-line broadband connection. It can be accessed using portable USB modems such as a dongle or embedded SIM.

No, mobile broadband uses the same signal that serves mobile phones. But you’re only using it for internet access, not voice calls. Unlike WiFi, it doesn’t need a fixed telephone line.

3G, 4G, and 5G refer to generations of mobile broadband technology. 3G was the first to offer broadband speeds over a mobile network. 4G followed and provided significantly improved connection speeds. 5G is the latest evolution in mobile technology and has increased speeds even further.

Yes, if using mobile broadband on a regular basis, it will prove far more cost effective, more reliable and less of a drain on the battery life of your mobile phone.

Customer stories

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Focus Group transitioned the union’s mobile service to smart phone technology to empower a mobile workforce and cut costs.

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DB Foods appointed Focus Group to generate big savings whilst simultaneously bringing all mobile contracts under one roof.

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Blu-3, with ambitious growth plans, called upon Focus Group to take care of its ever-evolving technological requirements.

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