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Software is no longer simply used in classrooms for learning purposes; the education industry is now being shaped by technology solutions that not only help teachers and students alike work more efficiently, but help present new, more engaging ways of communication information – find out how!

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Are communication solutions for education institutions beneficial? 

For teacher’s, there are new education IT solutions that help them streamline processes, make learning more dynamic, all backed with the latest security and intelligent monitoring to keep a close eye on student's activities and progress.

Technology is now entwined in almost every aspect of our lives, with children now exposed to software from very early ages. But this offers the education industry a fresh approach to learning with the likes of VR, coding, and gamification, drawing in those who might have previously struggled to concentrate or process information via traditional teaching methods. It can be more inclusive.

During the global COVID pandemic, technology held our education system together with Teams, Zoom and Google Classrooms and now it’s time to embrace how it can be used best in the future of learning. But do you have the supporting infrastructure ready with the latest technology on-hand?

At Focus Group, we have a portfolio of products and services that will enhance teacher and student collaboration, making for a more seamless, integrated learning experience. And we know that services in education must adhere to very limited budgets, so once we’ve identified your needs, we can tailor a bespoke solution that ticks all the boxes!

Which education solution interests you?

VoIP phone systems for schools

The best phone systems for schools use has to be VoIP, a cloud-based solution that brings total flexibility, reliability and agility to the fore. Packed full of call management features, our Focus Horizon offering features such as call recording (for compliance, customer services or audit purposes), quick access to call history, voicemail and recorded calls, as well as Auto Attendant to provide callers with different routing options. School administrative and teaching staff can get on with their daily tasks more quickly and efficiently.

But if budgets do not allow, Focus Group also offers the very latest in on-premise phone systems for school telecoms. These systems also feature excellent call handling features such as instant messaging and conferencing – whatever you need, we have the solution!


The benefits of Focus Group’s education telecoms solutions:

  • Easy to control features
  • No hidden costs
  • Enables flexible working
  • A business continuity solution

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Find the best phone system for schools with our VoIP business telecoms solutions.

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Cyber security for schools

Cyber security and cloud security in educational settings is not something to be taken lightly. So much information is recorded on teaching staff, students (current and former), as well as administrative staff, cleaning teams and suppliers, etc.

Keeping data from falling into the wrong hands can prove trickly. Often organisations lack the time and resources to stay on top of cyber security threats in education institutions, with school data protection sometimes falling to a lower priority through sheer workload.

Focus Group can take away the headache of cyber security in no time! Our cyber security specialists already work in educational institutions and know exactly what levels of protection are needed; we can also maintain connectivity should attack occur - quite often before you even know about it!

Downtime in schools has a huge impact on all concerned so if you’re serious about protecting your organisation from modern-day threats, contact us TODAY! We guarantee to keep you safe, secure, and ready to learn, always.

From our Cyber Protect Services & Solutions to security awareness testing and training, dark web monitoring and GDPR Awareness Training – we here to help!

Cyber Security

The benefits of Focus Group’s healthcare Cyber solutions:

  • Maintain connectivity at all times
  • Proactive security, protecting your reputation
  • Cost effective and tailored solutions

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See the tools used for mobile technology in schools and get help finding the ideal mobile devices for schools.

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Education software solutions

Delivering education software solutions is one of our fortes. Microsoft Office 365 equips users with all the tools they need to achieve more with innovative apps, intelligent cloud services and unrivalled security – ideal for the education sector. Fixed monthly costs mean you know exactly what your out-goings are, while the online mailbox (with 50GB) of storage) enables integration of the full version of Microsoft Office. And being in the cloud, you can take your ‘classroom’ anywhere, anytime and on any device!

Microsoft Teams in education is a gamechanger, too. Organisations of all types turned to Teams during the global pandemic fast realising its benefits as a ‘togetherness’ tool across chat, video and file sharing collaboration. It lends itself to the classroom with its calendar sharing, notes and attachment, high quality voice and video and screen sharing options. And all of this with the most advanced security and compliance expected of Microsoft Office 365 tools – ideal for safeguarding within the school environment.

Maintaining an organisation within the education sector can prove costly in time and money, so why not let us roll out our enterprise IT support solutions so you have backup from experts should things go wrong. Our manned helpdesks will keep you connected around the clock, while our cloud capabilities will ensure your infrastructure is stored safely and updated without any disruption to day-to-day operations.

Education It

The benefits of Focus Group’s education IT solutions:

  • The benefits of Focus Group’s education IT solutions
  • Advanced collaboration tools
  • Peace of mind that staff and students are safe and compliant
  • Cost-effective and efficient

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Find out more about the tools used in school IT support and how we pioneer cloud solutions technology in schools.

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Mobile technology in schools

The use mobile technology in schools has started to take the learning experience to another level, supporting new and exciting ways of delivering engaging content, as well as helping to build the digital skills young people need for the world today. Students can explore information, collaborate with peers, record their learning, and receive feedback from teachers at any time and in any location.

Mobile devices in healthcare facilitate a Mobile devices in schools are vital for modern learning; gamification is now an integrated part of school life with the likes of Kahoot playing a large part in school quizzes – an informal way of testing student’s knowledge in a fun, quick-fire manner.

Does your organisation have the right mobile technology to revolutionise learning? Focus Group already work with an abundance of educational organisations and have the capability to set you up with the mobile devices you need to get up and running asap. We offer industry leading tariffs on contracts, SIM only plans, mobile handsets and tablets – all that is needed for enhancing the learning environment, at a cost to suit your budget.

Education Mobile

The benefits of Focus Group’s education mobile solutions:

  • Access to the very latest mobile technology
  • Competitive, flexible tariffs – always
  • Bespoke solutions tailored to your needs
  • Unrivalled support when you need it

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See the benefits of our 5G mobile solutions and learn more about how it supports teams.

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Energy for education

Energy costs in education make up a large proportion of an organisation’s yearly budget. But finding the time to analysis usage when running a school, college or university is not easy and installing renewable energy solutions is not always viable within old, listed building stock.

The good news is Focus Group can transform your energy costs, making sure you’re always paying the best prices, which means you have more money to spend on other pressing school needs. We offer a tariff and cost comparison service designed to banish your gas and electricity nightmares, scanning our reputable partners to find the most cost-effective deal for you. And what’s more, we’ll make the switch for you, quickly and efficiently.

Education Energy

The benefits of Focus Group’s education energy solutions:

  • We transform the way a business manages its energy
  • On-going tariff and cost comparison analysis
  • The best deals to suit your budget
  • No hassle! We do all the hard work!

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Whether you are looking for energy cost comparison help or need to review your school green energy portfolio, our consultants can help you.

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Broadband for education

Your school internet connection is now more important than ever! Education connectivity must be fit for purpose with lightning speeds that are robust and secure; demands are high and so are student expectations!

Providing broadband for the education sector is something we’re very experienced in, recognising the challenges faced by organisations to achieve connectivity that is both reliable and secure. Outages can be extremely detrimental to the working day and have a detrimental impact on pupil’s learning if this is a common occurrence.

Focus Group can deliver a variety of connectivity packages to suit all sizes and scales of educational settings coupled with outstanding support from our connectivity experts who are on-hand 24/7 to make sure you’re operating 24/7! We’ll migrate you to our services seamlessly and deliver very competitive prices – you won’t look back!

Education Connectivity

The benefits of Focus Group’s education connectivity solutions:

  • Secure, reliable network
  • Make significant cost savings
  • Lightning speeds guaranteed!

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Want to review your school broadband cost and look for alternative school broadband providers? Let us help you get the best and reliable education connectivity.

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