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In an increasingly digitised work environment where technology is a compulsory part of ‘work’, IT infrastructure is a necessity for contemporary business owners and their employees. Our IT infrastructure services encompass a range of technical expertise that is pertinent at every level of your business. Leaving you free to focus all your energy on the important stuff. Like growing your business.

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What is IT Infrastructure?

Broadly speaking, IT infrastructure refers to the foundations of your enterprise’s IT services. It consists of all the physical structures and components that are needed for the operation and management of your company’s IT environments. This can include both internal and external components that deliver IT requirements to your customers as well as your employees.

IT infrastructure deals with all software and hardware (including servers, keyboards, monitors, processors and operating systems), services that provide provisions for backing up your data and the physical equipment used to power your system (like uninterruptible power supplies and packs). This can be further broken down into network equipment (which includes all routers, modems and ports), telecommunication and internet cabling (including telephone lines) and other communication systems (like VoIP). Most services are also in charge of the enterprise’s broader systems and storage solutions, including data centres that house the infrastructure, cloud computing platforms and content/document management systems. Modern service providers will also have dedicated offerings concerning information monitoring and cyber security systems.

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Benefits of IT infrastructure solutions

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Improved profitability

Protecting and maintaining your IT infrastructure can help employee productivity, efficiency, and client satisfaction, amongst other benefits. Poor connectivity, productivity and security can result in downtime or system disruptions that will, ultimately, affect overall profitability. Our IT infrastructure services deploy reliable and efficient solutions, giving you peace of mind.

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Reliable and fast digital services make a business’s workforce much more productive by streamlining the retrieval of data. This applies externally as much internally; as many consumers predominately interact with businesses through digital channels, well managed digital assets offering a smooth customer experience are a ‘must’ for businesses of any size.

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Competitive edge

The streamlined IT service and the most advanced collaborative platforms makes sharing ideas quicker, easier and more productive. Additionally, the more efficient management of data and output also provides a platform for quicker decision-making in the company as a whole; it’s a competitive edge that, in turn, makes bringing new ideas to market much faster.

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Available anywhere

Our IT infrastructure services utilise the latest advancements in cloud technology, offering universal accessibility and seamless operations from any location. Through our cloud hosting and security computing services, your business gains flexibility, scalability, and improved collaboration, empowering teams to work efficiently from anywhere while ensuring data security and reliability.

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Continuity planning

Through our robust disaster recovery and backup solutions, you can rest assured business can continue after an emergency or disruption. From redundant systems to data replication, we safeguard against potential upsets, minimising downtime, and ensuring work carries on even in the face of unexpected challenges, empowering your business with resilience and peace of mind.

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Our team of experts will optimise your digital ecosystem by fine-tuning resources and reducing operational costs. Through strategic upgrades tailored to your specific needs, automation, and proactive monitoring, we maximise scalability and agility, allowing your business to stay ahead in today's dynamic technological landscape with confidence.

IT infrastructure management

IT infrastructure: Consulting, Implementation, Management

IT infrastructure services can be broken down into three phases:

Consulting: a team of trained IT infrastructure specialists will begin by evaluating your infrastructure, discussing areas for improvement or optimisation and then providing a comprehensive IT strategy to keep the new system maintained and operating efficiently.

Implementation: systems engineers and technology professionals will carefully begin the process of implementing the recommended and agreed-upon changes to your IT infrastructure, whilst migrating all your previous data into the updated system.

Management: once your infrastructure has been fully optimised, a dedicated management team will take care of the administration, monitoring, troubleshooting and future progress of your IT systems.

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IT infrastructure solutions

IT infrastructure sits at the heart of all businesses today. When correctly implemented, substantial gains in efficiency and productivity can be made across a company, from individual employees right up to logistics and operations services. If there is a lack of infrastructure (or if it is not fully optimised), businesses will not only find it difficult to move and manage their data efficiently, but they will also be more vulnerable to forms of cyber attack.

At Focus Group, we can offer you a range of IT infrastructure solutions tailored to your business and aimed at moving you away from capital-intensive systems towards a lightweight infrastructure ready to capitalise on new technological innovations. Our solutions include everything above and more:

  • Cloud hosting and cloud security computing platforms
  • VoIP communications systems and VoIP migration
  • Virtualisation solutions
  • Cyber security, backup provision and information monitoring solutions
  • Cyber-awareness training
  • Hardware, network, software and telecommunications systems and equipment
  • Data centres, document and content management systems

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Customer stories

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Suez turned to Focus Group to implement a next gen infrastructure to pack a powerful punch across a broad network of sites.

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Focus Group is a long-time partner and supporter of Brighton & Hove Albion, helping the team both win off and on the pitch.

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Focus Group guided Somerset House through the adoption of a cloud-first strategy to enable a future-proof digital transformation.

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