Dark web monitoring

Don’t let the dark side of the internet threaten your business. With dark web monitoring and scanning Our cyber security specialists are here to help. Using powerful, industry-leading technology, we’ll review the presence of your business on the dark wen and keep you alerted to any new threats.

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Deep and dark web monitoring

Discover your exposure with deep and dark web monitoring. The internet has revolutionised our businesses and our way of life but it’s also prime territory for cyber criminals looking for ways to infiltrate your business and its data. Lost or stolen passwords that appear on the dark web can be all a cybercriminal needs to access your critical business systems and applications, meaning all the key tools you need to operate – email, web browsing, cloud computing, software and hardware – are all vulnerable to attack. Cyber security is more important than ever before to protect your business as compromised data business credentials available on the dark web. Our deep and dark web monitoring service will monitor your exposure on the dark web so you don't have to. With dark web monitoring we can identify where you credentials have been leaked on the dark web and make recommendations to improve your business cyber security.

What does dark web monitoring do?

How is the dark web monitored?

The dark web is both dark and deep. It is an additional, unmonitored layer of the internet where scammers, hackers and criminals can buy and sell sensitive data or breached credentials, conduct illegal activities or simply trade information unlawfully. Our deep and dark web monitoring specialists will conduct a full review based on your corporate domains and provide a report which will detail how many credentials relating to your business are currently available on the dark web.

Deep and dark web monitoring
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Dark web monitoring tools

The cyber team at Focus Group utilise dark web monitoring tools to implement continuous searches of the dark web, pulling in intelligence on corporate domains to provide comprehensive reports and real-time alerts. Millions of deep and dark web sites are monitored for sensitive information specific to your business.

What good is a dark web scan?

A dark web scan and ongoing monitoring will provide your business with invaluable insight into potential cyber threats that traditional security tools will not discover. A comprehensive security strategy is essential for organisations committed to protecting their business and customers.

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Benefits of dark web monitoring for business

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Regular security checks

Dark web monitoring which continually scans the dark web for sensitive information connected to your business’s corporate web domains, email domains, login credentials, customer data and IP addresses. If this information is discovered, it can help identify a data breach sooner rather than later and action can be taken to mitigate the financial risks or impact on the reputation of your business.

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Prepare against future data breaches

A dark web scan can provide insight into past breaches and the data which was compromised. Our deep and dark web monitoring specialists can then, as a result, can identify vulnerable systems and processes and use this information to develop a robust plan to protect against future attacks.

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Protect staff and customer data

As a business, you are the guardian of the personal data of both your employees and your customers. So, it is your responsibility to protect this data against cybercrime and minimise risk of it falling into the wrong hands.

Frequently asked questions

Our cyber specialists will use industry-leading monitoring technology and tools to track the presence of your company on the dark web. Our deep and dark web monitoring specialists will constantly monitoring your businesses exposure and keep you updated on any breaches of security.

A dark web scan is a service offered by Focus Group to proactively use deep and dark web monitoring tools to search for any data related to your corporate domains. We’ll use industry leading tools to comb through extensive databases of stolen data and flag any breaches of sensitive information.

If passwords are discovered on the dark web, as a business you need to take decisive action. Change passwords immediately, use a password manager tool and use a password expiration policy. To fully protect your business, implement single sign-on and multi-factor authentication methods. Find out if your password is vulnerable through one of our cyber experts who can help you do a dark web scan today.

The deep web is a vast collection of websites on the internet that are hidden and can’t be accessed through the world wide web. It is used to store private and protected sites which are accessed via passwords and authentication. This can include password-protected social media or online banking sites, business intranets or retail sites hosting sensitive customer data.

Dark web monitoring is perfectly safe. The dark web's privacy and anonymity means it serves as a venue for people who want to stay hidden. Our deep and dark web monitoring specailists use this to perform scans to search for data relating to businesses to make reports and prevent cyber security insidents based on your exposure.

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