Transport Wi-Fi

Fast, reliable and secure – our on-board Wi-Fi solutions deliver wireless internet access to passengers travelling the UK by train, tram, bus or coach. Transport Wi-Fi will keep your passengers in touch on the move, whilst also providing you with the perfect opportunity to boost business intelligence! Now an essential part of travelling, passengers rely on wireless internet connections so they’re able to take advantage of the time to work on the move; catch up on the latest news; stream entertainment or connect with friends and family. Our passenger Wi-Fi enables tour operators and transport providers to create a truly connected journey for customers. Plus, data harnessed can be used to offer invaluable customer insight and marketing opportunities.

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Benefits of transport wireless technologies

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A connected customer is a happy customer! In today’s world, we’ve all become accustomed to being able to access information, communicate with friends, family and colleagues, and work remotely – anytime, anywhere and at the touch of a button. Transport wireless technology is the answer to brilliant connectivity on the move.

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Fast and reliable

The connectivity specialists at Focus Group will deliver a sophisticated managed passenger Wi-Fi technology that’s fast and secure, while improving the onboard passenger experience by helping them become more productive during their journey.

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Data collection

Get to know your customers, stay in touch and encourage them to join you on another journey; Data harnessed – via the login process to access the free Wi-Fi - can be used to offer invaluable customer insight and marketing opportunities.

Features of transport wireless

UK passenger Wi-Fi

Need to keep your passengers connected? Let us help! For a seamless passenger experience, our team will work to provide fast, reliable and secure wireless internet connectivity – whatever your mode of transport may be and wherever the journey takes your customers. We offer a sophisticated managed passenger WiFi technology that is fast and secure, while improving the onboard passenger experience by helping them become more productive during their journey. You harness the data collected for marketing and advertising, while passengers enjoy free connectivity.

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Bus passenger Wi-Fi

Whether your customers rely on your buses to pop to the local shops or to travel the length of the UK, a reliable wireless connection on board will ensure they’re able to sit back and enjoy the journey. A passenger Wi-Fi service delivered by Focus Group will enable your customers to search the web, browse social media and communicate with friends and family.

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Train passenger Wi-Fi

Free, fast and secure access to onboard Wi-Fi is a real crowd pleaser. Give the passengers on your trains the ability to stay online all the way, with our mobile data connections designed to deliver coverage up and down the route. High-speed 4G modems are fitted as standard, with integrated GPS, real-time passenger information and a fully configured system for safer browsing.

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Enhance your customer data

Increase your customer database with our bespoke passenger WiFi devices that provide your business with the chance to promote other services and products that you may offer or would like to advertise, and additionally capture passenger data for further marketing with a customizable connection portal. Plus, full linked-in CCTV coverage across fleets that can be monitored remotely, adding security for your operators and passengers.

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Customer stories

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Brighton & Hove Albion

Focus Group is a long-time partner and supporter of Brighton & Hove Albion, helping the team both win off and on the pitch.

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Age UK

Age UK Surrey appointed Focus Group to review its business mobile services and implement a cost-effective and integrated solution.

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Yeo Valley

Focus Group has been a trusted partner of Yeo Valley for over 15 years, driving the brand forward with Cisco technologies.

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