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Focus Group help Eyesite gain Communications Clarity. Upgrading their outdated telephone system, that was unmanageable and simply not fit-for-purpose.

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Eyesite, an established optician, had plans to expand, but its outdated telephony system couldn't cope with multi-site connectivity.

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The Challenge

With established practices in Brighton, Reading, Winchester, Oxford, Weybridge and Woking, Eyesite is passionate about delighting its patients and customers. So much so that over 95% say that, based on their experience, would recommend Eyesite to friends and family.

However, technical and reliability issues with its existing telephony system was proving a cause for concern. What's more, the limited functionality offered by the outdated platform meant Eyesite couldn't manage its calls efficiently or enable its branches to work as a cohesive single entity. Inter-branch communications had to be conducted using external lines - potentially taking up vital customer-facing lines.

With expansion plans in the pipeline, Eyesite wanted to move to a cost-effective VoIP solution that would deliver guaranteed uptime, impressive multi-site capabilities and ease of manageability. But that wasn't all.

To keep its vital business communications up and running, Eyesite needed a provider that would be quick to react to any support need and willing to provide help and advice the moment it was required.

"Reliability, scalability and future-proofing were all top motives for migrating to VoIP," comments Jim Green, Managing Director at Eyesite. "But, just as important to us was finding a provider that could deliver on the promise of delivering the instant support and assistance a fast-moving business such as ours needs."

Eyesight Opticians The Challenge

The Solution

Eyesight Opticians The Solution

Following a thorough evaluation of the specific requirements of each branch and the objectives set out by Eyesite, Focus Group recommended an Ericsson-LG IP platform as the perfect solution to the company's needs.

With impressive multi-site capability, the scalable yet simple to manage telephony solution makes it easy to divert or forward calls between branch offices and mobile numbers so customer calls are always answered. Eyesite can also take advantage of a rich feature set that includes intelligent call queuing, audio conferencing, call recording and monitoring - functionality that can be tailored to groups or individuals, based on user profiles.

Offering significant infrastructure and connectivity savings, today all of Eyesite's sites are linked via a single IP network so there is no charge for internal calls and valuable external lines are never taken up by day-to-day internal branch communications.

"The switch-over was incredibly smooth and the tech team at Focus Group really pushed the boat out to ensure we were up and running without a hitch," confirms Jim. "Communication throughout the process was impressive, with everyone using terminology I understood, so I was clear on what was going to happen and when."

The Results

The new system has transformed Eyesite's ability to communicate with colleagues and customers. Unconstrained by technology limitations and free to manage its telephony in line with present and future needs, the ability to divert calls to alternative numbers if an individual site goes down - perhaps through fire or flood - means business continuity is also assured.

The projected cost savings alone have more than paid for the system upgrade that has helped Eyesite efficiently manage their calls and improve overall customer service levels.

"The new solution delivers on every count," says Jim. "What's more, Focus Group have proved their worth on more than one occasion. From initiating call diverts for us, when we had a planned office shut down and were unable to set this up ourselves due to attendance at a group training event, to responding to queries on just about any issue."

It was this personal service that led Eyesite to entrust Focus Group with its mobile device procurement. Alongside benefiting from preferential line rates, Eyesite has been able to resolve black spot coverage issues for staff at home who need to be on call out-of-hours and find a solution that ensures smart-phones and iPads can be secured and locked down if lost and stolen.

"Focus Group are very much a service-led business. Their outlook and 'can do' culture represents a great fit for the way we work and our ethos of customer service excellence. They absolutely understand our desire to innovate and are committed to help us achieve our future digital vision," concludes Jim.

"My preference is for working in deep partnership with a supplier. Quick and responsive, Focus Group have proved their worth - especially when it comes to enabling the innovation our practices need to take our clinical and customer-facing operations to the next level."

Eyesight Opticians The Results

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