What is PhoneLine+?

PhoneLine+ has been designed to replace the traditional landline service using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to deliver calls over the broadband network, at a highly competitive price. Phoneline Plus is the telephone line for the future and the perfect small business phone system. It’s everything you can do on your traditional line line, and more. With the public switched telephone network (PSTN) switch off fast approaching, Phone Line Plus is the perfect cloud based upgrade and will ensure your business is ready for a full-fibre future. PhoneLine+ allows you to keep your existing business numbers, and make or receive voice calls from your mobile, tablet, desktop computer or handset with no more running to pick up the phone in time. PhoneLine Plus supports all the key features expected of a traditional telephone line, including voicemail, call divert and call hold, but without paying over the odds. This internet calling service comes hand-in-hand with an easy to use online hub which puts you in control of your calls and connected with your customers.

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Benefits of PhoneLine+ for small businesses

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Improved customer experience

PhoneLine+ means you’re at the end of the line for your customers – on any device you please - wherever you are. And if you’re busy, it also allows you to divert calls to a colleague, set bespoke messages, out of hours times or redirect customers to an external phone. Built-in call analytics give you the insight into your busiest times, meaning you can plan your time accordingly and increase productivity. Managing your customer’s needs has never been easier.

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Easy to use

We know you don’t have the time to read lengthy instruction manuals or learn how to install or use a complicated phone system, so PhoneLine Plus has been designed with a simple-to-use user web-based interface. Once you’ve signed up, Phone Line Plus is delivered immediately via email, so there is no waiting for an engineer to call, simply download the app or soft client to your device(s) of choice. Immediately start making and receiving calls and managing your customer experience.

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No more running

Every call matters when you’re running a small business. So you need to know you’re available to speak to your customers, wherever you are – rather than making a mad dash to try to reach your landline phone in time! PhoneLine+ can be loaded on the device or devices of your choice including laptop, tablet, or mobile phone (whether Android or Apple) or IP handset. If you are logged in on that device, then it will ring when a call comes in.

Features of PhoneLine+

How does PhoneLine+ work?

PhoneLine Plus takes your traditional 01 and 02 telephone numbers and places them in the cloud. This removes the connection to the legacy copper PSTN network, which is being turned off, and instead uses digital VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to deliver voice calls over a broadband network. It’s fast, reliable, cost effective and future-proof.

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A feature rich small business phone system

PhoneLine+ offers all the key features of a traditional telephone line including Voicemail, Call Divert, Call Hold, Contact Directory, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding and Number Withholding. And so much more! You can set an Out of Hours profile or automated message, use the built-in reporting for analytics and call management, and - as you can have more than one number - you can choose to use dedicated numbers for different functions.

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Bring your business number anywhere with PhoneLine Plus

As a small business owner, you know your phone number is the key to staying connected with your loyal customers and you’ll have invested time and money promoting your contact details to help your business grow. PhoneLine Plus is a simple, competitively priced solution designed to replace your traditional landline service, but most importantly, lets you retain your existing business number.

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Phone Line Plus call management features

The intuitive, built in reporting and online hub allows you to see your call patterns, usage trends, check your calls are being answered and optimise your availability. Phone Line Plus can be accessed by your choice of devices including computer, laptop, IP phone, tablet, traditional handset and mobile phone, meaning you can be there for your customers, anywhere, anytime and on your choice of device.

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PhoneLine+ packages and pricing

PhoneLine+ Basic

from £10.95/pm

  • ✔  Desktop app
  • ✔  Mobile app

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PhoneLine+ Standard

from £12.95/pm

  • ✔  Desktop app
  • ✔  Mobile app
  • ✔  Unlimited local minutes
  • ✔  Unlimited national minutes

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PhoneLine+ Premium

from £15.95/pm

  • ✔  Desktop app
  • ✔  Mobile app
  • ✔  Unlimited local minutes
  • ✔  Unlimited national minutes
  • ✔  Unlimited mobile minutes

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PhoneLine+ and broadband

When it comes to switching, we’ll take care of it all. We’re by your side to find the right solution for you and committed to ensuring your business runs like clockwork. We'll help you choose the right small business phone system and broadband package, and manage the migration, backed-up with our unrivalled support. We're competitive too and will not be beaten on price! We’ll combine PhoneLine Plus and superfast SoGEA broadband to keep your business phone system at the top of its game and your broadband at optimum speed, keeping your teams connected and your customers happy. At all times. Leaving you free to focus all your energy on the important stuff. Like growing your business.

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Frequently asked questions

The right small business phone system will provide you will with an efficient and cost-effective way to manage telephone calls. Reliable communication is key, so you need to look for a telecoms system that will connect you with your customers quickly and easily, whilst enabling you to deliver seamless service. You also need to ensure it’s within your budget, be jam-packed with the features and functions your business needs, and be agile – allowing you to flex and grow the phone system in line with your small business.

A small business phone system will provide you with the telephony equipment and network connectivity you need to stay connected with your customers anytime and from anywhere, allowing you to deliver the best level of customer service. The right business phone system will come armed with host of call management features such as voicemail, call queuing, comfort messages and call back options will enable you to manage your customer’s expectations and your business.

The Public Service Telephone Network (PTSN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), which has long provided homes and businesses with telephone landlines, is being replaced. Made of copper, the PSTN has become fragile, served it’s purpose and is now making way for a much more resilient replacement. Openreach is busy upgrading telephone exchanges across the country and is on track to replace every copper connection in the UK by 2025.

Openreach is installing ultrafast, full fibre optic connections across the UK to replace the historic copper-based lines provided by the PTSN. By 2025, everyone in the UK will be updated to digital lines due to the PSTN switch off, providing us with a greener, faster and more reliable service. Landline voice calls will be transmitted digitally, in the same our broadband works already.

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