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What is Focus Shield?

Keen to focus on growing your business and boosting your bottom line, rather than spending valuable time worrying about IT solutions, protection and cyber security? Our Focus Shield service provides you with the freedom to handpick from the very latest IT technologies and security services so it works for your business specifically. The suite of products available will have you covered with everything from anti-virus protection, PC and laptop back up and email protection to IT health monitoring, Microsoft 365 and mobile device management. Made for business, designed for you.

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IT health check and inventory

The latest business buzzword is ‘hybrid working’ – providing businesses and employees with the opportunity to strike that perfect balance between office-based and home working. Or indeed, anywhere working. And security is more important than ever before with the huge growth in remote working. But is your IT infrastructure ready for it?

Your network infrastructure is key to productivity, security. efficiency and growth, so now’s the time to ensure your business technology framework is fighting fit.

Our IT health check comprises of a comprehensive review of the overall health of your IT estate, identifies any ageing or vulnerable hardware, pinpoints any storage issues or open ports in your network and reviews your dark web vulnerability.

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It Health Check And Inventory
Business Antivirus

Business antivirus

Anti-virus software is critical for business IT. Without it, you risk losing the personal or confidential information of your customers or sensitive business data, files and even cash from your bank. Our anti-virus software is the ultimate solution when it comes to protection; a fast, simple and effective way to protect your digital world, always ensuring your PCs are up-to-date with the latest anti-virus software and tools.

Our award-winning cyber security technology is fast, light and invisible, protecting everything that your business values – the perfect efficient endpoint security for businesses. Simply install and rest assured you’re in safe hands!

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Email protection and spam protection

Cybercrime is becoming increasingly sophisticated with ever-evolving techniques used to infiltrate business systems. Phishing, spoofing, malware, social engineering and ransomware attacks…the list goes on. To prevent devastating security breaches, you need a powerful, robust and reliable security solution to combat any malicious activity.

Our advanced email and spam protection solutions protect against even the most sophisticated threats, giving you actionable insights to help identify, prioritise and provide recommendations for addressing potential incidents.

Easy to implement and configure, we’ll have you up and running in no time, secure in the knowledge that our software is continually working to reduce spam, filter out viruses and block phishing emails before they reach your inbox!

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Email Protection And Spam Protection
Mobile Device And Application Management

Mobile device and application management

Looking for the power to manage, monitor and keep your company’s mobile devices secure? Your business mobile phones and tablets provide remote access to customer and business data. If any of your business devices are lost or stolen, your data is at risk. So it’s important to stay in control.

Our business mobile device management solution is the answer. Designed to put you in control, an intuitive central hub provides you with the ability to manage applications, control settings and access security features. Mobile device management allows you to remotely lock, locate or even clear your company devices – ultimately protecting your business data. It’s easy to track handsets, push content out and control app accessibility too.

In short, a mobile device management solution delivers complete peace of mind.

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Centralised cloud email signature management

Centralised email signature management is a solution that gives you the power to centrally manage Microsoft 365 signatures for all users and devices, via an easy-to-use web portal.

Full integration with your Microsoft 365 directory provides consistent contact information for email signatures, company-wide whilst the innovative Signature Designer tool allows you to design signatures or choose from a selection of ready-made templates.

Cloud-based email signature management provides you with the ability to increase brand awareness and portray a professional image to recipients with consistent email signatures, with ease.

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Centralised Cloud Email Signature Management
Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 business

Reimagine the way you work with Microsoft 365 Business. Leveraging the latest technologies from Microsoft, we’ll set you up with everything your business needs to operate efficiently; cloud-based access to a comprehensive suite of Microsoft apps, together with powerful collaboration software– anytime, anywhere and on any device. And it couldn’t be easier to make the switch!

From Microsoft Word and Excel to PowerPoint and Teams, Microsoft 365 Business is a great license-based suite that gives you access to a world of possibility. Each Microsoft 365 Business license is scaled to give users the specific tools they need without excess. Microsoft 365 Business tools are incredibly intuitive and user friendly, enabling anyone to get started.

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Microsoft 365 backup manager

If you’ve made the move to Microsoft 365 you will be reaping the benefits of the cloud. To ensure business continuity and to meet compliance demands, now you must protect your critical data from loss due to ransomware, malware, user mistakes, malicious behaviour, or sync and configuration errors. That’s where Microsoft 365 backup manager comes in.

Protecting your organization’s data is effortless with the Backup Manager for Microsoft 365. It allows you to gain full transparency and administrative control over your backup and restore processes. And it provides accurate, granular data restoration and enables administrators and end users to restore data exactly how it was, reducing costs and meeting recovery time objectives.

It’s flexible too! Designed for a mobile workforce, the Microsoft 365 back up manager enables end users and IT admins to accurately restore data from their desktop, tablet, or mobile device – keeping your business productive and compliant!

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Microsoft 365 Backup Manager
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Focus Group has been a trusted partner of Yeo Valley for over 15 years, driving the brand forward with Cisco technologies.

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Focus Group is a strategic technological partner to UniCredit, successfully implementing Cisco’s UC solutions.

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Focus Group guided Somerset House through the adoption of a cloud-first strategy to enable a future-proof digital transformation.

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