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Focus Group are here to help your business grow, and one of the most important factors in achieving this is keeping your customers happy. This is where call centre solutions can propel your interactions, making a real difference to your productivity and profitability, not to mention your CSAT and NPS ratings.

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Contact centre platforms

With Focus Group, you can be confident that you’ll finding the right PBX call centre solution to suit your business needs.

In today’s fast-moving digital environment, call centre software goes beyond simply connecting a dialler system to a phone. Customers expect to engage through email, video, text, instant messaging and social media, instantly.

You also need to help your agents have meaningful customer interactions while keeping them motivated to hit CSAT and NPS ratings. With the help of automation and AI, call centre workforce management software will inspire your agents.

With a wide range of the best call centre software options, Focus Group can ensure your business benefits from modern call centre software that supports all communication channels.

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Call centre workforce management software

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Improved customer experience

Watch your customer satisfaction scores soar – after all, that is what contact centre solutions are all about. Satisfied customers will stay loyal and spread the word, ultimately boosting your business growth, so it is well worth investing in the right customer experience tools.

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Dialer system for call centres

Focus Group can help you to automate your outbound dialling using a dialler system for call centre software. Automated dialling means less time is spent looking up records and calling schedules, making sure your agents have more time to talk and bring in the appointments and sales that fuel your business.

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AI integrations

Artificial intelligence and automation integration has revolutionised contact centre technology. Combined to support agent conversations and to improve staff productivity, AI performance improves the more you use it, ultimately aiding agents to answer queries with ease.

Call centre software solutions

Five9 call centre solutions

Forward-thinking and ambitious businesses are turning to customised Five9 call centre solutions to generate positive customer engagement using the very latest artificial intelligence, automation, and CX cloud technology. We’ll work with you to get to know your business and support your contact centre journey before and after the go-live date.

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Horizon contact centre solutions

Designed to integrate with Gamma’s Horizon-hosted phone system, Horizon Contact is a cloud-hosted contact centre that offers multi-channel interactions that make it easier for your customers to contact you. Easy to use, quick-to-deploy and affordable, Horizon Contact is feature-rich and integrates with popular CRMs for customer-focused conversations and exchanges.

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Cirrus contact centre

Brilliantly agile, Cirrus virtual call centre software enables your team to communicate with your customers via a highly responsive, seamless, unified omnichannel platform. Cirrus gives your customers the freedom to select any phone or digital channel they wish to use to reach you, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

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Contact Assist integration

Our clinical integration solution, Contact Assist, means your receptionists can concentrate on building and maintaining meaningful relationships with patients, despite the volume of calls they deal with. This call centre software for healthcare settings allows your agents to quickly identify patients, update records in real-time and meet QOF recommendations for patient access.

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Frequently asked questions

A traditional contact centre typically came as an on-premise tool that would make it easier for call centre agents to make or receive large volumes of calls by integrating phone systems with CRM systems. Most modern contact centre solutions are now cloud-based and built to host conversations between businesses and their customers across email, text, chat, social media and video platforms.

These contact centre solutions are designed by manufacturers such as Cirrus, Five9, Gamma and Mitel, to deliver contact software to businesses that want to improve their customer experience. The solutions can be cloud-based or on-premise services that support both inbound and outbound call centre agents and other staff that handle a large number of calls.

It can be! SaaS stands for ‘Software as a Service’, whereby businesses purchase their software as a cloud product, paid for on a cost-effective subscription basis. Call centre software can be provided as a SaaS in this way and is called contact centre as a service or CCaaS.

If your business handles a large volume of inbound or outbound calls, call centre software will undoubtedly benefit your business. Contact centre solutions are relevant to any organisation that wants to drive productivity, manage calls and improve the customer experience while supporting and inspiring staff.

CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’ and most businesses use these systems to keep their customer and prospect records in order, record important interactions and prompt future actions. Integrated with contact centre software, a CRM system effectively facilitates informed agent interactions with customers.

The CRM holds the details and history of who your agents are interacting with, while the CX platform organises the interactions depending on available agent and skillset. Used together, the CRM gives businesses a view from the inside-out and a CX platform provides an outside-in view.

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