Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

A Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions are security service that provides visibility, control and protection to businesses accessing and storing data in cloud services. Let the cyber experts at Focus Group optimise your business’s cyber security posture with CASB solutions.

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Securely adopt cloud services

Cloud Access Security Broker solutions serve as a security solution that enables businesses to securely adopt cloud services and solutions, while maintaining control over their data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. CASBs provide businesses with visibility into cloud usage, allowing you to monitor and manage user activities, data transfers, and access permissions across multiple cloud platforms from the moment you undergo digital transformation. Additionally, our CASBs offer advanced threat protection by detecting and mitigating risks such as data breaches, unauthorised access, and malware attacks.

Cloud Access Security Broker solutions from Focus Group ensure the protection of your cloud-based data and applications by providing comprehensive visibility into your business-wide cloud activities, enforcing security policies, detecting and preventing threats, and enabling data encryption and access controls, so you can focus your attention on growing your business, knowing we’re keeping your data secure.

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Why do business need Cloud Access Security Broker solutions

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud services to perform multiple different function, Cloud Access Security Broker solutions provide crucial visibility and control over data and user activities across multiple cloud platforms. CASB will enable businesses to monitor and manage their entire cloud network, ensuring that all data access and transfers are secure and maintain compliance with industry regulations and internal security policies.

Additionally, CASBs offer advanced threat protection by providing a proactive approach which helps businesses safeguard their sensitive information and prevent potential financial and reputational damages. This facilitates secure collaboration and data sharing by implementing encryption, data loss prevention, and access controls. This ensures that businesses can leverage the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining a strong security posture and protecting their valuable assets.

Benefits of cloud access security

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Zero-touch configuration

Zero-touch configuration is a key benefit of CASB, enabling seamless deployment and integration with existing cloud services without requiring extensive manual configuration, reducing implementation time and complexity.

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Ultra-fast response

Allowing businesses to quickly detect and respond to security incidents, anomalies and policy violations, ultra-fast responses with CASB ensure timely remediations and minimises damage to your business.

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Full control

By accommodating detailed visibility and management capabilities over cloud applications, data access and user activities, CASB is empowering businesses like yours to enforce security policies and maintain compliance, overall improving business-wide security posture.

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Cloud application control

Gain granular visibility into cloud applications, allowing businesses to gain insights into user activities, data transfers, and access permissions. This level of control enables businesses to enforce security policies, ensure compliance, and prevent unauthorised access.

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Advanced threat protection

Cloud Access Security Broker solutions Employ real-time threat monitoring and analysis of user activities, data transfers, and access permissions across all your cloud platforms, providing advanced threat protection to businesses through various mechanisms.

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Part of a larger SSE platform

Connect all systems and data securely through a flexible cloud architecture. CASB is one part of a complete SSE offering along with market-leading secure web gateway and zero trust network access functionality, securing any transaction for the modern enterprise.

Gain complete visibility across all cloud applications

CASB cloud application protection

Safeguarding your business’s sensitive data ensures cyber security compliance by monitoring user activities, enforcing security policies and preventing unauthorised access.

Cloud Access Security Broker for business is rolled out by our team of cyber specialists enable us to gain detailed visibility into your cloud applications, allowing us to detect anomalies and potential threats to your business network. With advanced features like data loss prevention, encryption and access controls to secure data in transit and at rest, CASBs act as a critical security layer, mitigating risks and ensuring the safe adoption of cloud applications within your business.

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Complete Visability

Complete internet usage visibility

This gives our cyber specialists the ability to monitor and analyse all online activities within your business’s network. Providing insights into web browsing, application usage and user behaviour, this visibility aids us in identifying potential security risks, detecting unauthorised access attempts and enforcing acceptable use policies.

This also helps to optimise network performance, identify bandwidth-intensive applications and implement traffic management strategies. Complete internet usage visibility empowers organizations to make informed decisions, improve productivity, and ensure a secure and efficient online environment for their users.

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Remote and on-premises user monitoring

User monitoring is essential for businesses aiming to maintain visibility and security across the workforce. This involves tracking user activities, network access and device usage regardless of the location or network connection.

This monitoring enables your business to detect and respond to potential security breaches, identify policy violations and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

By monitoring both remote and on-premises users, your business can maintain a comprehensive view of the entire business network, allowing you to promptly address any security or policy issues that may arise, safeguarding data and systems effectively.

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Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention

Data loss prevention is a crucial aspect of information security that focuses on identifying, monitoring and preventing the unauthorised disclosure or loss of sensitive data.

DLP solutions combine several policies, technologies and controls to successfully detect and prevent data breaches, regardless of if they are accidental or malicious.

By analysing data in motion, at rest and in use, DLP systems can enforce encryption, monitor data transfers and detect policy violations with efficiency. DLP solutions from Focus Group will help safeguard your business’s sensitive data, maintain regulatory compliance and mitigate the risks associated with data loss or leakage.

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Frequently asked questions

CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) is a cyber security solution that provides visibility, control and protection for businesses accessing and storing data in cloud services.

Cloud Access Security Broker is used by businesses of all sizes and industries to improve the strength of cyber defences in cloud-hosted services.

A CASB is needed to ensure secure access, visibility and control over cloud applications and data, protecting against threats, enforcing policies and maintaining compliance.

No. While CASB provides security for cloud applications, VPN is used for secure remote access to internal network resources.

CASB secures cloud applications and data access, while DLP (Data Loss Prevention) focuses on identifying and preventing unauthorised data disclosure or loss, regardless of location.

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