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It is critical that business technology solutions for the manufacturing industry are able to support the demands of complex processes and a hybrid workforce. Operational efficiency, reduced overheads and telecom management are all achievable with Focus Groups manufacturing business technology solutions.

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Keeping manufacturers running all year round

Business technology solutions for the manufacturing industry should support the demands of complex processes and a hybrid workforce, not complicate them. In order to stay competitive, operations must be highly efficient. From business telephony to IT support and security, your workforce needs to be able to work effectively to keep productivity high, whilst remaining laser-focused on reducing costs.

Manufacturing businesses are often located on large industrial estate sites with production plants and associated offices spread across multiple locations, so the fundamental need for high performance business communication is integral to remaining secure and getting the job done.

Focus Group has been operating in the manufacturing sector for many years, delivering bespoke, holistic business technology solutions that are not only designed to exceed your business goals but provide you with cost-effective, reliable solutions backed by the experience and expertise of a trusted provider. No matter your budget or business scale, we’ll work with you to best manage your workflow, streamline your processes, drive up productivity and ultimately, your profits.

Hassle-free IT for manufacturers

Manufacturing is fast-paced with deadlines and changes to plans coming thick and fast through the working week. When disaster strikes and your IT infrastructure goes down, projects and plans are left hanging in the balance, along with your reputation.

Focus Group can plan, implement and support your IT systems, leaving you to focus on the details of the day-to-day operations. Managing your IT in cloud ensures you reduce your costs and have a hassle-free IT experience; we deal with everything! From our 24/7 UK based help desk to cloud backup and disaster recovery should a power outage, natural disaster or cyber attack occur, we’ve got the tools to enable business continuity and protect your operations.

Manufacturing IT solutions:

It Manufacturing2

Lightning fast broadband for manufacturers

In today’s manufacturing environment, it’s all about building a modern digital supply chain, improving engagement with partners and suppliers, and streamlining processes and product cycles. Connectivity is critical to delivering this, ensuring all areas of the business are working to drive innovation and profit in the right direction.

Don’t let your manufacturing business suffer from an unreliable connection. According to studies, 80% of customers now consider the experience a company provides to be as important as the product or service delivery. Inevitably this means downtime in your connection could have an impact on your customer service or a slow down in the manufacturing process leading to delivery delays and undesirable service that could cost you your customers.

Focus Group guarantee a secure, reliable network connection that not only delivers on performance but on price and peace of mind too. With the latest connectivity solutions delivering super-fast speeds, we’ll take your business broadband to another level. From fibre to SoGEA and leased lines, we’re ready to deliver fast, reliable connectivity. Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your business requirements and we’ll implement a fully managed solution to support you.

Manufacturing connectivity solutions:

Connectivity Manufacturing2

Next generation phone systems for manufacturers

The mighty business phone system is still king within the manufacturing sector, being used to take and make orders, source materials, liaise with suppliers, gather the latest information on deliveries and lead times, all the while staying connected to the workforce –operations that ultimately keep the business moving in the right direction.

In order for this to run smoothly, you need a flexible manufacturing phone system to rely on. Focus Group offer two unrivalled cloud hosted phone systems that have been developed to serve manufacturing businesses of all sizes. The sector-leading Horizon business phone system puts you in control of a powerful and agile solution that is competitively priced and packed full of features to help you better manage communications.

Call management attributes include, call handling, voicemail-to email, collaborative call distribution and auto attendant, as well as providing real-time analytics and call recording – all of which can be configured to your exacting business requirements.

With Microsoft Teams phone system presents another powerful communication option, enabling your teams to make internal and external calls using a Microsoft 365 business domain. A business voice license is all you need to equip your workforce with total flexibility, scalability, call insight and analytics – taking collaboration to the next level. Perfect for businesses of any shape and size.

Manufacturing telecoms solutions:

Telecoms Manufacturing2

Resilient cyber security for manufacturers

Manufacturing firms often find themselves victims of cybercrime, with many overlooking potential security threats as a result of believing the information they hold is of low importance to cyber criminals. This couldn’t be further from the truth, with large amounts of HR and administration data at risk, it’s time to review whether your systems are as secure as you think they are. With your reputation on the line, are you confident your business network security has the strength to withstand a cyber attack?

Focus Group offers a range of cyber security services for the manufacturing industry; from cyber security awareness training to managed SOC, our cyber experts will monitor any threats and make sure your data is safe and sound. Mimecast email security, phishing prevention, dark web monitoring and GDPR awareness training will ensure that your employees are up to scratch on legislation and protect your business.

Manufacturing cyber solutions:

Cyber Manufacturing2

Latest mobile technology for manufacturers

Mobile phones have evolved beyond a simple phone call to be complete collaboration tools that collect, share, process and distribute volumes of data every second.

Mobiles for manufacturing firms are vital tools that keep the workforce connected with email and chat functions that bring your teams together, regardless of the distance between them. Data collected positively impacts analytics insights and decision making processes to improve operational effectiveness and business workflow.

But what if your technology is old and antiquated? Clunky connections are extremely frustrating and have a negative impact on any business. Focus Group offers the latest handsets and devices, as well as competitive tariffs and mobile broadband solutions that won’t break the bank. Wherever your team are located, they can operate at maximum efficiency, whilst mobile device management allows users to access the apps and features dedicated to them, controlled by you.

See the benefits of working smarter and faster, on the go with business mobiles.

Manufacturing mobile solutions:

Mobile Manufacturing2

Cost saving energy for manufacturers

Energy use is huge in manufacturing, warehouses and logistics, with facilities often working around the clock, seven days a week. Due to an unprecedented rise in wholesale and electricity prices, doing business is proving considerably more costly and will ultimately have a knock-on effect on how much you have to charge your customers - so staying competitive is key.

Our energy saving experts are on-hand to deliver energy saving tips for the manufacturing industry and help lower your costs. Our free energy price comparison service gives you access to preferential tariffs and you don’t have to do a thing. We’ll trawl the market for the best gas and electricity deals and then make the switch for you. No hassle, no disruptions and no admin headaches.

Looking to futureproof your facilities? We can also advise on renewable business energy and help you tick the sustainable boxes.

Manufacturing energy solutions:

Energy Manufacturing2

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