V-Scan vulnerability scanning services

Managed vulnerability scanning is quickly becoming an essential tool to add to your digital belt. Did you know that everything from welcome ports to out-of-date software and even small software changes can expose your business network to cybercriminals with potentially devastating consequences?

Focus Group's network vulnerability scanning service provides you with the first line of defence, information. Scans are conducted to probe your network for vulnerabilities and are overseen by our in house team of cyber security experts, so you know you’re in good hands.

V-Scan puts you in control of your business security, giving you a full exposure report that outlines all potential risks in your network, enabling you to act on potential threats to reduce the risk of penetration, so you can spend your time where it matters, growing your business.

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Network security scan across all layers

Scan your network across all layers on a monthly basis. monthly vulnerability scanning will evaluate the security of your computer network by examining and assessing potential vulnerabilities and threats at each layer of the network stack. This includes analysing the infrastructure, protocols, applications, and devices on your business network to identify any weaknesses or potential entry points for unauthorised access or attacks.

Our vulnerability scanning service deploys techniques to probe your network and identify security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or outdated software that could be exploited by attackers. With the V-Scan network security scanner, all layers of your business’s key IT systems, from the gateway layer to application code/input processing (DAST), are covered and tested for vulnerabilities. Once the scan is completed it will collate the results into one clear and detailed report, identifying any gaps in your cyber security, allowing you to address any issues to ensure the network's integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

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Benefits of network security scanning

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Cost effective

Using an Annual security scanning services can come with a large price tag and leave you with a large number of undetected security issues between reports. With V-Scan, your ROI is guaranteed, providing you will have full detailed visibility of every change in your IT environment on a monthly basis.

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As a revolutionary addition to cyber security services, V-Scan delivers a hybridised approach to annual security scanning and instead performs monthly penetration tests that highlight vulnerabilities in your business networks in real-time. Putting you in control of the security of your business data.

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V-Scan vulnerability assessments allow you to stay on top of potential cyber security risks with a fully scalable service that grows with your business, capable of assessing both single-IP’s and meeting multi-national requirements vulnerability scanning with scan all layers of your network, leaving no issues undetected.

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Fully managed

Maintain a robust security posture, safeguard sensitive data, and mitigate the potential risks of a cyber attack. Fully managed vulnerability scanning offers automated threat detection that provides valuable insights and reports about your network health, enabling your business to work with our experts to prioritise and address vulnerabilities based on their severity and potential impact.

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Regular reports

Regular monthly network scans help identify any new vulnerabilities that may have emerged since the previous month. As new threats and vulnerabilities are constantly evolving, monthly scans ensure that organisations stay up to date with the latest security risks, allowing businesses to address vulnerabilities promptly, reducing the window of opportunity for potential attackers.

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Operational efficiencies

Improve operational efficiency by removing the need for manual network auditing. With regular vulnerability scanning a business can automate threat detection with a network, identifying and addressing potential weaknesses before they can be exploited. This proactive approach helps prevent security breaches and the subsequent disruption to operations that can result from such incidents.

Features of managed vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability management platform

Focus Groups vulnerability management platform provides a comprehensive software solution that will identify, assess, prioritise, and remediate vulnerabilities within your business network. Cyber security vulnerability scanning provides a centralised and automated approach to managing vulnerabilities across your infrastructure, including: vulnerability scanning, asset discovery, risk assessment, vulnerability prioritization, and remediation tracking, allowing your business to proactively identify and address security weaknesses.

V-Scan reduces the risk of potential breaches and data loss. The platform streamlines the vulnerability management process by providing a unified view of vulnerabilities, generating reports and analytics, and facilitating collaboration among security teams within your organisation and our team of specialist.

Our fully managed security scanning service keeps an eye on your infrastructure weaknesses, providing detailed monthly reports that alert you of any security risks that can be exploited by cybercriminals and put you back in control of your business network security.

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Detailed network vulnerability assessment report

Monthly vulnerability scanning provides a comprehensive assessment report to your business each month, which outlines the findings and results of your network scan with full details of what actions needed to improve your security posture. V-Scan provides a detailed analysis of identified vulnerabilities, their severity levels, and potential risks they pose to the security of your data. It also includes remediation and mitigation strategies, which will outline the measures that can be put in place to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

V-Scans network vulnerability assessment report serves as a valuable resource for businesses to understand their current security posture, prioritise vulnerabilities based on their severity, and take appropriate actions to address and mitigate the identified risks. With our team of security specialist working besides you, we can make informed decisions regarding what cyber security measures need to be put in place and provides a roadmap for improving your overall security defences.

Our well-presented and easy to understand report will ensure you are always board-ready and well-informed of any cyber risks within your key IT systems. Penetration testing reports outline a top-level summary and detailed technical analysis of all weaknesses detected across every layer of your business IT systems. So you will always be ready to communicate threats to employees from all areas of the business.

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Cloud vulnerability scanning

Identifying and assess vulnerabilities within your cloud-based systems and infrastructure. Our specialised vulnerability scanning service will analyse your cloud hosted environments and applications, such as virtual machines, containers, and cloud storage, for potential security weaknesses. Cloud vulnerability scanning will identify misconfigurations, outdated software, weak access controls, and other vulnerabilities that could leave your business vulnerable to attacks.

V-Scan will can proactively detect and address vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure, reducing the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access, and other security incidents. This process plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure and resilient cloud environment, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and maintaining the trust of customers and stakeholders.

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Frequently asked questions

V-Scan is an easy and cost-effective monthly vulnerability scanning service that highlights points of weakness in your business networks that enable your teams to remove the threat of cyber attacks before they present real issues.

V-Scan exposes weaknesses in your business networks to ensure threats don’t become a real issue to your business security.

V-Scan is revolutionising security scanning services with the delivery of monthly reports. This allows you to stay on top of arising threats in real-time.

A security vulnerability report details areas of weakness and potential threats to your business network, enabling your teams to reduce the risks of cyber attacks.

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