What is Cyber Security Awareness?

Cyber Security Awareness is our brand for delivering fully managed services designed to improve your security posture by solving human risk. Trusted by over 1,000 businesses, our bespoke and fully managed services guarantee to boost your protection at a fraction of the cost of an average cyber attack.

We are market leaders of fully managed Security Awareness Training and Testing that stops your employees causing security incidents with a unique, tried-and-tested process that has helped over 500,000 employees.

Your employees are the heart of your business, playing a key role in the operations that enable you to succeed. They are also your biggest cyber threat and the greatest target for cybercriminals.

Ensuring your staff understand the cyber threats of today, providing them with the knowledge to identify and prevent risks and maintaining ongoing vigilance towards cybercrime are all integral to building a strong security posture and protecting your business from data breaches, suffering financial loss or damage to your brand reputation.

Cyber security awareness for employees

Cyber security awareness training arms your employees with the skills required to protect your business network from targeted cyber-attacks. Working to actively minimise risks by increasing general cyber security awareness and best practices surrounding your business network, you’ll benefit from a cyber confident workforce and customers who trust you to keep their personal information safe.

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GDPR & information assurance awareness

Protecting personal information is imperative to any business dealing with customer related data. Employee GDPR awareness plays a big part in ensuring your business is complying with data protection legislation and assures your customers that you handle their data carefully. By providing regular GDPR online training, you will maintain a high level of information assurance awareness and reduce the risk of a data breach. Plus, training your staff on the GDPR is a top recommendation by the ICO and helps towards GDPR compliance and accreditation.

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Phishing cyber awareness and protection

A growing concern for many businesses, phishing attacks are the most common attack vector for cybercriminals aiming to breach business security defences. Cyber security awareness is proven to be the best first line of defence against phishing, though when paired with phishing email protection, you can further bolster your cyber security posture. Phish999 adds a layer of advanced spam filtering to your mail server to reduce the amount of unsolicited and potentially harmful emails your employees receive. Our service also adds a phishing alert button to your mail client, enabling employees to report suspicious emails and boosting phishing awareness throughout your entire business.

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Dark web monitoring

Cyber security awareness and dark web monitoring work hand in hand to eliminate the risk of compromising your business credentials by highlighting corporate domain availability on the dark web. Breached credentials can be obtained from several sources including fictitious websites, accidental exposure and tested data. Our dark web monitoring tool, CyberSIGHT works to prevent, report, monitor and remediate cyber security issues, with additional support and alerts that keep you in the loop about the security of your business network.

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Monthly vulnerability scanning

Typically, vulnerability scanning is an annual activity that promises to detect and prevent the exploitation of your business networks and private data. We take vulnerability scanning seriously and this means we know your annual vulnerability assessment is out of date the minute the check is complete. With monthly vulnerability scanning, threats, open ports and weaknesses are assessed frequently to successfully discover and patch network vulnerabilities before they become real and problematic issues for your business and your customers.

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Policy acknowledgement

Remove the need for purchasing and administering expensive systems with policy acknowledgement. Your business will benefit from a fully integrated cyber security awareness policy service that delivers and reports on the acceptance of policies among your employees without adding to your workload and pulling on your resources. This inexpensive solution is flexible, scalable and fully managed, including free templates and legal & HR evidence for compliance, so you don’t have to deal with the business-wide communication of corporate policies.

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Benefits of improving cyber awareness

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Fully managed services

Our cyber security awareness services utilise an extensive team of cyber security consultants and expert engineers to ensure all our bespoke services are effective at educating your employees about current threats and don’t drain your resources.

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Bespoke to your business

Our services are tailored for every customer to ensure success. Our experts research your business and create phishing attacks that simulate a real cybercriminal targeting you. Set your own training program and timelines that suit your business.

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With services that are accessible to businesses of any size, in all sectors, we can ensure we continue to provide low-cost cyber security awareness services without compromising on quality, ensuring your employees stay alert and aware of all current threats.

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Detailed reporting

Our cyber security awareness services come with full dashboard reporting features that enable our customers to get the most out of their cyber security strategy and aid in the identification of employee security performance.

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Reduced human error

By ensuring all your employees have access to up-to-date cyber security awareness training, you can be confident your staff are able to make the right decisions and reduce the chances of a cyber-attack.

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Prevention at all levels

Paired with any or all of our cyber security solutions, cyber security awareness training is changing the game when it comes to business-wide network security for coverage on all levels.

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Frequently asked questions

Cyber security awareness refers to the education and understanding of online threats and the measures taken to protect your business against them, usually rolled out among employees.

Increasing reliance on technology and the internet has made it a prime target for cyber-attacks which can result in financial losses, reputational damage and even the theft of sensitive information. Cyber security awareness training ensures employees are aware of threats and their consequences if successful.

Information security awareness is important because it helps protect sensitive and confidential information from unauthorised access, theft and damage. Without proper awareness, individuals and organisations may not be aware of the risks involved with handling sensitive information, or the steps they can take to secure it.

The goal of cyber security awareness training is to educate employees to detect and protect cyber security threats before they become a real and potentially damaging issue for your business.

Cyber crime can pose real and devastating consequences for businesses in the age of the internet. With finances and reputation on the line, it is important that all employees feel confident in their ability to identify a cyber threat and the steps to take to prevent or remediate the situation.

There are many ways your business can reduce the risk of cyber crime. By implementing strong policies around passwords and information handling, as well as providing up-to-date training and integrated cyber security solutions your business will be in a position to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber-attack.

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