Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service

As an essential component of a robust cyber security strategy, a vulnerability assessment involves investigating, identifying and evaluating potential weaknesses in your business systems, applications and network infrastructure to prioritise security measures and mitigates cyber threats.

Penetration testing is another fantastic cyber tool used by our cyber experts to simulate real-world attacks, enabling us to assess the effectiveness of a business’s existing defences and highlighting vulnerabilities that may go unnoticed during regular assessments.

By combining both practices, businesses can gain comprehensive insights into their security posture, strengthen defences and proactively address potential threats before they are exploited.

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Full network penetration testing service

Our comprehensive approach to penetration testing utilises a number of feature-rich cyber security tools to evaluate the strength of a business’s security posture. This includes recurring or individual penetration tests to continually evaluate system security, leveraging advanced AI scanning tools to thoroughly analyse digital infrastructure for weaknesses and the continuous review of business-wide cyber security from our global elite team of over 1,500 experts.

Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience are used to identify vulnerabilities and simulate real-world attacks as well as ensure compliance with industry standards and actionable insights to fortify defences – protecting sensitive data.

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Benefits of network security testing

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An expert team of ethical hackers

Our penetration testing service team consists of over 1500 professionals with expertise in identifying vulnerabilities and potential security breaches allows businesses to proactively address weaknesses in their systems and mitigate the risk of a potential security breach. This not only strengthens cyber security defences but ensures the protection of sensitive data, builds customer trust, ensures legal compliance and mitigates financial and reputational risks.

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Up to date with the latest threats and techniques

Remaining up to date with the latest threats and techniques is a crucial benefit of penetration testing and a worthwhile investment to any business. It ensures the proactive identification of risks and addresses vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. By simulating real-world attacks, penetration testing helps businesses to stay one step ahead of threats, safeguarding systems, data and reputation.

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Detailed pentest reporting

Our penetration testing service provides a comprehensive analysis of vulnerabilities, highlighting potential risks and recommending vulnerability patches – our comprehensive pen test reports offer a clear understanding of system weaknesses, enabling businesses to prioritise and address security gaps effectively. Our pen test reports serve as a roadmap for enhancing overall cyber security posture and mitigating future threats.

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Strengthen your environment

By implementing robust security measures, such as firewalls, encryption, employee training and multi-factor authentication, you can protect your network from unauthorised access and potential cyber threats. Penetration testing services will outline gaps in your network allowing your to strengthen your environment against potential attacks.

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Ensure business continuity

Ensure business continuity by identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure. By simulating real-world cyber attacks, our team will uncover potential gaps that could be exploited by cybercriminals. By conducting these tests, we can proactively identify and address vulnerabilities before they are exploited, minimising the risk of data breaches and disruptions to business operations.

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Improve compliance

Ensure your business stays compliant with laws and regulations by conducting regular penetration tests. With the help of our experts your business can identify and address security vulnerabilities that may risk non-compliance with regulatory bodies and accreditations. We will assess security controls and ensure your business meets the requirements that effect your industry.

What are the features of security testing?

Comprehensive penetration report

Our team of ethical hackers and AI tools will provide comprehensive reporting of your pen tests, providing detailed insights into their findings, vulnerabilities, and recommendations discovered during a penetration testing engagement. These reports will serve curtail for your business in seeking assessing the security posture of systems, networks, applications and devices.

The reports you will receive will include an executive summary, methodology used, scope of the testing, detailed descriptions of vulnerabilities identified, their potential impact, and recommendations for remediation to help prevent the possibility of falling victim to a cyber attack or any data loss.

Penetration testing service reports will play a vital role in helping your business understand its security weaknesses, prioritise remediation efforts, and enhance overall cyber security posture. Additionally our experts reports will serve as a valuable resource for stakeholders, including IT teams, management, and regulatory bodies, to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks.

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Penetration testing service report
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Choice of reoccurring or individual pentest

Choosing between recurring or individual penetration tests depends on the specific needs and circumstances of your business. Recurring pentests provide regular assessments of your security measures, ensuring ongoing protection and identifying vulnerabilities that may arise over time.

Individual pentests, while not as frequent, offer a more in-depth examination conducted at specific intervals or before critical events, providing a comprehensive evaluation of system security.

Both approaches play a crucial role in maintaining a robust cyber security posture and the choice depends on factors such as budget, risk tolerance and regulatory requirements.

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Global team of over 1500 professionals

Our penetration testing service is carried our by highly skilled professionals who demonstrate diverse expertise and industry knowledge, enabling them to effectively assess and identify vulnerabilities in business systems. Their collective experience and continuous training ensure that they stay updated with the latest attack techniques and defence strategies.

Focus Group’s extensive team provide comprehensive coverage and a swift response to secure your digital infrastructure against emerging threats and mitigate potential risks.

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Ai And Human Cyber Security Testing

AI scanning tool

Focus Group’s penetration testing and vulnerability scanning services are enhanced by state-of-the-art AI scanning tools. These cutting-edge technologies enable us to efficiently analyse a business’s digital infrastructure, applications and network for potential vulnerabilities by leveraging machine learning algorithms.

Identifying patterns, anomalies and potential security gaps, the AI scanning process provides a thorough cyber assessment, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your systems' security, enabling us to deliver accurate and actionable insights to strengthen cyber security defences.

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Meet compliance needs

The cyber security experts at Focus Group understand the importance of adhering to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

By conducting thorough assessments, we help ensure that business systems align with relevant compliance frameworks. Our penetration testing service identifies potential vulnerabilities in your business network, allowing you to address them proactively and meet the necessary security standards which not only helps protect sensitive data but demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a secure environment for your clients, partners and regulatory authorities.

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Frequently asked questions

The number of cyber-attacks is rising at a dramatic rate, putting any company which relies on technology at risk. Pen testing identifies and mitigates cybersecurity risks before they are exploited, allowing you to implement informed security upgrades to minimise the possibility of successful attacks.

Penetration testing otherwise know as ‘pen testing’, is a proactive cyber security practice that simulates real-world cyber-attacks to identify vulnerabilities in business systems, networks and applications. Following a pen test, businesses can implement a number of vulnerability patches to prevent attacks and strengthen business-wide security posture.

Pen testing is a professional ethical hacker attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in a business’s network infrastructure to assess its security and identify potential weaknesses.

The six steps of penetration testing include preparation, development of an attack plan, the implementation of a cyber team, determination of the type of attack, implementation of the test and finally the results and report.

The type of hacking techniques used will depend on the infrastructure and operations of your business, your IT systems and your company standards. It is a complicated approach but Focus Group harness the combined power of the latest automated software programs, human testing techniques and powerful to develop the right approach for you.

The key difference between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing is that vulnerability scanning identifies known vulnerabilities, while penetration testing goes further by actively exploiting vulnerabilities to assess their impact and identify potential risks.

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