What is pen testing in cyber security?

Our cyber security specialists are IT experts who’ll use innovative techniques to put your security posture to the test. A pen test mimics the latest strategies and actions of cyber criminals to evaluate the level of vulnerability of your business’s computer systems, network, web applications or data servers. It can also be used to test adherence to compliance regulations.

What are the features of security testing?

Choice of reoccurring or individual pen tests

Just looking for a one-off penetration test to provide you with insight into your security posture? Don’t worry, we do those too. Our security experts will work to see if there are any weaknesses in your operating systems which could potentially be exploited, provide you with an understanding of the type of information which could be accessed and how much damage could be done by a cyber attacker.

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Choice Of Reoccuring Or Individual Pen Tests Min
Ai And Human Pen Testing

AI and human cyber security testing

The cyber specialists at Focus Group engage a powerful combination of AI scanners and an elite team of cyber security researchers to produce meaningful, actionable results. Portal access allows you to stop or pause pen testing at the touch of a button.

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Cyber security awareness training

Over 90% of security incidents are inadvertently caused by employees being targeted by cybercriminals. A chilling fact right? Stop your employees causing security incidents with our fully-managed, online, security awareness training and testing (SATT) service.

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Benefits of cyber security penetration testing

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Quick to onboard

Our skilled team of cyber experts can quickly conduct a one-off pen test or implement a continuous penetration testing service. It operates at an unprecedented scale, providing expert guidance and complete protection around the clock. Keeping your business one step ahead of the hackers.

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Carried out by an expert team

Your pen testing will be conducted by an elite team of over 1,500 cyber security researchers, each vetted and continuously curated. In essence, your key systems are tested by a combined expertise with which cyber attackers, quite simply, cannot keep pace.

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Detailed debrief and advice

An integrated part of our penetration testing service, both one-off and continual testing, is a detailed debrief. You’ll receive a comprehensive report, complete with findings, remediation advice and guidance on the next steps your business should take to improving its security posture.

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Frequently asked questions

The number of cyber-attacks is rising at a dramatic rate, putting any company which relies on technology at risk. Pen testing identifies and mitigates cybersecurity risks before they are exploited, allowing you to implement informed security upgrades to minimise the possibility of successful attacks.

The six steps of penetration testing include preparation, development of an attack plan, the implementation of a cyber team, determination of the type of attack, implementation of the test and finally the results and report.

The type of hacking techniques used will depend on the infrastructure and operations of your business, your IT systems and your company standards. It is a complicated approach but Focus Group harness the combined power of the latest automated software programs, human testing techniques and powerful to develop the right approach for you.

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