Data loss prevention solutions

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a broad term that covers a vast range of cyber security solutions, services and measures a business can take to meet a common set of objectives – to gain visibility of data flow, ensure safe storage and reduce the risk of a data breach. Focus Group have you covered across all bases, with solutions and services ranging in features and complexity to fit all security budgets.

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Data loss prevention across all platforms

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a critical aspect for all your business platforms, regardless of your size or industry. DLP starts with access and identity. Our data loss prevention solutions use the identity of the user, the device and the data they are working on to prove exactly who is doing what at any time and analyse potential threats. We address threats from trusted and un-trusted users, through unique intellectual algorithms and fingerprinting features. Our solutions conduct real-time inspection of all protocols, even ones that are unknown, and has the ability to stop data loss and leakage immediately across your entire network, ensuring compliance and protection your data from falling into the wrong hands.

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Backups at every level

Our data loss prevention solutions deploy strategies and technologies implemented to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access, accidental deletion, or any other form of data loss on every level. Our DLP solutions will identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information, such as customer data, intellectual property, and financial records, among others; implementing a robust framework which will protect data from individual users, all the way up to your core systems.

With our robust DLP measures, your business can mitigate the risks associated with data breaches, compliance violations, and reputational damage. Your business data will be protected at all levels, ensuring your staff can always find the data they need, and all your customers can be reassured their data is in safe hands.

Benefits of data leakage prevention tools

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Complete data discovery

Our data loss prevention solutions give your business visibility of data flowing through all parts of your network, including endpoints, cloud applications, individual devices and more. This enables you to see how sensitive information is being accessed, who is accessing it and when they are doing so, giving you the tools to prevent data leakage through accidental or intention means.

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Consolidated solutions

Creating a data loss prevention strategy that covers all bases can be costly and take lots of time and resources to implement and maintain. We offer consolidated solutions, bringing data loss prevention into a single platform to save your business time and money. Whether you are looking for a complete DLP solution or something that protects certain elements of your business, we've got you covered.

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Protect against insider threat

DLP solutions will help mitigate these risks by monitoring and controlling the flow of data within your organisation. Our solutions will identify potential insider threats and trigger alerts or block suspicious activities in real-time. This proactive approach will prevent data breaches, minimise the impact of insider threats, and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your valuable data.

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Supported by experts

Need help managing your DLP solution? Our team of cyber security experts are on hand to assist your business with setting up policies, reporting and maintaining security solutions. With the help of our specialist you can ensure you always have a support system in place to prevent against all data loss, leakage or theft. Get in touch with our dedicated team if you have any questions about your data loss prevention strategy.

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Prevent data theft

Employ a range of techniques to identify and mitigate potential data theft risks. Our data loss prevention solutions monitor data being transferred, that is idle, and in use, ensuring that sensitive information is always protected. Additionally, it will detect and block unauthorised attempts to copy, transfer, or extract data, whether through email, removable storage devices, cloud services, or other data channels.

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Fully control

Gain full control and visibility of your company data. With comprehensive management capabilities, our solutions will empower your business with the ability to define and enforce policies that dictate how data should be handled, shared, and protected. DLP offers granular control over data access and permissions, ensuring that only authorised individuals can view, modify, or share information, providing full control over data at any point on your network.

Data loss prevention software

Our data loss prevention solutions are designed to prevent the unauthorised disclosure, leakage, or loss of sensitive data within a business. It helps protect sensitive data from being exposed to unauthorised individuals or leaving the business’ secure environment, whether intentionally or accidentally.

Implement data loss prevention best practices

There are a number of steps to building a strong data loss prevention strategy, including data discovery, data classification and labelling, content inspection and policy-based controls.

Our data discover software scans and identifies sensitive data across various repositories within the business, such as databases, file servers, cloud storage, and endpoints. It helps identify personally identifiable information (PII), financial data, intellectual property, trade secrets, or any other sensitive information defined by the business.

Businesses can then classify and label data based on its sensitivity level. This categorisation helps in applying appropriate security controls and policies for protecting different types of data.

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Endpoint data loss prevention solutions

Endpoint devices such as desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices are an integral part of a robust data loss prevention strategy. They’re where users access day-to-day and sensitive information that is potentially of high value to cyber criminals looking to attack your business to gain access.

Our endpoint data loss prevention solutions provide the tools your business needs to gain visibility of the files being accessed on devices and put the correct policies in place to introduce permission-based access and block harmful file types.

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Cloud DLP

Cloud applications are now essential for every business to function. The data accessed across cloud applications is a huge target for cyber criminals and hackers. This means that cloud applications need protecting with DLP tools to reduce the risk of data exposure.

Our Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions help businesses to gain complete visibility of activity across cloud applications. User (and entity) behaviour analytics (UEBA) tools allow you to track suspicious activity within cloud applications, such as requests for sensitive information, access from unusual locations and more.

With cloud DLP solutions, your business can put policies in place to restrict access to sensitive areas, files and information based on user behaviour and permissions.

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Network DLP reporting

Network Data Loss Prevention solutions (NDLP) are a subset of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) focused specifically on monitoring and protecting data as it traverses a network. Our NDLP solutions are designed to identify and prevent unauthorised data transmissions, whether they occur within the organisation's internal network or between the internal network and external entities.

Network DLP solutions employ network monitoring capabilities and inspect the content of network packets in real-time, looking for specific data patterns or predefined sensitive data signatures. They can identify sensitive information like credit card numbers or intellectual property. Filtering rules and policies are applied to allow or block the transmission of specific types of data based on organisational policies.

NDLP software such as a managed Security Operations Centre provides real-time alerts or notifications when it detects policy violations or potential data breaches. This enables businesses to respond promptly, investigate incidents, and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks.

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Frequently asked questions

Data loss prevention is a broad term that refers to the security measures a business takes to control data management, sharing and transmission. Sensitive data is one of the most valuable assets to cybercriminals and hence, is usually at the forefront of most cyber attacks. It’s important for every business to implement a data loss prevention strategy to secure the sensitive data it holds.

Data loss prevention solutions are a set of technologies and strategies designed to prevent unauthorised access, leakage, or loss of sensitive data within a business. These solutions aim to protect valuable data from being accessed, modified, or shared by individuals or entities that are not authorised to view/modify the data. DLP solutions involve a combination of multiple software's, policies, and procedures to ensure security at all levels of a network. These will in turn monitor, detect, and prevent data breaches or data exfiltration attempts throughout your network and protect your company data.

Data loss prevention solutions employ various techniques such as content inspection, encryption, access controls, and user behaviour monitoring to identify and mitigate potential risks. By implementing DLP solutions, any business can enhance their data security posture, comply with regulatory requirements, and safeguard their sensitive information from potential threats.

Endpoint DLP, Cloud DLP and Network DLP. These areas of data loss prevention refer to the elements your business needs to function. Subsequently, endpoints, cloud applications and your network all work harmoniously in the transfer of data and therefore need protective measures surrounding them to keep your business secure against cyber threats.

A DLP system brings many security measures such as identity management, endpoint protection and data discovery into a single platform to make managing data loss easy for businesses.

Data discovery, labelling and categorisation form the foundations of protecting business data. Having visibility of data across your business network is the first place to start. Then, your business should review the security policies and permissions it has in place to protect business data.

Sensitive information like personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property and classified information is highly valuable to cybercriminals. If a hacker gains access to this information, they can hold your business to ransom, leak data to competitors or significantly damage the reputation of your business. DLP protects data to prevent cyber attacks from having a drastic effect on your business.

The general approach for a strong DLP strategy is to gain visibility of data flow across a business and provide the tools required to gate access, give permissions and prevent unauthorised sharing and access.

DLP solutions do this by safeguarding sensitive information, mitigating insider threats, enforcing data security policies, enhancing data compliance and improving incident response.

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