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You’ve probably ticked a review of your gas and electricity off the list. Now how about your business water usage. Time for an audit? Our H2O experts will happily undertake a no-obligation review of your water charges and usage levels. And will, as a result, make recommendations for reducing both your consumption and costs. No upfront charges. Just give us a call.

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Water audits and efficiency

Complex pricing and complicated billing structures mean many businesses in the UK are paying too much for their water. As one of the UK’s leading independent providers of essential business services, our utility specialists have brilliant partnerships in place with every key supplier. Meaning we’re in pole position to review your existing services and recommend the key steps you can take towards efficient water consumption levels and lower costs. A water audit is a comprehensive assessment of how, when and where your business uses water. The aim being to identify ways in which your business can reduce consumption and in turn, save water and costs.

Business water services

Business water solutions

Switching water supplier has never been easier and with Focus Group on your side, you can get the best price for your business water in minutes. Our H20 specialists will review the water market and provide you with comparable quotations to save you both time and money.

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Business water bill audit

Sometimes feel as though you need a degree to understand your water bill? Complicated tariffs are common but our water experts are here to cut through the jargon and check you’re not paying over the odds for this essential service.

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Water efficiency audit

A water efficiency audit is a comprehensive assessment of how, when and where your business uses water. It’ll identify ways in which your business can reduce consumption and in turn, save water and costs.

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Benefits of business water efficiency

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Reduce energy bills

A commitment to being water-wise, managing water efficiency and an increased awareness of your business usage levels are all key steps to good water management. And even small changes can have a positive impact on your company’s water usage and in turn, your bottom line.

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Better for the environment

Taking care of the environment and reducing your water consumption come hand in hand. Improving your water usage efficiency, reducing wastage and educating your employees are some of the easiest steps your business can take towards helping protect the planet.

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Implement water saving devices

There are a wealth of water saving gadgets you could introduce to your business…sensor taps, water saving tap inserts, low flush toilets and smart meters to name but a few. Talk to our specialists to see how you can better control the flow of water in your business.

Have your water bills audited with Focus Group

Contact us today to find out about our no-obligation review of your water charges. There are no upfront costs associated with the work we carry out and if we cannot find any evidence of water overcharging then there will be no fees payable to us whatsoever.

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Your business could save £1000's off your business water bill...

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