What is cyber security awareness?

Keep your business protected from cyber attacks with cyber security awareness solutions. Ensure your employees are cyber security aware, so they understand what potential cyber security threats are, and the potential impact a cyber-attack will have on the business. Cyber security awareness puts in place the security measures required to reduce risk and prevent cyber-crime infiltrating the workplace. Our cyber security specialists are here to help. Harnessing the power of industry-leading technology, we’ll use the latest cyber security tools to imporve cyber security awareness and monitor your IT infrastructure to ensure your systems, your team, your corporate domains, your business credentials and your data is protected. At all times. Our engaging cyber security training services, designed and delivered to suit your business will raise awareness, educate your employees, improve data compliance and protect your business - now and into the future.

What are the elements of security awareness?

Cyber security awareness training

Over 90% of security incidents are inadvertently caused by employees being targeted by cybercriminals. A chilling fact right? Stop your employees causing security incidents with our fully-managed, online, security awareness training and testing (SATT) service.

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Cyber security awareness
Dark web cyber security awareness

Dark web monitoring

Our cyber security awareness service provides comprehensive dark web monitoring which continually scans the dark web for sensitive information connected to your business’s corporate web domains, email domains, login credentials, customer data and IP addresses. If this information is discovered, it can help identify a data breach sooner rather than later and action can be taken to mitigate the financial risks or impact on the reputation of your business.

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Phishing protection

Unwanted, phishing and potentially harmful emails still working their way past your current email security solutions? Ask us about Phish999. Combining advanced AI technology and a unique user cyber security awareness experience, Phish999 will protect your business and boost employee vigilance.

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Phishing cyber security awareness
GDPR cyber security awareness

GDPR awareness training

Stay compliant with the most current data legislation with our fully managed, online GDPR cyber security awareness service. Focus Group is a market-leading provider of GDPR cyber security awareness training – here to educate your employees, keep your customer safe and reduce the risk of an eye-watering fine for breaching UK GDPR guidelines.

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What are benefits of cyber security awareness?

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Threat reduction

Our cyber security awareness specialists are here to help. Using powerful, industry-leading technology, we’ll review the presence of your business on the dark web and keep you alerted – in real-time - to any new cyber security breaches or potential threats.

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System monitoring

Vulnerability scanning and ongoing monitoring will provide your business with invaluable insight into potential cyber threats that traditional security tools will not discover. A comprehensive security strategy is essential for organisations committed to protecting their business and customers.

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Professional training and support

Professional, engaging and interactive cyber security awareness training will empower your employees with the knowledge they need to avoid falling victim to cybercrime. Continued vigilance is also key, so ongoing, targeted and randomised testing can be delivered, with additional training and support provided as necessary.

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Frequently asked questions

An online attack can result in your business being exposed to viruses, data breaches, malware, loss of connectivity and – in many cases – a financial impact. Your reputation is also at risk if customer data is compromised. So, it’s crucial you do all you can to protect your business against cybercrime.

Forewarned is forearmed! If your employees are up to speed with the latest techniques adopted by cyber criminals, they know exactly what to look out for and you’ll reduce the risk of a breach as a result of human error.

Training, training and more training! Cyber-attacks are constantly evolving with cyber criminals using increasingly sophisticated methods to infiltrate your business. Your employees need a firm understanding of cyber security – gained through the implementation of an engaging training programme - and vigilance needs to be maintained with regular training and testing.

Harnessing the power of latest cyber security tools to review and monitor your IT systems and areas of exposure, together with implementing ongoing cyber security training for your employees will greatly reduce the potential risk of falling victim to a cyber-attack.

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