Microsoft Teams phone system

Introducing the Microsoft Teams Phone System. That’s right, you can now make calls to any landline or mobile number, directly from your Teams app.

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Can Microsoft Teams be used as a phone system?

A Microsoft Teams phone system provides a way to connect your telecoms services to Microsoft Teams, the power to call people outside of your Microsoft 365 business domain and the flexibility to access your calls from any internet-enabled device. In essence, a Microsoft Teams Phone System makes it easy for businesses to turn Teams into a powerful and flexible phone system by connecting it to a feature-rich resilient SIP platform. A Teams SIP phone requires a Microsoft 365 Business Voice license, this will give you the ability to call externally from your Teams phone desktop. The desktop app will display your business phone number, provide call insights and deliver all the other amazing benefits you’d expect from a business phone system.

Microsoft teams phone system features

How do Microsoft Teams phones work?

The telecommunication experts at Focus Group will take care of everything for you, in no time at all. Before you know it, the integration of the SIP trunks and an SBC (Sessions Border Controller) with your Microsoft 365 domain will provide your business with the power of the Microsoft collaboration tools, together with connecting you and your teams to the outside world through external calling through your Microsoft Teams phone system.

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How Do Microsoft Teams Phones Work
How Can Teams Replace A Phone System

How can teams replace a phone system?

A Microsoft Teams phone system is the perfect replacement for a traditional, in-house business phone system, which can be costly and difficult to maintain. SIP2Teams integrates with a SIP telephony solution uses the internet for voice calls, instead of legacy copper based telephone lines. It’s cost-effective, reliable, scalable and packed with call management features and an abundance of business benefits.

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What are the benefits of a Microsoft Teams phone system?

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Switch to a Microsoft 365 Teams Phone System and let Focus Group help your business grow with an easy-to-use, flexible, scalable, work-anywhere business communications solution.

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The power (and the insight) is in your hands with the Microsoft 365 Teams phone system. With the integration of call and contact analytics offering unprecedented insight into how your call services are performing, you can optimise a game-changing, ultra-responsive customer experience.

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Working on a single platform means your teams can manage a huge portion of their daily work all in one place – whether that’s liaising with customers over the phone, holding video meetings with suppliers, syncing calendars, discussing projects with colleagues using the chat function or sharing files. It’s all possible on Microsoft Teams with an integrated phone system.

Microsoft Teams phone system pricing

MS Teams Voice


£11.95 Per month

  • ✔  Local minutes
  • ✔  National minutes
  • ✘  Mobile minutes
  • ✘  Call recording

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MS Teams Voice


£13.95 Per month

  • ✔  Local minutes
  • ✔  National minutes
  • ✔  Mobile minutes
  • ✘  Call recording

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MS Teams Voice


£16.95 Per month

  • ✔  Local minutes
  • ✔  National minutes
  • ✔  Mobile minutes
  • ✔  Call recording

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Frequently asked questions

To make or receive phone calls to or from external phone numbers in Microsoft Teams, your business will need a Microsoft 365 Business Voice license. The license will provide you with access to all the features you need to make or receive calls, host video conferences, and more.

The Microsoft Teams phone system adapts your existing Microsoft Teams application to transform it into a VoIP phone system. This allows you to completely replace your current desk phone with a cloud based phone system. So yes, the Microsoft Teams phone system can be used to replace your current desk phone setup.

Yes, you’ll need a contact number, but you can keep and retain control of your existing inbound business phone numbers, using these via Microsoft Teams. You could even save money. The telecoms team at Focus Group are happy to review your existing services and review whether switching your lines could provide you with unlimited access to free UK calls.

Absolutely! You can call anyone, anywhere, and from any device using a Microsoft Teams with an integrated phone system. It’ll display your landline number to the call recipient and provide you with all the features you’d expect to receive with a traditional phone system.

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A VoIP business phone solution delivered by Focus Group now connects over 16,500 Carers First staff with their patients.

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Focus Group scored top marks with the delivery of a brand new, futureproof telephony system to replace an ageing network.

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With a multiple site portfolio, Peter Taylor Architects needed to establish a secure, agile and future-proof telecoms system.

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