Wireless leased lines

The sky is quite literally the limit when it comes to speed of connectivity with wireless leased lines. Delivering the ultimate level of resilience, a wireless leased line will provide access to an uncontended wireless network combined with business-grade fibre to guarantee 100% uptime. Empower your business with a dedicated connection today.

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What is a wireless leased line?

A wireless leased line delivers connectivity speeds to rival those provided by a leased line, without the cost of the installation of a leased line internet circuit. And our wireless internet specialists will have you connected in no time at all! Taking connectivity to new heights, our wireless leased line services are delivered over the air using rooftop antenna and line of sight (LOS) technology to provide an internet connection. Our wireless leased lines offer a flexible and scalable solution, wireless internet offers superfast speeds, guaranteed connectivity with symmetrical upload and download speeds and uncontended bandwidth. Plus, the speed and ease of installation, maintenance and upgrades means the costs stay low.

Features of internet leased lines

Wireless Lite internet leased lines

Wireless Lite connectivity harnesses the power of line of sight technology to deliver internet speeds of up to 100Mbps. Wireless leased lines are cost effective and scalable. Wireless Lite provides symmetrical upload and download speeds to deliver a resilient, secure internet leased line connection. Uncontended connectivity, guaranteed.

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Always On connectivity

As the name suggests, Always On connectivity is designed to keep you online, at all times – even if physical cables become damaged. Using two totally diverse networks in parallel – one wired through ground-based fibre leased lines and another one through a resilient wireless leased line network though the air. As a result of this your internet traffic will automatically be rerouted if any interruption is detected, resulting in zero downtime and zero hassle.

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Wireless leased line Pro

A Pro wireless leased line is a brilliant alternative to fibre leased lines, offering speeds of up to 5Gbps delivered through completely wireless technology. And if speed is the essence when it comes to connecting your business, Wireless Pro is the answer as it can be installed in next to no time and offers the fastest speeds available.

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Benefits of wireless leased lines

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Superfast installation

Speed is of the essence when it comes to business broadband – the faster the connection, the more you’ll be able to get done. If your business uploads or downloads files, streams content, manages data online, runs a website or holds video conferences; upload and download speeds matter. Focus Group will deliver the broadband power you need to keep your business running at full speed!

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Dedicated connection

Wireless leased lines deliver an ultrafast and uncontended access to the internet – a dedicated service, meaning you have guaranteed access to your own connection and speeds which will never be impacted by other users at peak times.

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Ultimate resilience

Wireless leased line connectivity delivers true resilience and is designed to keep you online at all times. Should anything happen at ground level, your sky-based wireless connectivity will keep your business moving. 100% uptime, 100% peace of mind.

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Frequently asked questions

A wireless leased line delivers a connection to the internet over the air, using rooftop antenna and line of sight (LOS) technology. It is a dedicated internet leased line so provides fast, uncontended bandwidth but doesn’t require the costly installation of ground-based fibre lines.

Yes! Wireless leased lines can be installed and used as a primary circuit or combined with a wired leased line to deliver a fully resilient, 100% uptime solution.

Internet leased lines and wireless leased lines both offer superfast connectivity, uncontended bandwidth, low latency, scalability and symmetrical uploads and downloads. The main difference is in the time and cost of the installation process, which is where a wireless connection is faster and – as a result – can prove more cost-effective.

Business broadband case studies

Sussex County Cricket Club

Focus IT appointed to provide full business broadband coverage to the stadium for all visitors and fans at Sussex Cricket Club.

Blacksheep coffee

Fast growing coffee chain require a scalable and fully managed business broadband from Focus Group.

Honda UK

Honda gets connected with Focus Group to create Europe's largest mesh wireless business broadband infrastructure.

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