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The cyber experts at Focus Group are here to provide your business with critical endpoint security software solutions. These invaluable business tools focus on securing individual devices such as computers, laptops and mobile devices by implementing a robust line of defence against potential threats and unauthorised access.

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Essential endpoint protection

As technology evolves and remote work becomes more prevalent, the protection of endpoints has become increasingly important. Endpoints are often the entry point for cyber threats, making them a critical focus for security measures. Endpoint security software solutions aim to protect devices from various threats, including malware, ransomware, and unauthorised access. Endpoint security also involves implementing policies and controls to ensure that devices are up to date with security patches and that users adhere to best practices, such as strong password management and avoiding suspicious downloads.

Our team of specialists will ensure your business is maximising its use of essential endpoint protection measures, including antivirus software, firewalls and encryption in order to detect and prevent malware infections, data breaches and other cyber-attacks. By implementing robust endpoint security measures, businesses like yours can safeguard sensitive data, ensure regulatory compliance and maintain a secure environment for multiple devices and networks.

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Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

EDR focuses on monitoring and securing endpoints and provides businesses gain real-time visibility into endpoint activities, allowing them to detect and respond to potential security incidents promptly. Endpoint security software solutions leverage advanced behavioural analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify and monitor suspicious activities across your endpoint devices, ensuring attacks such as malware infections, unauthorised access attempts, or data exfiltration are stopped before they can enter devices on your network.

Endpoint detection and response provides a proactive approach, which enables businesses to swiftly contain and mitigate threats, minimising the potential impact of cyber attacks and generates valuable insights into the attack chain. This information helps businesses further understand the tactics, techniques, and procedures employed by threat actors. By leveraging these insights, businesses can strengthen their security defences, improve incident response capabilities, and ultimately safeguard their sensitive data and critical assets.

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Benefits of endpoint security software solutions

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24/7 endpoint protection

With constant monitoring and real-time threat detection, endpoint antivirus offers 24/7 security for all devices connected to your network. This ensures that potential threats are identified and removed promptly, minimising the risk of system compromises. With Focus Group, businesses like yours can benefit from continuous protection and peace of mind knowing that all endpoints are safeguarded even during non-business hours.

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Faster protection

Focus Group’s endpoint protection solutions are designed to quickly detect and block known malware, reducing the time window for potential breaches. The speedy response time minimises the impact of malware, ensuring that endpoints remain secure and operational, improving overall productivity and reducing the risk of data loss or system downtime.

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Low overhead

Endpoint antivirus solutions by Focus Group are designed to minimise the impact on your business resources, ensuring that they don’t slow down or disrupt the performance of your business devices. With optimised scanning algorithms and efficient resource utilisation, endpoint antivirus solutions strike a balance between effective threat detection and minimal resource consumption.

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Limit potential threats

By leveraging advanced scanning algorithms and cloud-based threat intelligence, endpoint security solutions quickly and efficiently identify malicious files, websites and activities, preventing users from accessing them or entering your system and compromising endpoints.

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Prevent insider threats

Endpoint security solutions help mitigate the risks of insider threats by implementing various measures to monitor and limit the individuals who have authorised access to sensitive data, preventing the misuse or abuse of access to critical systems.

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Improve patch management

Streamline the patch management process by automating deployment and ensuring timely updates across all endpoints. Endpoint security software solutions will identify missing patches, deploy, and manage software updates so you don’t have to.

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Next generation AI antivirus

Endpoint security utilising antivirus AI represents a significant advancement in protecting endpoints from evolving cyber threats.

Next Generation antivirus AI leverages AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect and respond to previously unknown or zero-day attacks, beyond traditional signature-based antivirus approaches.

By continuously monitoring endpoint behaviour and analysing patterns to identify potential threats in real-time, this cloud-based threat intelligence solution can detect sophisticated attacks, block malicious activities and provide rapid incident response.

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Full forensics reporting

Providing comprehensive insights into security incidents and enabling effective incident response, full forensic reporting is a key feature of endpoint security solutions by Focus Group.

By capturing and documenting detailed information about endpoint activities such as file modifications, network connections and user behaviour, full forensic reporting enables our security teams to reconstruct the events leading up to an incident.

This level of visibility allows for timely and accurate investigations, aiding in the identification of threat actors and their techniques, ultimately ensuring our cyber security teams have the ability to track and analyse historical endpoint data from your business to support proactive threat hunting and mitigate future risks to your business’s security posture.

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Always up to date

With the constant evolution of malware and attack techniques, timely updates are essential to maintain a robust security posture for your business.

Our endpoint antivirus solutions regularly receive updates for virus patterns and definitions as well as detection algorithms and security patches to swiftly adapt to new threats, ensuring robust protection against emerging threats.

This proactive approach helps prevent the exploitation of known weaknesses and minimises the risk of cyber security compromises. By consistently staying up to date, endpoint antivirus solutions from Focus Group will provide you with peace of mind that your business has the latest defences against the ever-changing threat landscape.

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Endpoint security that extends to your mobile devices

The extension of endpoint protection to mobile devices is a valuable feature of endpoint antivirus solutions.

As workforces become increasingly mobile, employees rely on smartphones and tablets for work-related tasks, making these devices vulnerable to cyber threats - with business antivirus that extends to all devices, businesses can ensure comprehensive protection across all endpoints.

Endpoint security software solutions offer real-time scanning of mobile devices for malware, secure web browsing and remote wipe capabilities to ensure your business’s security posture is robust in case of loss or theft.

By integrating mobile devices into the endpoint antivirus strategy, Focus Group can effectively safeguard your sensitive business data and maintain a consistent security posture across the entire business network, irrespective of the devices your teams are using.

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Frequently asked questions

Endpoint security protects all devices connected to a business network, utilising antivirus, encryption and several other security measures to detect and prevent security threats. Ultimately, safeguarding data and preventing unauthorised access to your business network and devices.

Endpoint security is important to protect devices from cyber threats, prevent data breaches, ensure regulatory compliance and maintain a secure network environment.

Endpoint security is not a firewall but focuses on protecting individual devices. A firewall controls network traffic and acts as a barrier between trusted and untrusted networks.

Next-gen antivirus (NGAV) is an advanced approach to antivirus software that goes beyond traditional signature-based detection, employing techniques like machine learning, behaviour analysis and threat intelligence to provide enhanced protection against sophisticated and evolving threats.

Traditional antivirus relies on signature-based detection to identify known malware, while next-generation antivirus (NGAV) employs advanced techniques like machine learning, behaviour analysis and threat intelligence to detect and prevent sophisticated and evolving threats.

Yes, you still need antivirus software even if you have a firewall. A firewall protects network traffic, while antivirus software safeguards against malware and other threats on individual devices.

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