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Focus Group is a strategic key partner to UniCredit, implementing Cisco’s unified communication (UC) infrastructure and providing 24/7 support to the business.


About UniCredit

UniCredit is a pan-European commercial banking and financial services company, operating in 18 countries, employing more than 147,000 employees.

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The Challenge

UniCredit prides itself on operational excellence, so the decision was taken to upgrade to to a Cisco Unified Communication (UC) infrastructure in a bid to achieve smarter connectivity to further boost productivity and rich collaboration. Key to the project, which took place at UniCredit’s London HQ, was maintaining business continuity and compliance during the upgrade.

Knowledgeable, prompt to respond and passionate about what they do, we’ve come to depend on Focus Group to enable and support the innovative connectivity our operations depend upon.

The Solution

Focus transitioned the firm’s legacy voice technology to Cisco’s UC offering, delivering an immersive telepresence, while the network architecture was evolved to support growth in traffic. The new UC was seamlessly integrated into the bank’s systems and voice recording to ensure full compliance.

A triple screened Cisco Telepresence solutions was also implemented, featuring high definition cameras. The system supports up to five simultaneous streams and allows three video and two content sources to be seen in crystal clear HD quality.

The Results

UniCredit has reported a dramatic reduction in time and travel costs as the new infrastructure has enhanced the way its personnel, customers and partners collaborate, facilitating faster decision-making and engagement.

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