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Secure your business devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones against cyber threats with our cost-effective Bitdefender business antivirus solution. High grade business security that is priced to compete with all other next-generation endpoint solutions on the market.

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Budget-friendly next-generation antivirus for businesses

Malware (malicious software) and Ransomware are the two most common types of attacks that threaten endpoints. Often executed by the user interacting with a harmful file, malicious software can be difficult to detect and sometimes even lay dormant on the device or business network for months before they activate.

Our Bitdefender Antivirus (AV) solution provides advanced threat protection for businesses looking to secure their devices on a budget. Gain all the features you’d expect from a next-generation antivirus solution at an unbeatable price, without compromise.

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Why choose Bitdefender business?

Endpoint protection is essential for every business, as devices hold sensitive information and have direct links back to the business network. Business devices are the target in many file-based cyber attacks and are responsible for over half of all data breaches. If a cybercriminal gains access to an endpoint, they can cause all kinds of damage leading to data breaches, loss of financial or sensitive information and harm your business reputation.

In its simplest form, Bitdefender Antivirus uses artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and machine learning to detect and prevent threats across your endpoints before they execute. This prevention-first approach is far more effective than traditional endpoint protection solutions as it provides greater security, more control and a higher return on investment.

Installation is simple and everything can be controlled from a centralised console, meaning remote devices are much easier to manage. Bitdefender Antivirus also scales with your business, with features ranging in complexity to fit your requirements.

Benefits of Bitdefender Security Solution

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Cost savings

Our partnership with industry leaders Bitdefender enables us to offer your business next-generation endpoint protection at an unbeatable price. Whether you are looking to implement business antivirus for the first time or are looking to replace what you currently have, we can save you money with Bitdefender Antivirus.

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Easy to deploy

Our lightweight agent runs seamlessly on all operating systems and is controlled centrally, making policy updates, reporting and alerts streamlined. With today’s dispersed workforce, cloud deployment makes it easy for your business to manage and secure remote devices, wherever they are.

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Ransomware protection & mitigation

Protect your business against one of the most prolific and damaging cyber attacks; Ransomware. Bitdefender’s prevention-first methodology identifies and stops Ransomware threats before they unfold, protecting your business from file encryption, costly downtime and damage to reputation.

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Multi-layered endpoint protection

Protect your business desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices with Bitdefender’s comprehensive technology stack. Threat prevention, detection and response capabilities ensure threats are covered in all stages of the attack cycle.

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Scalable business solution

Our tiered solution allows your business to choose the features required to protect its endpoints with flexibility to scale up should further security measures be required. This includes Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Endpoint detection and Response (EDR) and Security Operations centre (SOC) capabilities.

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Machine learning algorithms

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), Bitdefender Antivirus utilises machine learning to detect new malware patterns in real time. Unlike traditional signature based anti-malware solutions, Bitdefender Antivirus detects new strains of malware as they are created to protect your business from emerging threats.

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Features of Bitdefender Security Solution

Prevention-first methodology

In combination with machine learning, BitDefender Antivirus uses a ransomware mitigation feature that identifies when a new strain of ransomware attempts to encrypt files. BitDefender automatically makes a backup of the targeted files which get restored after the malware has been prevented. During this process, BitDefender notifies your IT administrators.

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Layered Threat Blocking

Layered threat blocking

Preventing ransomware from executing is key to protecting your business. BitDefender deploys several defence methods to protect your business against ransomware and other malicious software. This includes machine learning anti-malware to detect new patterns in real time, advanced anti-exploit features that identify and terminate malicious processes automatically and network attack defence, which blocks exploits that arrive through network ingress points.

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Real-time monitoring

Bitdefender Antivirus provides 24/7 monitoring for protection around the clock. Your business can be assured that your network and devices and are continuously scanned for emerging threats.

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Risk mitigation solutions

Our solution also includes risk mitigation technologies that look for system and application vulnerabilities and behaviour analytics (UEBA) to flag suspicious user actions that put security at risk.

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Frequently asked questions

Business antivirus is software that is deployed across all business devices to provide a layer of protection through threat monitoring, detection and response to protect your business from cyber threats such as malware and Ransomware. Antivirus protection is primarily centred around harmful files. It will prevent employees from downloading and executing harmful files that could cause damage and will provide alerts to your IT administrators.

Harmful files that hold malware and Ransomware are one of the greatest cyber security risks to your business. If malicious software makes its way onto a company device or into the network, it can do all kinds of damage, resulting in data loss, financial loss or cause harm to your brand reputation. Antivirus software is essential for every business. This monitors devices and has preventative measures to stop harmful files from being activated. If a threat enters a device or the network, business antivirus software detects emerging risks and launches a response to keep your business secure.

Business antivirus software is the primary defence against threats such as viruses and malicious software, though to gain greater coverage other against attack vectors, we recommend pairing your antivirus solution with Extended Detection and Response (XDR). XDR covers more than just business devices and provides greater protection against cyber threats. In addition to this, your business could implement a Security Operations Centre (SOC) for ultimate protection. A SOC brings threat monitoring across business devices, your network and cloud applications into a single platform and backs it up with a 24/7 support service with dedicated cyber security experts who are familiar with your IT infrastructure.

  1. Traditional business antivirus uses malware signatures to identify harmful files. A malware signature is a particular pattern that enables security systems to recognise malicious software and prevent them. This method relies on all malware to have already executed once before. This leaves a security gap as new malware is created at unprecedented rates in today’s cyber threat landscape, meaning some threats can evade traditional antivirus solutions, hence rendering them ineffective.
  2. An integral part of business antivirus is system monitoring. These are the measures antivirus software takes to monitor your business devices to keep them protected. Harmful files aren’t always forced onto devices in cyber attacks, they can be invertedly installed by device users (in this case, your staff). System monitoring is essential to protect devices around the clock from cyber threats.
  3. Next-generation antivirus solutions like BitDefender antivirus use machine learning (AI) to add preventative measures that are effective against ‘zero-day threats’. AI is able to detect malware without relying on malware signatures, making it much more effective at dealing with new threats that haven’t been seen before. Adding a layer of preventative protection ahead of monitoring, detection and response improves the efficiency of your antivirus solution and provides better protection for your business.

The 4 primary functions of business antivirus are monitoring, prevention, detection and response and logging and reporting. Once installed, antivirus software will provide constant threat monitoring on your business devices. Next-generation antivirus solutions add a layer of prevention using machine learning (AI) methods. When threats emerge, business antivirus detects and launches a response. This includes alerting your IT administrators or third party support team of new risks. Finally, it will log threats which allows your cyber security posture to learn and improve.

Most modern laptops and desktops have basic built-in security features that includes threat monitoring, though this is not suitable for business devices. Macs are generally quite secure straight out of the box, though it is recommended that business antivirus is deployed to all business devices, including mobile phones and tablets, if they are used for accessing the network or sharing sensitive information.

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