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The rapid expansion of internet connectivity and demand for data across the globe has made it essential for businesses to ramp up their network security to protect personal information. No matter your business size or industry, your essential business technology should include cyber security protection. The experts at Focus Group are here to ensure your emails, browsing, cloud networks and hardware will be protected against cyber-attacks. Equip yourself with the best business cyber security out there, today.

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Cyber security solutions

Cyber security awareness

Connectivity is crucial, whatever your business size or sector, but the key tools you need to operate are all vulnerable, now’s the time to raise your cyber security awareness.

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Security operations

Businesses of all sizes must prioritise the security of their digital assets. The specialists at Focus Group can help prevent unauthorised access, data theft and targeted cyber-attacks.

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Zero Trust Network Access

As the security landscape evolves, businesses must adapt new security measures to ensure data remains secure - a Zero Trust strategy is the answer.

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Professional cyber services

Our professional cyber security services aim to help businesses identify vulnerabilities, implement adequate security measures and respond effectively to security incidents.

Professional cyber services >

Cyber security software as a service

Cyber security software as a service (SaaS) solutions are a great way to increase your business network security without a time-consuming and resource-intensive implementation.

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Cyber awareness training

Over 90% of security incidents are inadvertently caused by employees. Stop your employees from causing security incidents with a security awareness training and testing (SATT) service.

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Cyber security services

Cyber essentials accreditation

Cyber security essentials accreditation gives you peace of mind that your defenses will protect against the dark side of the internet.

Cyber essentials accreditation >

Penetration testing

Never leave your data vulnerable! Cyber security penetration testing is the systematic process of identifying and probing vulnerabilities in your network.

Penetration testing >

Phishing prevention

Internet scams are on the rise, so ensuring your business is equipped with the latest phishing prevention tools and techniques is vital to safeguard your data.

Phishing prevention >

Gap analysis

Receive an in-depth cyber security gap analysis review to determine the current state of your data security and pinpoint weaknesses in your network.

Gap analysis >

Network inventory management

Keep your network locked down. Our specialist will keep a full record of all the IT assets that make up your network and ensure they are safe from breaches.

Network inventory management >

Monthly vulnerability scanning

Stop security breaches before they even happen with a network vulnerability assessment to determine weaknesses in your IT network.

Monthly vulnerability scanning >

Managed SOC

Managed SOC, or SOC as a Service, offers organisations external cyber security experts who monitor your cloud environment, devices, logs, and network for threats.

Managed SOC >

Mimecast email security

Emails are the gateway to your business. Secure them with Mimecast, our world-class email protection service, and have peace of mind.

Mimecast email security >

Dark web monitoring

We dive into the dark side of the internet so you don't have to. Check to see whether your business's credentials have been compromised.

Dark web monitoring >

GDPR awareness training

Minimise the risk of an internal data breach by training your employees on the most up-to-date GDPR legislation and compliance.

GDPR awareness training >

Email security

As email-based cyber attacks continue to rise, a robust email security solution is vital to protect your businesses communications.

Email security >

Endpoint security

Set up a robust line of a defense and defend your business from unwanted threats with a sophisticated endpoint security solution.

Endpoint security >

Business antivirus

Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and ensure a secure digital environment for your operations with a state-of-the-art business antivirus solution.

Business antivirus >

Extended detection and response

Enhance your businesses cyber security posture with a sophisticated and future-proofed XDR solution from Focus Group.

Extended detection and response >

Web security

Safeguard your businesses data and ensure your users remain protected with a comprehensive web security and filtering solution.

Web security >

Data loss prevention

Focus Group's proactive data loss prevention solution can give you peace of mind, and ensure sensitive data is safe from being exposed by malicious sources.

Data loss prevention >

Multi-factor authentication

Boost your businesses security posture and reduce the risk of unauthorised access to private data with a best in class multi-factor authentication solution.

Multi-factor authentication >

Cloud access security broker

Focus on growing your business knowing we're keeping your data secure with comprehensive visiblity and insights into business-wide cloud activity.

Cloud access security broker >

Third party risk

Mitigate third-party cyber risks while strengthening security, ensuring compliance, and maintaining trust within your ecosystem.

Third party risk >

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An online attack can leave you exposed to viruses, data breaches, loss of data, loss of connectivity, and impact your staff, your customers and the reputation of your business. And will probably cost you money. As one of the UK's leading cyber security companies we will strengthen your defences and provide a business cyber security services to make you shield impenetrable.

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