Horizon VoIP phone system

The Horizon phone system harnesses the power of future-proof VoIP technology (voice over internet protocol) to channel inbound and outbound calls over the internet. Designed to transform business, the Horizon phone system is cost effective, easy-to-set up and maintain, requires less outlay on hardware and enables you to manage calls from wherever you are based. Reliable, flexible and agile – Horizon VoIP will support your business as it grows. The Horizon phone system is a unified communications solution for your business with an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, a wealth of features and enhancements to help you optimise the way you work and an easy-to-use web based management portal. Call, connect, collaborate and take your business communications to the next level.

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Horizon Phone System
Voip Call Recording

Empower your workforce

The way we do business is rapidly evolving, so why not choose a phone system that keeps you ahead of the curve. Horizon VoIP is a powerful communication solution that can empower your workforce with a wide range of features and capabilities that streamline interactions and provides a platform for enhanced collaboration.

With a Horizon VoIP phone system, employees can enjoy seamless communication across various devices, from any location. Gamma Horizon enabling you staff to stay connected and productive at all times, allowing them to take their work wherever they go. The platform offers a range of advanced features such as call forwarding, call recording, and voicemail, which enhance communication efficiency and ensure important messages are never missed. Horizon also supports integrations to create a unified platform for video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing, enabling teams to collaborate effectively regardless of their physical location. Furthermore, the Horizon platform can be integrated with a multitude of other business tools and applications, such as CRM systems and productivity software, allowing for streamlined workflows and improved productivity. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, a Horizon hosted VoIP phone will empower your workforce by providing the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and succeed in today's fast-paced business environment.

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Benefits of a Horizon hosted phone system

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A Horizon VoIP phone system gives your business the freedom to remain connected and accessible, wherever your day takes you. With the rise in hybrid working Horizon's advanced cloud-based technology empowers your workforce and provides a hosted communications service that enables extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, ensuring you staff are equipped with the tools to facilitate flexible and remote working.

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Call management features

Switch to a Horizon phone system and tap into a world of communication tools. The easy-to-control call features are endless; from call management abilities such as call handling, voicemail-to-email, collaborative call distribution and auto attendant through to live call boards, real-time analytics and call recording. You can configure the system to match the exact requirements of your business.

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Audio excellence

The exceptional quality of service provided by the Horizon phone system delivers the same audio quality of a fixed line but via a cloud-based phone system that’s compatible with IP handsets. The digital signal used to transfer voice over IP networks ensures audio is crystal clear, with no packet loss, meaning you audio always reaches its target destination, keeping your customers satisfied.

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Consistent customer experience

Ensure that every interaction is seamless and professional by centralising communication channels, including voice calls, video conferencing, and instant messaging, into one unified platform. Regardless of location Horizon phone systems come with the tools to provide exceptional service, enabling your team to deliver excellent customer service and build lasting relationships.

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Optimise day-to-day processes

With features like call queuing, call routing, and auto-attendant, you can ensure that customers are directed to the right department or representative, reducing the need for staff to consistently forward enquiries to the correct department. Additionally, advanced call analytics and reporting tools, allowing businesses to monitor and analyse customer interactions to constantly identify areas for improvement.

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Operational flexibility

Horizon phone systems provide business with tangible data and insights to proactively plan resource allocation and improve operational efficiencies. With a plethora of call and operational data at your disposal, Horizon VoIP allows businesses to make data-driven decisions to optimise operations, respond quickly and effectively to unplanned events, and stay one step ahead in a growing business landscape.

Features of a Horizon VoIP phone system

Horizon hosted phone system

Think an industry-leading, all-round telecoms platform will involve a costly investment in equipment and complex installation process? Think again! Gamma Horizon VoIP, is a hosted phone system, meaning it’s cloud-based rather than housed in your office. No upfront equipment costs necessary. It’s perfect for businesses of any size, contact centres and customer support departments. The Horizon phone system provides unified communications platform with a wide range of features to enhance your telecommunications platform and steamline both internal and external communications. Horizon is quick and easy to integrate into your business and can be scaled to meet your requirements.

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Man making a call using Gamma Horizon VoIP phone system
Man making a phone call using the Horizon Phone system from home

Horizon Cloud PBX

Horizon Cloud PBX is a complete business phone system – a hosted phone system service that provides businesses with extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities. All accessed via an easy-to-use web portal that puts you in full control of your telephony. The Horizon phone system has a host of smart call management features to help your business manage calls effectively, boasting features such as call parking, hold music and call transferring to name just a few. Horizon cloud PBX provides the complete telephony package to businesses of any sector or size, with a wide range of addition features you can pick and choose to tailor the system to your business.

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Horizon advanced features

Looking for unified communications and the power to personalise your business telephony capabilities? A wealth of enhancements including Horizon Collaborate, Horizon for Microsoft Teams, Horizon Contact, Soft Client, Integrator and Akixi will take your business communications to the next level. Each of these Horizon VoIP phone system enhancements can be combined to create a tailored solution that meets your business requirements. Horizon VoIP makes all these features and more available on your desktop or mobile through the Horizon app.

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Horizon phone system packages and pricing

All licenses include FREE handsets, FREE connection and call management.

*3 months for free and advertised packages available for new Horizon VoIP phone system customers only.
*All prices based on five year contact term and a minimum of 10 users.



from £7.99/pm

  • ✔  100 inclusive minutes
  • ✔  Online portal

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from £14.99/pm

  • ✔  750 inclusive minutes
  • ✔  Online portal
  • ✔  Conferencing

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from £19.99/pm

  • ✔  2000 inclusive minutes
  • ✔  Online portal
  • ✔  Conferencing
  • ✔  CRM Integration
  • ✔  Horizon Collaborate
  • ✔  Mobile and Desktop Applications
  • ✔  Customised On Hold Music

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Frequently asked questions

The Gamma Horizon hosted phone system is a Cloud Based telephone system that utilises VoIP technology to make phone calls over the internet. The Horizon phone system is a low cost PSTN alternative, providing a flexible and scalable phone system that can be tailored to businesses of all sizes.

Horizon Cloud PBX is Gamma's VoIP phone system solution designed to be scalable to a business of any size – a hosted phone system that provides businesses with extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities. Accessed using the horizon desktop application or through a mobile app, the Horizon phone system web portal enables you to take control of your business phone system from any location.

The Horizon phone system mobile app can be located within the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Search for the application and select 'Install' and the app will download and install to your mobile device. Enter your client username and password to login to your user account. Note that this login is different to that used to sign into the Horizon portal.

With Internet access the Horizon phone system integrates your desktop or mobile devices, allowing you to use the Horizon hosted phone system application to make and transfer calls on your main business phone numbers from any location.

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