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Focus Group, as an accredited Cisco Viptela and Cisco Meraki SD-WAN Managed Service partner is expertly placed to design and deploy the best multi-site network for your business. Our MPLS and VPLS are offered as a fully-managed Cisco SD WAN (software defined wide area network) which deliver a private, dedicated and resilient network connection for UK and global organisations. Enabling fast and secure data transfers, voice communication and business critical applications across multiple sites, the private network created by Cisco SD WAN reduces exposure to cyber security threats as it doesn’t cross a public network at any point. Focus Group offer the advance routing, segmentation and security know-how enterprise businesses need to leverage next-generation WAN architectures, boost connection and performance, improve security and reduce network costs. Whether you have a public, private or hybrid cloud network, our co-managed SD-WAN solutions put you in control of your connectivity.

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What are the benefits of SD-WAN?

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Get agile with SD-wan networking

In today’s business world, agility is key. And the unprecedented speed at which data, telephony and applications are moving to the cloud and increased bandwidth requirements, means digital transformation is fully dependent on being able to scale services up. Whether you have a public, private or hybrid-cloud network, co-managed SD WAN solutions puts you in control of your business connectivity and transformation.

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Unrivalled network visibility

Software-defined WAN is a game changer – uncomplicated, cost-effective and future-proof. Leverage different network technologies, easily manage services over your multi-site network, optimise and evolve your connectivity and take back control.

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Optimised cloud connectivity

SD-WAN uses the internet to augment, or completely replace, MPLS through any form of connectivity. Switch carriers, mix and match, using leased lines, broadband and cellular networks to bring your private and public cloud connections securely onto the WAN.

Features of Cisco SD WAN solutions

What is SD-WAN used for?

Legacy WAN connections are complicated, expensive to maintain, offer low bandwidth, maintain and can be painful to change, in turn inhibiting innovation and growth. SD-WAN is the answer and puts you in control - making it possible to leverage cutting edge network technologies and easily manage services over a multi-site network.

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What does SD-WAN replace?

At Focus Group, we’ll help you plot your path to software defined ‘everything’ – connecting physical locations, public and private networks, plus cloud environments to enable optimal digital flexibility to your organisational infrastructure. Our SD-WAN expertise covers traffic control and security; dynamic multi-path optimisation and routing; load balancing and traffic prioritisation; secure cloud and branch-to-branch connectivity; automation and orchestration; end-user-experience monitoring and virtualised security.

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Hybrid-cloud Network

Hybrid-cloud combines the best of public and private cloud connections. It has a higher degree of control and security than a fully public cloud and allows greater flexibility and scalability than a strictly private one. The team at Focus Group will assist with establishing hybrid connections using MPLS, Internet and 4G LTE with the use of any combination of suppliers.

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Frequently asked questions

SD WAN stands for software-defined wide area network and is commonly used in enterprise networking as part of Cisco SD WAN solutions. A WAN is a connection between local area networks (LANs), separated by distance. The term software-defined means the WAN is programmatically configured and managed.

SD-WAN allows companies to build higher-performance WANs using lower-cost and commercially available internet access. It enables businesses to partially or wholly replace more expensive, private WAN connection technologies such as MPLS.

SD-WAN has proven to be a flexible, robust and reliable alternative to traditional private network connections. A Cisco SD WAN doesn't require a backhaul to a data center, so they allow branch offices to connect more easily to the Internet. This translates into better performance, lower latency and higher performing connectivity. In addition to this business IT support services will constantly monitor for faults in the network, recifying any issues before they occur.

Cisco SD WAN enables optimised traffic routing over multiple transport media, while VPNs are typically designed to send all traffic over a single network link.

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