Akixi business call reporting

The power (and the insight) is in your hands with Akixi – an industry leading, cloud-based call and contact analytics solution. Akixi offers unprecedented insight into the performance of your call services and delivers the understanding you need to deliver a game-changing, ultra-responsive customer experience.

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Call analytics software

The intuitive analytics software delivered by Akixi provides you with the ability to keep a firm eye on your call traffic, review your contact processes and assess the responsiveness of your call-handling team. Akixi's extensive portfolio of real-time wallboards, reports and call management features means you can customise its services to your precise needs. You can monitor your inbound and outbound communications from beginning to end and optimise resource levels to ensure your team are available to deliver outstanding service at all times. In a nutshell, Akixi will provide you with the insight to transform your customer experience.

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Benefits of Akixi call reporting

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Real time data

Akixi delivers real time data to allow you and your team to view call traffic, contact analytics and agent activity. Respond immediately to real-time data and flex your business resources accordingly. Retrieve missed calls and potential lost revenue, boost productivity and improve overall the performance of your business. All without missing a beat.

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Simple interface

Call reporting gives you the power to understand your business like never before. The easy-to-use cloud-based interface delivers call analytics data and information on the performance of your business. And because it’s cloud-based, you can access the call reporting interface from wherever you are.

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Customer experience

Akixi call reporting provides you with the insight to make effective operational decisions, maximise efficiency, optimise resources, drive real change in your business and in turn - improve customer service.

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Flexible & scalable

Whether you're a fledgling startup or a sprawling enterprise, Akixi's scalable solutions cater to all. From basic call logging to intricate real-time data on agent availability, Akixi grows with your business, ensuring you're never left wanting more.

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Simple deployment

Akixi's cloud-based setup eliminates the complexity associated with traditional call analytics software. You do not need to worry over installation or configuration; simply log in via the internet, and you're set to harness the power of truly sophisticated call analytics.

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Clear pricing

Benefit from transparent and predictable pricing that works with you. Akixi utilises a subscription-based model that removes the requirement for heavy upfront investment, keeping you in control.

Features of Akixi call reporting

Call reporting software for business

Delivering a positive customer experience is key to success. Akixi software provides unprecedented insight into your call traffic and contact processes, which in turn gives you the power to optimise resources and operations to ensure ultra-responsive customer service.

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VoIP call analytics

Akixi is a cloud-based service which can be integrated with your VoIP phone system to deliver real-time call analytics and comes with clear advantages. Firstly, it’s highly scalable – suitable for businesses of any size from as few as two users to 10,000, across multiple sites. It’s also quick and easy to set up, with no additional hardware, software or capital expenditure necessary.

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Akixi Wallboard dashboard display on a laptop and mobile phone

Akixi wallboard

The Akixi wallboard software displays real-time call and contact data, providing visual insight to motivate your teams and optimise your resources. The metrics are fully customisable, so you can determine the most relevant data to your business and your performance KPIs. Furthermore, you can view your Akixi wallboard through your dedicated client portal or on the mobile app. Giving you the flexibility to effectively manage your operations from anywhere in the world and from any device.

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Frequently asked questions

There are a number of different ways you can analyse data using analytic call tracking and call reporting software for business. Examples include:

  • Track call center KPIs and SLA's
  • Study customer satisfaction
  • Track call center KPIs and SLA's
  • Monitor call quality and experience for customers
  • Collect customer feedback
  • Track call quanitites
  • Study employee call answering analytics

Call center analytics help collect and analyse customer data to discover valuable insights and trends about your businesses performance when interacting with customers over the phone. Examples of this process include customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, revenue, customer retention, customer effort score, and service-level agreement (SLA). Analytic call tracking allows you to collect invaluable data and can be acquired as an add-on call reporting software for business. Akixi call reporting for example works as analytic software for VoIP call anlytics and can be added to any VoIP phone system.

Business call analysis monitors call data in real time to ensure voice quality, good connection and availability, and that critical systems are problem-free. In addition to this it monitors call queues, and live call centre data which can be displayed and tracked at all times. This analytic call tracking means your sales team or customer service advisors can deliver superior customer experience using live data to make decisions.

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