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Communication between customers and businesses is changing. Customers expect to be able to contact you using a variety of methods, quickly, reliably and with a positive outcome.

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A modern contact centre that can manage an increasingly wide range of channels and keep up with expectation of rapid response times will stay ahead of the competition and improve customer satisfaction.

Working with Cirrus, our contact centre partner, Focus Group can create a bespoke cloud-based contact centre full of added features and that use constantly evolving and robust technology to create an exceptional customer experience.

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Cirrus Cloud contact centre | Focus Group

Features of Cirrus Cloud Contact Centre:

Omni-Channel capability which allows contact centre managers to provision a single team for all digital channels: email, chat, video chat, SMS, MMS, voice and social media.  Cirrus AI can be blended with Omni to drive further efficiencies – no ordinary chatbot, Cirrus AI soaks up knowledge from conversations and uses this “learning” to deliver accurate and contextually relevant information.

Cirrus AI can be blended with Omni to drive further efficiencies – no ordinary chatbot, Cirrus AI soaks up knowledge from conversations and uses this “learning” to deliver accurate and contextually relevant information.

Experience Full Flexibility from our connected technology stack with no extra software to install and no servers to provision. Access instant provisioning and almost limitless scalability… you just pay for the licences you use. The Cirrus platform flexes with you, so if you hit a peak unexpectedly, you don’t need to panic about not having enough lines; you can focus on resourcing and getting the job done.

Cirrus guarantees 99.999% uptime with a 60 second Recovery Time Objective SLA. Calls are load-balanced across 3 data centres (no single point of failure) and data is synchronised every 100ms.

A smart payment solution with one-click technology and that removes the problem of PCI security, simple and ideal for immediate contact centre transactions.

Intelligent and evolved contact technology hosted in the cloud, but also equipped with Open APIs to work with any existing legacy system and reduce costs.

On-site and in-situ training, staggered go-live sessions and real-time migration, backed up by exceptional analysis and support from Cirrus.

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The Cirrus Contact Centre Voice Platform

Give your business and teams complete control over customer communications. Using the Cirrus Contact Centre Voice Platform allows you to work the way you want to, without restrictions or limitations, you simply define each customer experience, how each call is queued, the intelligence associated with routing and the self-service options available.  

Cirrus Contact Centre voice | Focus Group

Features of the Cirrus Contact Centre Voice Platform

Unified Desktop

Access to everything via one unified system, the Omni-channel functionality delivered in a simple view that’s so easy to use

Instant Provision

Service changes, IVR announcements, skillset changes, adding licences and agent groups, all delivered in one-click

Active Monitoring

With real-time analysis and constant visibility you can continuously monitor performance and make needed changes

Advanced Queuing and Intelligent Routing

Hit your service levels and still maximise your contact centre productivity by configuring every queue, rule and group and managing interactions across multiple channels and agent groups

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