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Don’t let the darker side of the internet threaten your business.

Connectivity is essential for any business, no matter your size or industry the internet is an indispensable tool. But the functions you need to run - email, browsing, cloud, WiFi, software, hardware - are all vulnerable to attack.

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An online attack can leave you exposed to viruses, data breaches, loss of data, loss of connectivity, and impact your staff, your customers and the reputation of your business. And will probably cost you money.

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Cyber protect services

With four cost-effective packages available, and suitable for any sized business, Focus Cyber Protect is the new way to keep your company safe, secure and always ready for business.

Cyber security services

Cyber protect solutions

Cyber solutions have become absolutely essential for every business. If you are serious about protecting your business from modern-day threats, we highly recommend you consider our line of cyber solutions.

Cyber security solutions

Mimecast email protection

Emails are the gateway to your business. Secure them with Mimecast, our world-class email protection service.


Security awareness training and testing

Stop your employees causing security incidents with our fully managed SATT service.

Security awareness training

Dark web monitoring

Check to see whether your business's credentials been compromised?

Dark web monitoring

GDPR awareness training

Training your employees on the most current GDPR legislation reduces the risk of an internal data breach.

GDPR awareness training

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The Security Awareness Training and Testing service has made a real difference in the way our employees interact with suspicious e-mails. We now see e-mails being queried with our internal helpdesk which proves that staff are aware and vigilant of cyber-attacks.


Hiten Patel
Head of Information Technology

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