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Web security solutions are an essential part of your business’ cyber security posture. Protecting your customer and business data from unauthorised access, breaches and malicious activities through web-borne threats is essential in today’s fast-growing and technology-dependent environment – let the cyber security experts at Focus Group keep your business safe.

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Evolve your web security

Safeguard your business from online threats! Web security solutions encompass a range of measures and technologies designed to secure businesses from web-based threats, such as hacking attempts, malware infections, ransomware, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Web security solutions not only protects your network from online threats, it also protects you cloud and web applications, websites and other web accessible assets by implementing robust authentication and access controls, ensuring that only authorised individuals can access sensitive information or perform critical actions. It also includes encryption protocols to secure data transmission, preventing unauthorized interception or tampering.

Focus Group’s cyber security experts are here to help – our teams will employ firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and web application firewalls to detect and block malicious activities across your network. Regular vulnerability scanning and penetration testing will help identify and address potential weaknesses in web systems, reducing the risk of exploitation. By implementing comprehensive web security measures, businesses can protect their online assets, maintain customer trust, and safeguard sensitive data from unauthorised access or compromise.

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Secure your cloud applications

Our web security solutions are built for the cloud and include free migration from your existing solution. With 140 categories and over 500 sub-categories, you can be assured of your web security with measure such as web application firewalls (WAFs) to detect and block malicious traffic, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) to identify and respond to potential attacks, and regular security audits in place to identify and address any weaknesses in the cloud application's infrastructure.

By implementing these web security measures, businesses can ensure the protection and availability of their cloud applications, safeguarding against data breaches, unauthorised access, and other cyber threats. From implementing robust authentication mechanisms to securing data transmission and regularly updating software in your business network, our specialists will safeguard sensitive information, maintain user trust, and prevent cyber-attacks on your business.

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Benefits of web security solutions

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Quick, easy and free migration

Our security experts offer free migration support to help you move from your existing solution to ours. We maintain logs from your existing systems, make your configuration simple and deliver fast data transfer, minimising downtime and ensuring a smooth transition. This enables businesses to swiftly enhance web security measures without disruptions, downtime or complications.

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Easy to deploy web filtering

Web filtering solutions are designed with user-friendly interfaces and easy installation, allowing you to quickly implement web filtering measures without extensive technical expertise. The ease of deployment ensures minimal disruption to existing systems and enables you to establish effective web security measures promptly, ensuring a safer online environment for users.

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Low-maintenance web protection

Once implemented, these web protection solutions require minimal ongoing maintenance, reducing the burden on internal IT teams. Automated updates and threat intelligence keep the protection up-to-date without manual intervention which allows you to focus on your core operations while ensuring continuous web security against evolving threats, ultimately saving time and resources.

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Increased uptime

Increase the uptime business systems by protecting online assets from various threats. Web security solutions employ a range of measures to implement robust security measures which prevent potential attacks, such as DDoS attacks or data breaches, that could disrupt online services and lead to downtime. Our team of specialist will help maintain a secure and stable online environment, ensuring uninterrupted access to websites and web applications.

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Protect sensitive information

Safeguard data from unauthorised access, breaches, and malicious activities. Web security uses a combination of technologies and practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information. Implementing a range of comprehensive security measures, web security solutions provide a robust defence against cyber threats, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and ensuring the safety of your customer data.

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Lower insurance premiums

The level of risk associated with your business is a strong factor in determining your premiums. Insurance providers use multiple factors to assess the risk of a business. Web security solutions provide a strong defence against external threats and help keep your company data secure, business who have strong cyber security measures in place can be seen as less risky, providing them with the potential to negotiate lower insurance premiums.

Robust web security solutions

Web filtering

I key component of web solution solutions is the use of web filtering, which allows limitations to be placed on the websites that can be access by users on your business network. By blocking access to malicious websites, web filtering software helps prevent users from inadvertently downloading malware, falling victim to phishing attacks or accessing malicious content. It also allows us to enforce security policies, control access to certain websites or categories and monitor user activity, enhancing your business’ overall security and reducing the risk of data breaches and cyber threats.

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Web Service Security

Ongoing web service security

By continuously monitoring internet traffic and filtering out potentially harmful or inappropriate content in real-time, web filtering software ensures you have 24/7 defences against cyber-attacks. This proactive approach ensures that websites and online services accessed by users remain secure and free from malicious threats. By detecting and blocking suspicious activities, web filtering software acts as a first line of defence, providing a safer browsing experience and reducing the risk of cyber-attacks.

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Web page categorisation

Web security solutions scan the internet and classify websites into different categories based on their content allows administrators to define access policies accordingly. This categorisation enables businesses like yours to restrict or allow access to specific types of websites, such as social media, gaming or adult content, aligning with security and productivity requirements. Overall, this helps maintain compliance, prevent unauthorised access and ensure a productive and safe online environment for your users.

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Extended cloud application filtering

Larger business may opt for advanced web security solutions, providing protection at all levels and ensuring your cloud infrastructure is completely secure. By leveraging cloud-based infrastructure, cloud application filtering via a cloud access security broker (CASB) enforces security policies and provides visibility and control over the employee usage of cloud services. A CASB provides greater visibility into behaviour patterns within cloud applications, enhanced data security, access control, threat protection and compliance monitoring. Our CASB solution integrates seamlessly with web security for effective protection all in one platform.

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Frequently asked questions

Web security refers to the protection of websites and online systems from unauthorised access, data breaches and malicious activities to safeguard sensitive information and ensure a safe online environment for your business.

Web security aims to protect websites and their users from threats such as unauthorised access, data breaches and malicious activities to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability among business networks and systems.

Web security provides your business with protection against cyber threats and the safeguarding of sensitive information as well as ensuring business continuity, user trust and the mitigation of associated financial losses and reputational damage.

Web filtering is a security measure used by businesses to control and restrict internet access by allowing or blocking websites and content based on predefined criteria.

While web filtering is a feature included in firewalls, web filtering is not a firewall tool. Web filtering focuses specifically on internet access and content control, whereas firewalls provide broader network security.

Implementing web filtering is certainly beneficial to businesses looking to enhance cyber security, productivity and compliance.

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