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When it comes to tackling climate change, even small changes can make a big impact when we do it together. Caring about the impact we have on the world around us is a big part of who we are and we’re committed to doing as much as we can as a business to make a difference.

We want our customers, our employees, our suppliers and our partners to know we are heavily invested in taking positive and meaningful steps towards a sustainable future. And that’s exactly why we have started our journey towards carbon neutrality with big ambitions to make a big difference.

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Carbon neutrality - the plan

May 2022 marked a crucial milestone for Focus Group, with the announcement of our ambition to achieve carbon neutrality. In partnership with Auditel, a leading UK Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Company, we’re delighted to have started on an important journey towards Net Zero.

Focus Group Co-founder & Director, Ralph Gilbert said, “As a group we have already done so much to try and minimise our impact on the planet, it’s great to now have a framework to recognise that work and drive even more effort towards becoming carbon neutral.”

We recognise that our day-to-day operational activities and those of our customers have some impact on the environment. By partnering with Auditel we are making a clear statement of intent to reduce our own carbon footprint in a credible, meaningful and measured way and to provide our customers with sustainability solutions that will benefit everyone.

We have committed to spend the next six months conducting a detailed audit of all material Green House Gas (GHG) emissions within our business, including the challenging task of tackling Scope 3 emissions. This initial stage of Carbon auditing will deliver a detailed Carbon Footprint report produced to GHG protocol, Corporate Accounting & Reporting Standard.

The next stage is the exciting part of the journey, as we can start to manage what we have measured. As a business with a laser focus on making a positive difference, we will look for ways to begin to decarbonise our activities, to lower our carbon footprint and make a meaningful difference for the planet and our customers.

Watch this space and join us on our journey to net zero.


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