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Unlike traditional broadband, Ethernet is a scalable solution. As your internet consumption increases, your Ethernet connection evolves. Focus Group plan our your LAN solutions to save your time and money!

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Get access to fast, reliable and secure ethernet connectivity that meets the needs of your business and exceeds your expectations.

There are a variety of ethernet options suitable for businesses of all sizes:

Ethernet over FTTC

Delivered using cost-effective FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) technology, FTTC Ethernet is our entry-level solution that closes the gap between high-speed broadband and high availability Ethernet services. Installation lead times and rental costs are significantly lower when compared to fibre optic and EFM Ethernet services, whilst fix time remains the same as for EFM. FTTC Ethernet offers fast, reliable access, at a more affordable price and includes all the features of traditional Ethernet without compromising on quality or service levels.


  • Delivered using cost-effective FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) technology
  • Fast, reliable access. More affordable than Leased Lines
  • Support SLA - guarantees fix within 8 hours
  • Short install lead times


Ethernet in the First Mile

Cost-effective access delivered in half the time of fibre optic Ethernet and without compromising quality or service levels. Delivered using up to eight copper pairs, EFM is inherently resilient ensuring business continuity and giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business.


  • Cost-effective access
  • Symmetrical speeds up to 35Mbps
  • Quicker installation than fibre optic
  • Multiple copper pairs give inherent resilience ensuring business continuity
  • Support SLA - guarantees fix within 8 hours


Fibre Leased Line

Dedicated, high capacity and uncontended business class connections that have been specifically designed to carry both your voice and data traffic. Converge your voice and data on to a single connection and benefit from significant cost savings from a single, accountable supplier with a robust, end to end SLA and a market leading reputation as an IP telephony provider.

Download & upload speeds: Up to a SUPERFAST 10 Gbps


  • Dedicated, high capacity and uncontended
  • Highly reliable
  • Scalable - quickly & easily increase speeds as required up to 10,000Mbps
  • Support SLA - guarantees fix within 6 hours
  • QoS enabled to support VOIP service



Network in the Sky

Focus Group provide businesses with an alternative to traditional wired connections delivering internet connectivity up to Gigabit speeds using wireless technology with military grade encryption.

Download & upload speeds: up to 5 Gbps


  • Super fast reliable internet connectivity
  • Installed in 2 weeks or less
  • 100% uptime when combined with a fibre leased line
  • Flexible and scalable to meet your business requirements
  • 30 day contract terms available


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Ultrafast Business

Leased Line

Do you need superfast dedicated connectivity with high capacity and rock-solid performance? Our leased lines deliver the ultimate connection boasting upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps.


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