24/7 Managed SOC Services

As a centralised team, our 24/7 managed SOC (Security Operations Centre) services are provided by experts in their field. Responsible for monitoring, detecting and responding to security threats and incidents in your business’s IT environment, our managed SOC team operates around the clock, using advanced technologies and expertise to protect your business network against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

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Why choose managed SOC services?

Outsource your security operations to our team of specialists with managed SOC services. Our specialised service will provide security monitoring, threat detection, and incident response activities to ensure your business stays secure from cyber attacks, leaving your to focus on the important things, like growing your business.

Our managed soc services combines advanced technologies, skilled security analysts, and robust processes to provide comprehensive security monitoring and management services. It involves continuous monitoring of your network, systems, and applications to detect and respond to security incidents in real-time.

Managed SOC services from Focus Group include log analysis, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, incident response, and security incident investigation. By leveraging our managed SOC, your business can enhance their security posture, gain access to expert security professionals, and benefit from round-the-clock monitoring and response capabilities, ultimately securing your business from external threats.

Managed SOC services

Tackle cyber security challenges with a security operations centre

Our managed security operations centre provides continuous threat monitoring across your network, endpoints and cloud applications. When paired with support from our cyber security specialists, we also offer rapid incident response when a harmful threat is detected, helping to maintain the security and integrity of your data and systems to ensure business continuity and minimise the risk of reputational damage and financial loss.

Managed SOC services are carried out by a team of cyber experts with a deep understanding of compliance requirements and can implement the necessary controls and processes to meet these standards. Achieving compliance accreditation is critical for your business and demonstrates that you can handle sensitive data, as it helps to build trust with customers and partners and can mitigate the risk of costly fines and legal action.

Managed SOC services

Benefits of managed SOC

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Proactive threat detection

Our managed SOC takes feeds from your endpoints, network and cloud applications and provides proactive threat detection by alerting you of potential security threats before they become an issue. Then, with the help of IT support, you can remediate any security concerns for prolonged protection, effectively minimizing risk of falling victim to a potential cyber attack.

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Real time threat intelligence

Real-time threat intelligence is highly beneficial in today's rapidly evolving cyber security landscape. Our SOC service allows for rapid response to threats, before they become a real issue for your business. Real-time threat intelligence will ensure your business stays on top of the threat landscape, detecting and responding to potential threats faster, and ultimately minimising the chances of a security breach.

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When paired with business IT support, you can be assured that all identifiable, emerging security threats are thoroughly investigated, remediated and logged by your managed SOC team. Our experts combine experience with a unique understanding of your business to provide strategic guidance on how to patch systems, update endpoints and remove suspicious files from your business network.

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Covers key services

Managed SOC covers several key services that every business needs to operate. This includes Microsoft 365, Azure, AWS, Windows and macOS. From monitoring, detecting and responding to security threats and incidents in your business’s IT environment to overseeing cyber AI tools that scan your network continuously, our managed SOC team uses advanced technologies and expertise to protect your business network against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

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Instant alerts

Real time threat intelligence comes with the additional benefit of instantaneous alerts that can be automated to send to key stakeholders on your network. Instant alerts ensure that your business is protected and notified of any changes, updates or irregularities, instantly, which keeps your IT team on the upper hand when it comes to patching or remediating any vulnerabilities to mitigate any potential risks and prevent attacks.

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Compliance accreditation

Compliance accreditation is a crucial benefit of a managed SOC service. Referring to the process of obtaining and maintaining compliance with regulatory standards and industry best practices, Focus Group’s managed SOC services can help your business to achieve and maintain compliance with various standards and regulations such as Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001 or wider UK and EU laws such as General Data Protection Regulations (supported by employee awareness training).

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SOC monitoring

Our experts will collect and analyse data from various sources such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems in addition to endpoints, in order to identify abnormal activity and potential threats.

SOC monitoring involves using advanced technologies such as SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, which can aggregate and correlate data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive view of your business’s security posture.

Our specialist SOC analysts then use this information to investigate potential incidents and determine the appropriate response. SOC monitoring is critical to maintaining the security and integrity of your business data and systems, as it allows security teams to quickly identify and respond to security incidents, reducing the risk of data breaches and other cyber-attacks.

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Proactive Threat Detection
Security Threat And Intrusion Monitoring

SOC system complete visibility and control

Having a managed SOC system provides complete visibility and control over your organisation’s IT environment by monitoring all network traffic, system logs and security alerts.

This comprehensive approach enables Focus Group’s SOC analysts to achieve full visibility of your business network to detect and respond to potential threats in real-time, providing faster incident response and reducing the risk of data breaches and other cyber-attacks.

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Autonomous breach detection

As an advanced cyber security tool, autonomous breach detection uses AI and machine learning to identify potential security threats and breaches without the requirement for human intervention.

By analysing large volumes of data and identifying patterns and anomalies, these systems can detect and respond to threats such as malware, phishing attacks and numerous other types of cyber-attacks in real-time, without placing pressure on your IT team’s resources.

Autonomous breach detection can significantly improve your business’s security posture by reducing the risk of a successful attack and minimising the impact a breach could have on your business network.

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Real Time Threat Intelligence
Autonomous Breach Prevention

Threat intelligence and hunting

The cyber experts at Focus Group will process, collect and analyse information about potential cyber threats to your business. This can include indicators of compromise, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) as well as other relevant data that can help your IT teams to better understand the threat landscape and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Threat hunting, on the other hand, is the proactive process of searching for and identifying potential threats within your business network. This involves using a variety of tools and techniques to analyse network traffic, identify anomalies and suspicious activity, in addition to responding to potential threats and patching vulnerabilities before they can cause harm.

Together, threat intelligence and threat hunting will help your business stay one step ahead of cyber attackers and minimise the risk of a successful breach, keeping your business and any associated data, safe.

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Frequently asked questions

A security operations centre (SOC) provides outsourced support to protect your business from cyber-attacks. Our cyber specialists will provide protection around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and year-round.

Managed SOC – a security operations centre – means your business can benefit from the highest level of cyber security, without the need for internal expertise or investment.

A SOC acts like a remote security hub for your business – monitoring your entire IT infrastructure including your networks, devices, appliances, and data servers, wherever those assets reside.

Managed SOC cyber specialists will monitor, alert and report on the three critical attack vectors – network, cloud and endpoint log data – in real time twenty four hours a day. Specific, informed updates together with recommendations for remedial actions.

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